Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Master cannot have any accidents, something is not right with Void Refinement Realm!

Five demonic cultivators arrived at this mountain.

They came to the place where the wine fragrance was strongest.

Then, they searched for Feng Wanxi’s traces with their divine sense.

Meanwhile, in secret.

Chen Chang’an covered Feng Wanxi and himself with the Black Jade Armor, and under the active skill Black Concealment, he observed the five demonic cultivators.

Chen Chang’an frowned.

“They are actually demonic cultivators. What are they doing here?”

Chen Chang’an was fortunate that he had a premonition of danger and had hidden himself for observation beforehand.

Encountering demonic cultivators was never a good thing.

At this moment.

Chen Chang’an saw that one of the demonic cultivators had a gloomy expression and spoke to the others.

“There’s only the wine fragrance here, I didn’t see the figure of the Azure Phoenix Immortal. What’s going on?”

“Could it be that the Azure Phoenix Immortal is not here?”

“It’s impossible. The tracking wine fragrance in the Holy Spring Wine stopped here, it’s so strong that woman couldn’t have gone somewhere else. Let’s look carefully!”

Their powerful divine sense spread out like a tide and quickly covered the whole mountain.

In the darkness.

Chen Chang’an watched the five demonic cultivators, his gaze cold.

No wonder these five people came straight to this mountain. It turned out that they came for Master.

And after listening to their conversation, Chen Chang’an finally found out.

It turned out the master was not just drunk!

He glanced at the jar of Holy Spring Wine in Feng Wanxi’s arms, then dipped his index finger and sniffed it carefully. Then, he tasted it and found that there was a faint astringent taste.

Immediately, his brain was accompanied by a dizzy and drunken feeling.

But Chen Chang’an was prepared in advance.

He only tasted a little. With his divine wine-making skills, he instantly discovered something was wrong and quickly refined it.

Sure enough, something else was mixed in the Holy Spring Wine!

Chen Chang’an never thought that someone had already tampered with the item auctioned.

All of a sudden, Chen Chang’an had many thoughts.

Is the auction of this Holy Spring wine a conspiracy against Master?

Chen Changan looked at the five demon cultivators, his eyes becoming even colder, with a flicker of killing intent.

How dare someone make a move against Master in secret?

Do you know how important Master is to me?

Once something happens to her, Chen Changan cannot gain any filial piety points.

Without filial piety points, the system is useless to Chen Changan.

And here, he has just experienced the power of the system, as well as the various benefits it brings.

How could he let the system become useless?


Feng Wanxi is his master.

One could say that she is the only close person to Chen Changan in this world since he crossed over these years.

Even if there is no system, she cannot have any accidents!

The five demon cultivators searched the entire mountain with their divine senses but did not find Feng Wanxi and the little white face beside her.

At this moment.

The five demon cultivators’ faces were gloomy, with no trace of their previous pride.

“What should we do? We haven’t found any trace of that woman in this mountain. Could she have discovered the anomalies in the Holy Spring wine and escaped earlier?”

“It’s impossible. The kind of drug mixed in it, Prince spent a huge price to find it. Even top-notch experts in Cloud Province can’t detect any anomalies in the wine.”

A demon cultivator worried, “But now, we have searched the entire mountain with our divine senses and haven’t found any trace of Azure Phoenix Immortal. The clues are broken, and we have failed the mission. If the Prince finds out, none of us will have a good ending!”

At this point, the faces of the other four demon cultivators were extremely ugly and gloomy, and even a hint of fear appeared.

Obviously, they were very afraid of the Prince they were talking about.

“No way, we must find her!”

“The wine scent is here, and Azure Phoenix Immortal must still be hiding here. Perhaps she used some kind of hidden breath treasure to avoid our divine senses. In any case, we must find her!”

“That’s right, even if we have to dig three feet into the ground, we must find her and complete the Prince’s mission!”

Then, the five demon cultivators did not search with divine senses, but directly split up and searched every inch of the mountain with great care!

Chen Changan hid in secret.

He was very clear that when he used the active skill [Black Concealment] of the [Black Jade Armor] to hide, it was difficult to expose him.

But the wine fragrance here would definitely be the focus of their search.

It is inevitable that something will be discovered, and they will eventually find him and Feng Wanxi.

Of course.

When Chen Chang’an learned that these five demonic cultivators had come for his master Feng Wanxi, he had no intention of waiting and being attacked.

Instead, he wanted to take the initiative to attack. Feng Wanxi was very important to him, and Chen Chang’an would not let anyone target her.

He would never let those who dared to target her go unpunished! Although it was his first time facing demonic cultivators, Chen Chang’an was not afraid at all. He was calm and composed.

He first purchased a one-time skill, “Insightful Eye,” from the Filial Piety Store, which could insight into the opponent’s cultivation base within the time it takes to burn a stick of incense, for a price of 10 filial piety points.

Using the “Insightful Eye”, Chen Chang’an found out that all five demonic cultivators were Nascent Soul Great Cultivators.

He was very curious about the young master behind them who could directly command five Nascent Soul Realm Cultivators. His identity must be extraordinary!

Then, Chen Chang’an used the “Insightful Eye” to investigate Feng Wanxi’s cultivation level. He was shocked to find out that she was in the Void Refinement Realm! Then, Chen Chang’an frowned and said, “Something’s not right!”

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