Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: Welcome to My World

This temporary base can be easily relocated; erasing all traces left behind and sinking the entire base underground using the transformative power of conversion steel, allowing for a quick exit. However, with the current limited equipment, relocation is still relatively easy, but it would become significantly challenging as more devices are acquired.

As Su Hao designs the “Earth Sovereign” gene for Yashan within the pinball space, he contemplates, “If I can unravel the secrets of space, I can expand an exclusive space to store these devices, summoning them when needed…”

Just like the legendary functions of space bags or space rings, the idea is enchanting. Yashan, now back in the prison cell, exudes an ominous aura. Standing between the two human traffickers on crosses, he begins his formal opening statement: “Greetings, dear, hateful, kind, evil, beautiful, ugly viewers from around the world! I am ‘Rebel Butcher’ No. 000, the nightmare that wakes you up in the middle of the night, the butcher with hands stained with demon blood, the main surgeon skilled in dealing with scum, and the messenger rooted deep in the soul of the rebels! Welcome to my world!”

After the opening speech, Yashan chuckles menacingly at the camera. This terrifying laughter, learned online, suits his role as a major antagonist. It genuinely terrifies his two companions almost to the point of soul departure.

Yashan proceeds to outline the crimes of the rebels, pointing at the two trembling traffickers, revealing their misdeeds. He then retrieves a torture manual from the nearby table, opens the first page, and introduces it to the camera: ‘Skinning,’ ‘Lingering,’ ‘Lead Drops,’ ‘Double-Headed Fork’…

Yashan calmly describes these, while the two behind him are now pale, trembling, and the tall man has even wet himself, filling the cell with a foul odor.

Seemingly indifferent, Yashan casually takes out an octahedral dice, placing it in front of the camera, gesturing, “This is an eight-sided die, each number corresponds to a specific punishment. The method of execution for these two is left to fate.”

Yashan then moves to another camera, dropping the die into a glass bottle.

“Ding ding ding!”

The dice rolls in the bottle, and the two traffickers stare in horror, hoping it never stops.

Until now, they can’t believe it’s real.

They believe they merely abducted children, not committing heinous crimes deserving such torture. It’s too cruel… Why?

Cruel? Yashan doesn’t see it as cruel! At most, it’s tormenting demons because he no longer considers these two as human.

True cruelty lies in being kind to these people. How many innocent children worldwide are abducted? Who knows what they will experience?

According to Boss Wei, they’re likely used for experiments!

This reminds Yashan of the small round mice in Boss Wei’s experimental base from the previous life!

He becomes even colder.

The dice in the glass bottle gradually stops, landing on ‘Five,’ the fifth punishment!

The two traffickers, tall and short, are struck as if by lightning, terrified, rolling on the floor, contorting their faces. In a matter of seconds, they start wailing and crying uncontrollably.

Yashan’s voice chimes in, “Very well, it seems the luck of these two fellows isn’t great!”

Then his tone turns chilling, “So, let’s go prepare the instruments!”

For three hours, the prison cell echoes with heart-wrenching screams, filled with endless regret, hating themselves for coming into this world.

Eventually, the cries weaken, fading until they completely disappear.

Yashan faces the camera once again for self-introduction and declares, “Resistors from all around the world, tremble in my shadow! Fear! Offer your bodies! Offer your souls! I am your hell! Remember, I am ‘Rebel Butcher’ No. 000. Welcome to seek me out! Hehehe! By the way, welcome like-minded individuals to join ‘Rebel Butcher’! Perhaps, you could be No. 001!”

After recording, Yashan takes a deep breath and then buries the two battered bodies underground.

Exiting the “Steel Armor King,” Yashan somberly approaches Su Hao, saying, “Boss Wei, I want to smoke!”

Su Hao immediately gives Yashan a scolding and sternly says, “Get lost! Where did you learn that? You’re just ten, thinking about smoking?”

Yashan scurries away, never daring to bring up smoking again, thus preventing the birth of a nicotine-addicted youth.

Next, Yashan starts cleaning up the base, packing what needs to be taken and demolishing what isn’t. All done in less than an hour.

Su Hao and Yashan each carry a large package out of the experimental base. Yashan’s footsteps trigger the steel armor, instantly covering the entire hill and sinking it underground.

This project still puts some pressure on him. Yashan exhales in relief, looking at Su Hao, “Boss Wei, where do we go next?”

Su Hao replies, “White Sister and the others have been doing fine for the past six months; we don’t need to worry. Let’s leave Yongxin City!”

Su Hao then transforms into the “Steel Armor King” flight mode, takes off, and heads in a direction. Yashan follows.

Flying low, avoiding populated areas, they traverse through various unmanned mountain valleys at high speed.


Flying between these uninhabited mountain valleys is incredibly pleasant, like two free spirits wandering through the beautiful and fantastic landscapes of the earth.

Many unheard-of terrains and unseen varieties of plants form a breathtaking scene, captivating Yashan, who hasn’t seen much of the world.

The sensation of low-altitude travel through mountains is different from high-altitude flight, each with its own characteristics. Yashan can’t help but exclaim once again: flying is truly amazing!

After approximately four hours of flight, Su Hao selects a place with multiple rocks, descends, finds a flat stone wall, places the luggage down, and says, “Here will do! Yashan, set up the experimental base here. I’ll scout the surroundings.”

Yashan also puts down his luggage, saying, “Alright, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao takes off again to inspect the surroundings.

The scenery here is extraordinary, with water like a precious mirror, and the rocks exhibit peculiar shapes, creating a picturesque and beautiful impression.

Then, Su Hao checks the internet and quickly finds information about this place: ‘Autumn Flowers Full of Mountains,’ a world-famous tourist attraction, known for mountains filled with flowers! Located in the Flower Full City in the southern part of Zhongzhou.

Su Hao is surprised, “This is a tourist attraction?”

Building a base in a tourist attraction? They probably chose it because no one would know where they are…

After pondering for a moment, Su Hao flies back to the stone wall.

Upon landing, Yashan excitedly demonstrates his ‘Ten Rooms and One Hall Technique’ to Su Hao.

Su Hao smiles and praises, “Not bad, not bad. It seems Yashan, you’ve grasped the essence of Boss Wei’s house-building skill! However, this place isn’t quite suitable. Let’s find another location!”

Yashan is puzzled, “Huh? What about our base…”

Su Hao says, “Seal the entrance; we’ll leave it here! Who knows, we might need it in the future!”

Yashan: “…”

(End of this chapter)

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