Chapter 289

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Chapter 289: Space Technology

In the end, Su Hao didn’t go far. Instead, he established a large base on the outskirts of the Hanman Mountain tourist area, a place untouched by anyone.

Yashan exerted all his strength to rebuild the base once again.

After recuperating, Yashan went to the nearest small county to purchase supplies, while Su Hao re-entered the pinball space to help Yashan design ‘dynamic vision’ and the ‘Earth Sovereign’ genes.

Yashan not only bought a large amount of living supplies but also brought back several advanced computers, setting up a small computer room.

Then, he went out and bought a lot of wires, sneaking around at night to steal electricity…

A day without a computer made Yashan feel uneasy. Even if not in use, it had to look good.

After secretly pulling electricity back, Yashan successfully powered up the computers! However, he seemed to be affected by the electricity – his skin and clothes were all updated, with burn marks on them.

But being able to power the base was worth it.

Then, Yashan eagerly entered the computer room, exported all the camera videos, and began his editing work.

He wanted to quickly spread this fear on the internet.

Three days later, a ten-minute video edited by Yashan was ready. Holding his satisfying masterpiece, he wanted to share it with Su Hao. However, Su Hao said, “No need to watch. I’m not interested. If you think it’s good, release the video from a distance. Don’t expose our hard-found base.”

Yashan confidently grinned, “Rest assured, Boss Wei. I didn’t study technology for nothing these years! Do you think they can find me?”

Su Hao chuckled, “Hehe, you better go far. If you’re discovered, it’s on you!”

Yashan took the hard drive and went out, then flew for three hours to reach a small town. Taking out his phone, he inserted a SIM card and called his information technology teacher, saying, “Hello, teacher? It’s Jingyi. I remember attending a class on how to use someone else’s computer to publish video information. Can you review it for me? Money is not an issue!”

Yashan used the ‘Money Talks’ skill and obtained the item ‘False Address Code Package.’

With a smug smile, wearing a mask and sunglasses, he went in and used the computer.

Ten minutes later, Yashan called his teacher again, “Teacher, it’s not working…”

The teacher sighed, “If it weren’t for the money, I’d hang up right now!”

After half an hour of struggle, Yashan finally succeeded in publishing, not only successfully but also forcing a large number of reposts!

Just one day later, Yashan’s video titled ‘The Butcher of Resistance – Let Fear Spread Across the World’ went viral on the internet.

Many people downloaded it immediately and saved it on independent USB drives because they knew that within three days, this terrifying and bloody video would be banned on the internet.

What’s not suitable for children? This is what’s not suitable for children!

Many people had never seen such a bloody video, feeling intense stimulation while being deeply surrounded by a sense of fear.

The World Federation’s ‘Network Security Group’ reacted quickly, banning Yashan’s video on the third day.

They also started investigating the source of the video, but couldn’t find it in a short time.

However, the video had already spread worldwide, being seen and reshared by countless people. Moreover, privately changing formats and circulating among each other, the video became unstoppable.

Yashan has achieved his goal; he successfully established the name of the ‘Butcher of Resistance.’

People trafficking children worldwide, upon seeing the video, turned pale with fear, contemplating whether they could continue this trade.

If they were ever caught by the ‘Butcher of Resistance,’ it would be a living hell!

“Maybe I should quit my job!”

From then on, a sword of unknown fate hung over the heads of low-level resistance captors. If it didn’t fall, that was good; but once it did, it would be worse than death!

This was Yashan’s concept of ‘fear deterrence.’ Regardless of the effectiveness, he decided to give it a try.

Ten days later, Yashan caught two traffickers, who had clearly watched the video. Upon realizing they were caught by the ‘Butcher of Resistance,’ they fainted in fear.

These two traffickers, who harbored a sense of luck, regretted their choices deeply.

Yashan: “Well, this is material for editing videos.”

After burying the second wave of material underground, Su Hao used the Black Crystal Horn to speak next to Yashan, “Yashan, hold off on editing your videos for now. I’ll upgrade you to ‘Earth Sovereign,’ and you’ll be safer when you go out.”

Yashan was overjoyed.

Su Hao continued, “Also, I’ll give you the ‘dynamic vision’ ability and engrave the ‘hard’ rune on your skull. Keep it active at all times, or I’m afraid someone might snipe you one day.”

Yashan immediately responded, “Alright, Big Brother Wei!”

Next was the time for the experiment. Su Hao injected Yashan with the gene modification liquid and waited for the genetic modification to complete.

Four hours later, Yashan successfully evolved into ‘Earth Sovereign,’ but as expected, there was a slight issue with his eyes.

Yashan said, “Big Brother Wei, I feel dizzy and can’t seem to stop it.”

Su Hao calmly replied, “You understand, Yashan, this is a normal adaptation process for loading a single ability. You’ve just completed the first loading step!”

Yashan nodded, “I see.”

Three days later, Yashan fully recovered and gained the powerful ‘dynamic vision.’

Su Hao condensed a handgun and fired a shot next to Yashan. As Yashan adapted continuously, he eventually caught the bullet barehanded!

Although the speed of the bullet fired by Su Hao’s casually condensed handgun wasn’t fast, it was enough to demonstrate the terrifying effect of ‘dynamic vision.’

After completing the experiment, Yashan went back to edit his videos, while Su Hao began designing his own genes.

Two days later, Su Hao successfully evolved into an 【Earth Sovereign】 and acquired ‘dynamic vision.’

In the following time, Su Hao stayed in the laboratory, learning the technology Chen Qingsheng had sent him and researching the characteristics of space.

Meanwhile, Yashan’s career as the ‘Butcher of Resistance’ gradually gained momentum. The organization became the world’s number one wanted group, widely known.

Time passed quickly, and two years flew by. Su Hao was now twelve years old. His height increased a bit, reaching 1.6 meters, resembling a fourteen or fifteen-year-old young man.

His face lost some youthful innocence, becoming more defined. Under Su Hao’s casual modifications, his originally unremarkable face gradually became handsome.

Knowledge not only changes destiny but also alters one’s appearance! Su Hao grew handsome by his own abilities, and no one could say otherwise.

Because he didn’t like spending time on grooming, Su Hao always kept a crew cut, looking very energetic.

Enhanced by this reasonably handsome face, hairstyle was just an embellishment and not crucial.

Surprisingly, Yashan followed suit. Whatever clothes Su Hao wore, he liked the same, and he mimicked Su Hao’s hairstyles.

Unfortunately, his reincarnated body’s appearance wasn’t as handsome, far from resembling his appearance in his previous life.

Seeing Yashan getting more crooked as he grew, Su Hao gave him a shot of the ‘Handsome and Charming’ serum, which improved his appearance.

In these two years, Su Hao’s most significant gain wasn’t just his height and face but his research on space.

Through numerous attempts and explorations, along with the sporadic space research data sent back by the 【Primordial Sovereign】, Su Hao finally clarified the basic principles of space teleportation.

It must be said that the 【Primordial Sovereign】 produced outstanding talents, making it a large group that controlled truly advanced technology in this world.

Su Hao estimated that the technology held by the 【Primordial Sovereign】 surpassed other organizations by at least twenty years.

Su Hao sighed, “The custodial technology held by the 【Primordial Sovereign】 is a combination of high-end technology and ingenious ideas! Both are indispensable. No wonder they are the only ones in the entire world who can master the summoning beast custodial technology!”

Then, Su Hao tightened his fist confidently and said, “So, from now on, these space technologies belong to me!”

(End of this chapter)

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