Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: Discovered

In the state of sleep and unconsciousness, people appear quietly lying down, but in reality, there are subtle differences. During sleep, the overall body condition, such as breathing and heartbeat, is very stable with no abnormalities. In contrast, during unconsciousness, vital signs are weaker, and both breathing and heartbeat are faint.

In such a vast city, Yashan’s precise search for human traffickers is no simple task, even with Su Hao’s radar perception. Since the life characteristics of human traffickers are no different from others, the radar cannot distinguish between good and evil.

After thoughtful consideration, Su Hao devised a clever method for Yashan – instead of distinguishing traffickers, differentiate the unconscious states of children. Before abducting a child, traffickers would inevitably render the child unconscious to avoid them waking up and causing a scene, exposing their activities.

This method proved effective. Through extensive practice, Yashan, utilizing the ‘human trafficker positioning program’ gene implanted by Su Hao, successfully developed a conditioned reflex to sense those in a state of unconsciousness. Any life within his perception range displaying signs of unconsciousness would alert Yashan.

Yashan’s perception range is eight hundred meters, seemingly limited but entirely sufficient. Setting up cameras, he transforms into a towering steel-clad warrior, striking a fierce pose, and declares the official action of the “Rebel Butcher”: “I am ‘Rebel Butcher’ No. 000, all the world’s scum, accept my judgment!”

Confidently, he leaves the base, leaps into the air, and flies towards Yongxin City.

At dawn, Yashan returns, holding bags of various sizes, wearing a disappointed expression. “Boss Wei, I circled Yongxin City two or three times, but found no traces of human trafficking activities—just bar-hopping girls. However, it’s not entirely fruitless. I noticed the vegetables in the early morning are very fresh, so I bought some on the way back.”

Su Hao, just waking up, replies while getting ready, “Do you think traffickers come out every night? Keep monitoring! Try to open within a month.”

Yashan nods, yawning, and heads to prepare breakfast for Boss Wei.

Meanwhile, Su Hao contemplates another issue: Yashan, a ‘Steel Armor King,’ successfully gained the ‘Life Detection’ skill of the ‘Night Stalker’ sequence through limited gene implantation. This proves that I can also acquire abilities from other mutant sequences!

Su Hao has his eye on the ‘Swiftman’ sequence’s ‘Dynamic Vision.’ This skill not only enhances high-speed visual acquisition but also boosts reflex speed and slightly increases thinking speed. It could amplify his research on space teleportation in the future.

After breakfast, Su Hao, without hesitation, enters the virtual space to design evolutionary genes: “Besides designing the ‘Dynamic Vision’ gene, let’s also create the gene for ‘Earth Lord.’ The ‘Steel Armor King’ has already been used in the Summoner Finals, recognized worldwide. It’s time to evolve into the ‘Earth Lord.'”

According to Su Hao’s plan, after the ‘Earth Lord’ is exposed, it will evolve into the ‘Life Reaper,’ changing its appearance. Although it may not fool everyone, it will still be different.

Following the usual protocol for risky matters, Yashan takes the lead.

At dawn on the third day, Yashan returns from Yongxin City once again, this time carrying two men who have been knocked unconscious, one tall and one short.


Yashan forcefully throws the two into a specially designed cell, displaying both excitement and anger on his face. Excitement because he has finally caught human traffickers, marking the successful start of his career.

Angry at his own vulnerability, Yashan can only capture this group of human traffickers in Yongxin City. However, the world is vast, and who knows how many children will be abducted by these traffickers tonight.

Yashan gets busy after preparing a delicious and nutritious breakfast for Boss Wei. He transforms into the Steel Armor King, making his figure appear tall and mighty. He dons a prepared black robe, puts on the hood, and then wears a specially selected ghastly mask, creating a mysterious and fearsome look.

Originally, Yashan thought of directly using the Steel Armor King, but later considered that using it might expose him. Hence, he prepared the black robe and hood.

Three cameras are in position, recording the entire process of the rebels’ ‘physical destruction’ from all angles. After recording, Yashan plans to edit and upload it online to mentally undermine the rebels’ will.

Although it may seem inhumane, Yashan never believes he needs to talk about ‘humanity’ with traffickers who target children because, in Yashan’s eyes, the ‘rebels’ are not human; they are demons. He uses brutal methods to deal with these ‘demons’ roaming the earth.

Yashan opens the cell door, secures the two men to the crosses, and then wakes up the traffickers.

The shorter one has fluffy hair with bangs covering his eyebrows, while the taller one has short hair and a mole above his eyebrow, looking fairly decent.

As the two groggily wake up, they see a terrifying face right in front of them. They are instantly frightened and try to jump up, only to realize they are already bound to the crosses!

They struggle frantically, making incomprehensible sounds, but the crosses remain unmoved.

Soon, both of them quiet down, exchange a glance, and see the fear in each other’s bloodshot eyes without concealment.

Also, comforting each other: “Brother, what a coincidence; you’re here too!”

As long as my brother is as miserable as I am, I have nothing to fear!

Yashan is unaware of the complex changes in the two men’s hearts in just ten seconds. A harsh voice comes from behind the mask: “Before receiving the judgment of ‘Rebel Butcher’ No. 000, do you have anything to say?”

The two men exchange glances, mumble nonsensical pleas, and Yashan impatiently says, “Why did you abduct children?”

The shorter one with bangs hurriedly says, “I don’t know; we just follow the regional leader’s orders. He tells us what to do, and we just complete the task and get paid. It’s none of our business!”

Yashan sneers, “Just for the salary?”

The one with bangs shows a pleasing smile, saying, “Well… he also promised to help us advance to intermediate summoners!”

Yashan asks, “How do you contact your regional leader?”

They exchange glances again, both shaking their heads, saying, “We don’t see him in person. We operate through a special network. We don’t know who the regional leader is. As long as we put the children in the designated place, the task is considered complete.”

Yashan searches them and finds a small phone. With their guidance, he operates it, logging in with a password.

The screen flickers, seemingly searching for a signal. After a while, it displays “Login exception, port locked.”

Yashan asks, “What’s going on?”

They exchange glances, both looking puzzled, “We don’t know! This has never happened before.”

Yashan’s expression tightens, sensing trouble. He immediately leaves the cell, finding Su Hao: “Boss Wei, I found these two phones on the traffickers. The location of the base might have been discovered by the ‘Summoned Beast Resistance Association’!”

Su Hao immediately transforms into the Steel Armor King, conceals his figure, takes the phones, channels blood energy into them, records the information in the virtual space, and then enters the virtual space to check the details on the small phone. After a quick look, he understands what’s going on.

The tiny phone is covered in numerous pinhole cameras, constantly capturing external information. Apparently, after detecting abnormalities, it directly locked the phone.

Since that’s the case, these two phones have lost their value.

Su Hao throws the phones on the ground, crushes them with his foot, and says to Yashan, “Indeed, we’ve been discovered. But no need to rush; finish your tasks first. We’ll tidy up in the afternoon and change the location.”

(End of this chapter)

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