Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 Brother Ah Fei, is it you?

Under the support of the crowd, Senior Brother Li Xun walked in with confident steps and a raised head.

Looking around, all you could see were countless heads, layers upon layers. Everyone eagerly awaited to see him.

Having lived two lives, he had experienced such grand scenes before and always handled them with ease.

But today, he felt somewhat uneasy, and…


Yes, it was shame!

He was the renowned Xiao Li Flying Dagger in the martial world!

A lifetime of righteousness and boldness; who wouldn’t applaud and praise him as a great man, a hero?

Now, he had to play out a scene of jealousy.

Fighting with a junior disciple over a lover.

If his friends from his previous life found out, wouldn’t they mock him to death?

If Brother Ah Fei knew, he couldn’t even imagine the embarrassment. He would be too ashamed to show his face.


Speaking of Brother Ah Fei, it seems like I’ve spotted Brother Ah Fei!

Am I seeing things?

How could Brother Ah Fei be here?

Senior Brother Li Xun widened his eyes, staring fixedly at Lin Beifan behind Bai Yiyi.

This scene caught everyone’s eyes, making them unable to contain their joy.

Lin Beifan, did you see that?

Senior Brother has already noticed you!

And his eyes are so wide, clearly very angry and resentful.

He hates you for taking away his woman!

He sees you as a thorn in his side!

So, get ready to be dealt with by Senior Brother!

Today next year will be your anniversary!

No one spoke; everyone eagerly watched, waiting to see how Senior Brother would handle Lin Beifan, this despicable person.

But after waiting for a long time, Senior Brother still didn’t speak. His lackeys stepped forward first.

The representative among them was Wang Chuan.

He arrogantly said, “Lin Beifan, did you see that? Senior Brother has come to find you! Everything is your own doing. Who asked you not to know your place and steal Senior Brother’s woman?”

“The only thing you can do now is kneel down and beg for Senior Brother’s forgiveness! Senior Brother is magnanimous; he might spare your life! Kneel down quickly, or it will be too late!”

Other lackeys joined in the taunting.

“Kneel down; it’s the only thing you can do!”

“If you don’t kneel, be prepared to die!”

“When Senior Brother takes action, you won’t have a chance to repent!”

Bai Yiyi angrily exclaimed, “You have no right to speak here, get lost!”

With anger, she struck out with a palm, creating a fierce wind.

Wang Chuan and the other lackeys couldn’t withstand the strong wind and all retreated several meters, shocked.

Only Senior Brother remained unmoved, towering like a mountain.

Bai Yiyi, filled with apprehension, spoke loudly, “Senior Brother, today there’s something I must make clear to you! I’ve always been grateful for your care. I know your feelings towards me, but in my heart, there is no romantic love for you. I merely respect and admire you as a senior brother!”

“As for my relationship with my brother Lin Beifan, it’s not as scandalous as the rumors suggest. We are family; I’ve always treated him as a brother, and he has always treated me as a sister, nothing more!”

Brother? Sister? Everyone internally mocked, are they not just “brother” and “sister” in name?

It sounds like a real drama!

Don’t think we can’t see through it!

“So, I hope you won’t trouble me, and especially not my brother! Otherwise, even if you are Senior Brother, I will draw my sword in opposition and fight to the end!”

Her words were resolute, showing no weakness!

Everyone present was subdued by Bai Yiyi!

A ridiculous thought surfaced in their minds: if Senior Brother really made a move against Lin Beifan, Bai Yiyi would surely go mad, fighting to the death for him.

All this for a wild man?

At this moment, amidst everyone’s anticipation, Senior Brother finally spoke.

He pointed a trembling finger at Lin Beifan behind Bai Yiyi and asked, “What’s your name, where are you from, and how old are you?”

Everyone was puzzled; why would Senior Brother ask such questions?

Isn’t it obvious?

His name is Lin Beifan, Bai Yiyi’s ‘brother’ and your romantic rival.

You come to settle the score with a romantic rival without investigating?

Although filled with doubts, no one dared to speak out.

Lin Beifan cupped his hands and respectfully said, “Reporting to Senior Brother, I am Lin Beifan, currently 18 years old. As for where I’m from, it’s not worth mentioning! I’ve just become an outer disciple of the sect, with cultivation in the Divine Power Realm!”

“So, your name is not Ah Fei…”

Li Xun muttered disappointedly, but he didn’t give up hope entirely.

After all, with reincarnation, there would be a new identity, a new name, making it difficult to match age and birthplace.

Just like him!

After reincarnation, he was no longer Li Xunhuan but Li Xun.

No longer the renowned Xiao Li Flying Dagger, but the outer senior brother of the Tai Xuan Sword Sect.

So further confirmation was needed!

Thus, he moved; he walked towards Lin Beifan.

Everyone became excited.

Was Senior Brother really about to make a move?

Was he going to deal with Lin Beifan?

So much anticipation!

So much excitement!

Senior Brother, please go all out, don’t hold back!

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