Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: The Protagonist Slaps Himself in the Face!

At this moment, witnessing the birth of a legendary jade, everyone was extremely excited and happy.

Only the protagonist, Ye Xingchen, had a pale complexion, looked emaciated, ashen-faced, and lifeless…

In short, he looked as terrible as could be!

He felt so depressed that he wanted to kill himself!

Originally, he had wanted Lin Beifan to lose some money and vent his anger!

But instead of losing, Lin Beifan had earned a hefty sum!

A 400 million-worth jade, added to the previous stone, meant earning 500 million in a day!

It seemed that in his past life, even the wicked Lin Beifan didn’t make money this fast at the beginning of the plot!

At the start, it took the other party over a week to reach 500 million!

But now, because of him, the mission was completed ahead of schedule!

Ye Xingchen was so angry that he slapped himself twice.

“This is what you get for being nosy!”

“This is what you get for meddling!”

“This is what you get for being a despicable person!”

“Now look, my archenemy made money ahead of time!”

“If it weren’t for you, this would have been delayed by at least a week!”

“You’re truly good at ruining things and causing trouble!”

“More than good, even excessively so!”

“You despicable person!!!”

Just then, he found himself in a warm and firm embrace.

Lin Beifan was hugging Ye Xingchen, enthusiastically patting his back with both hands.

“Good brother! I knew you would bring me surprises, but I didn’t expect it to be this big! From a rough stone worth less than 10 million, you managed to cut out a 400-million-worth jade for me! Well done, you really didn’t disappoint me! After we go back, I will definitely give you a big reward!”

Ye Xingchen forced a smile and said, “Thank you, Boss Lin. I didn’t do much, actually!”

Lin Beifan exclaimed, “Huh? Why do you look a bit off? And who gave you those two big slaps?”

“Boss Lin, I did it myself! I drank too much last night and haven’t fully recovered. My head is still a bit dizzy, so I slapped myself twice to wake up!”

Lin Beifan felt sorry and said, “Brother, why didn’t you say so earlier? If I had known, I wouldn’t have let you drink so much!”

At this moment, Old Huang walked over with his cane.

His trembling hands gently touched the jade, and he exclaimed, “This is truly a priceless treasure, a legendary gem! I’ve lived for nearly 80 years, and I’ve never seen such a perfect jade! Now that I have the chance to see it, even if I die…I’ll have no regrets!”

“Old Huang, don’t say that. May you live a long and healthy life!”

“We need elders like you!”

Everyone tried to persuade him.

Old Huang waved his hand, showing great tolerance, and said, “No need to persuade me. I know my own situation. My body can only hold on for a few more years at most, and then I’ll have to meet the King of Yama! But in this lifetime, I’ve experienced so much and lived a fulfilling life. I’ve had my share!”

Everyone was filled with admiration. Truly worthy of Old Huang.

His calm and composed attitude was something worth learning from.

At this moment, Old Huang turned his head and looked at Lin Beifan, full of anticipation, and said, “Young man, are you selling this stone?”

Lin Beifan nodded, “Of course! I came here to make money!”

“Alright! I’ll shamelessly buy this stone because I really like this jade. I’ll make it the treasure of my shop! I’ll offer 450 million. Is that enough for you?”

There was an exclamation from the crowd.

“450 million!”

“Old Huang is truly generous, giving an extra 50 million!”

“That’s right! That’s why I admire Old Huang the most!”

“That young man has made a fortune!”

Lin Beifan hurriedly said, “Old Huang, 450 million is too much, 400 million is enough!”

Old Huang shook his head with a smile and said, “To be honest, buying this stone for 450 million, I already got a great deal! If this stone is auctioned, it can easily sell for at least 500 million!”

“Old Huang, if someone else wants to buy this stone, I’ll sell it at whatever high price they offer! But for you, I’ll only take 400 million, not a penny more! Consider this extra 50 million as a greeting gift from me to you! Otherwise, I’ll be in trouble with my old man at home!” Lin Beifan forced a smile.

Old Huang looked deeply at Lin Beifan and laughed heartily, “Great, I’ll accept this greeting gift from you! Indeed, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Lin Nanshan has raised a good son!”

Then he advised the young people next to him, “You young people should communicate more in the future! Especially you, learn from this young man from the Lin family, learn his broad-mindedness, learn his way of dealing with people! You…will benefit greatly from it!”

“Yes, Grandpa!” The young man standing next to him nodded and gave Lin Beifan a friendly smile.

The two also exchanged contact information privately.

The people around them were envious.

Old Huang was truly showing goodwill!

It meant that he had high expectations for Lin Beifan!

With Old Huang’s position in the auction, this goodwill could have immeasurable effects!

In some cases, a kind word is more valuable than spending millions!

Ye Xingchen, standing aside, was amazed!

What was this?

Not only did he make money, but he also established a valuable connection?

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