Chapter 285

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Chapter 285: All Prepared

Five months later, Su Hao injected three vials of genetically modified fluid into three abnormal beasts: the giant moth, the flying mantis, and the black-tailed wasp.

As long as one successfully evolved into a “Beginner Sovereign,” Su Hao could begin his plan!

Four hours would reveal the outcome. As time passed, at the three-hour mark, the body of the flying mantis continually changed, with cells gradually shrinking and withering.

Su Hao frowned, muttering, “The evolution of the flying mantis has failed!”

Evolution consumes a considerable amount of energy. Once the body shrinks, it usually signifies failure because the energy isn’t sufficient to support successful evolution.

“No wonder the adaptability of organisms in this world to extraordinary genes like the pseudo-humans’ is not as strong as in the previous world. Obtaining a level-six ‘Beginner Sovereign’ is not that easy.”

Su Hao waved his hand, and amidst the surging golden armor, the failed evolution of the flying mantis vanished underground.

Su Hao shifted his gaze to the other two summoned creatures. After another half hour, the black-tailed wasp also began to shrink, signaling another evolution failure.

However, Su Hao wasn’t discouraged. On the contrary, he showed a pleased expression because the giant moth displayed no signs of decline, indicating a high compatibility with the “Beginner Sovereign” genes.

Usually, at this point, it was nearing the end of evolution. Just ten more minutes of persistence, and success would be declared.

Su Hao stared at the giant moth, analyzing silently, “The giant moth, mantis, and black-tailed wasp are all aberrant developmental species. Their body forms change with different life cycles, so these creatures have a good adaptability to the extraordinary genes of the pseudo-humans’ sequence. Among them, the giant moth undergoes four transformations in its life to reach its end.”

“In contrast, the flying mantis and black-tailed wasp are only partially aberrant developmental species. Evolving into a level-five ‘Abnormal King’ is acceptable, but achieving evolution into a level-six ‘Beginner Sovereign’ has a low success rate. Similarly, other organisms seeking level-six or even level-seven exotic beasts must analyze the characteristics and selectively evolve.”

Ten minutes later, the giant moth showed no signs of life decline. Su Hao knew that his long-awaited “Beginner Sovereign” had finally been born.

Su Hao emitted a triumphant laugh, making Yashan, practicing ‘Life Perception’ with summoned beasts in the adjacent room, break into a cold sweat.

After a while, the giant moth woke up, and Su Hao controlled it with psychic tentacles.

“Well, let’s try the abilities of the Beginner Sovereign. ‘Transformation’!”

Su Hao had a thought, and the giant moth immediately transformed into the appearance of a flying mantis, flapping its wings in the vast laboratory.

Su Hao nodded in satisfaction, controlling the giant moth to transform once again.

The cells of the giant moth’s body dissolved like slime, then reshaped and elevated, turning into a humanoid figure, surprisingly resembling Yashan.

The moth-version Yashan tried to speak, “Hiss, hiss, hiss~”

No words came out.

Su Hao shook his head, “Essentially, it’s still a giant moth. Other organs and tissues are fine, but the brain can’t transform. Next, let’s try the crucial ‘Host Parasitism.'”

Su Hao closed his eyes, extending psychic tentacles, spreading through spatial pathways, providing force to the spatial structure. Accelerating the rhythm continuously, the next moment, Su Hao’s psychic tentacles broke through space and arrived at the subsidiary star.

Countless tiny white dots in the domain of the subsidiary star appeared in Su Hao’s perception.

Su Hao randomly selected a direction with psychic tentacles, arrived beside a white dot, formed a large net, and suddenly caught it. The frequency increased, and he pulled it abruptly.

The dot struggled in panic, but it was useless. Through the spatial channel, Su Hao brought it close.

It was a small lynx as large as a water buffalo.

The lynx struggled desperately, as soon as it came out, it bared its teeth at Su Hao but had its limbs immobilized by Su Hao’s transmutation, helpless.

Su Hao didn’t use psychic control to tame the lynx. Instead, he maintained its natural state as an experimental specimen for the “Beginner Sovereign.”

In this world, the good thing is that Su Hao never lacks experimental subjects. When needed, he can casually pull one from the subsidiary star. After using them, if they belong to the category of food, he can hand them over to Yashan to turn into barbecue, sprinkled with sauce for a delicious meal.

Such a carefree life!

Su Hao focused on the “Beginner Sovereign” giant moth, controlling it to activate the ability of ‘Host Parasitism.’

When ‘Host Parasitism’ is activated, there is no visible change in the moth. However, if someone can observe the micro-world, they would know that a deadly threat has approached the grumpy lynx.

Numerous invisible cells merged together to form a parasitic unit, drifting towards the lynx. Unbeknownst to the lynx, it attached to its fur, entered through its respiratory tract, or settled in the moist corners of its eyes.

In the time it takes to finish a cup of tea, the lynx’s entire body is covered with cells of the giant moth’s “Beginner Sovereign.” These cells slowly invade the lynx’s body, quickly replicating various protein information, completing the disguise, and easily bypassing the lynx’s immune system.

Next, within the lynx’s body, a shocking scene unfolds. The “Beginner Sovereign” cells, like cancer cells, absorb the body’s nutrients and proliferate massively.

In just one day, the cells of the “Beginner Sovereign” have spread throughout the lynx’s entire body. At this point, the lynx’s body is entirely under the control of the “Beginner Sovereign.” With just a thought, the lynx’s body will change ownership.

But the lynx remains oblivious.

Su Hao carefully analyzed this process and discovered some clues: “The cells of the ‘Beginner Sovereign’ will engulf some of the lynx’s cells, then use its own cells to replace the original cells’ functions, maintaining the lynx’s normal survival.”

However, Su Hao’s goal is not so simple.

He approached the giant moth, placed his hand on its body, infused blood energy, recorded the faint consciousness of the giant moth, and locked it in a mental black room.

At this moment, everything the moth sees, hears, and feels will be recorded in the mental space. Additionally, the moth gains a special ability, one Su Hao had developed before—the blessing of the “God of Genesis.” As long as the moth uses its blood energy, saturates an object, the information about the object will be recorded in the mental space.

Now, this function will serve its true purpose.

Su Hao attempted to control the cells of the “Beginner Sovereign” distributed in the lynx’s body, concentrate blood energy, and invade the lynx’s brain.

However, after a moment, Su Hao frowned. He found that the blood energy intensity of the “Beginner Sovereign” cells in the lynx’s body was far from reaching the level required to record the creature’s consciousness information.

“The blood energy intensity is too low, making it impossible to complete the information recording.”

Next, Su Hao began parasitic experiments on the “Beginner Sovereign” and the lynx, summoning various types of summoned beasts to participate in the experiments.

One month later, Su Hao derived several reliable conclusions.

First: After successful parasitic colonization by the “Beginner Sovereign” cells, it takes about fifteen days to cultivate, slowly absorb energy, and enhance blood energy intensity.

Second: The parasitic cells of the “Beginner Sovereign” can accelerate growth, requiring only three days to reach the blood energy intensity necessary to record consciousness information, but it greatly overloads the host’s body, suitable for devouring cells.

Third: After a large number of “Beginner Sovereign” cells invade the body, they can rapidly destroy the host’s body, causing lethal damage.

Fourth: Each parasitic unit of the “Beginner Sovereign” has extremely strong corrosive power. Various biochemical protective suits cannot stop the invasion of cells, even penetrating a one-centimeter thick steel plate.

Fifth: After cell invasion, the “Beginner Sovereign” can take control of the body at any time, but the cost is the complete destruction of the original consciousness.

Sixth: The parasitized host can release parasitic units, infecting people around them.

Having clarified these conclusions, Su Hao revealed a smile, “Everything is ready; the ‘Allies Plan’ can begin!”

(End of this chapter)

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