Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: Departure

As for what follows, Su Hao is no longer concerned. Since the failed assassination that day, it seems they’ve given up on killing him. For several days now, no one has troubled Su Hao.

Perhaps they are afraid, or maybe that assassination was just a matter of accountability for the deceased. On the third day, Chen Qingsheng appeared and told Su Hao not to worry about any actions from the Tang and Han families.

Indeed, a group of over forty people attempting assassination seemed like trivial actions to them. In the current situation, Su Hao considers the safety of Sister Bai and others, not wanting to escalate the situation unnecessarily.

If it were only Su Hao and Yashan, he wouldn’t be as concerned and would handle things more decisively. Chen Qingsheng’s purpose in coming goes beyond delivering this news; he soon reveals his main intention.

Chen Qingsheng straightforwardly says, “Brother Jingzhong, that last super-summoned beast you brought out is truly powerful. Do you have any plans to let us manage it for you? Rest assured, we’ll take care of your summoned beast properly!”

Su Hao laughs, “I have plenty of such summoned beasts, but some are beyond the usual standards and shouldn’t be taken out easily.”

Chen Qingsheng nods with a smile, “Of course, but if you have any conditions, feel free to mention them. We’ll do our best to meet your requests!”

Su Hao says, “I won’t mention conditions for now; I don’t have that intention at the moment, but it’s not absolute.”

Chen Qingsheng’s eyes light up, “What do you mean?”

Su Hao says, “Maybe I’ll change my mind in three years!”

Chen Qingsheng shows a pleased expression. No matter how many years pass, having the opportunity to obtain that special dog-headed towering ape summon is the best news. He says, “In that case, three years later, I’ll contact you to discuss a cooperation plan for that summon! As for your other summons…”

Su Hao interrupts, “Handling the paperwork for the other summons is simple. This afternoon, I’ll go with you to take care of it. I’ll entrust all of them to your management, and also the super Titan Behemoth I just obtained.”

Chen Qingsheng is delighted, and Su Hao smiles, “By the way, in a few months, I’ll have an even more advanced summoned beast. I’ll rely on you to take good care of it.”

“Even more advanced!”

Chen Qingsheng suppresses his excitement, “Don’t worry, that’s within the scope of our management duties.”

Su Hao says, “But it will require more technical expertise.”

“Technical expertise is not a problem!”

After establishing cooperation with the management agency, Su Hao leaves Sheshen City by plane the next day.

Destination: Yongxin City.

Seeing Su Hao safely return, Sister Bai and others celebrate with him. Late at night, Su Hao and Yashan find Sister Bai, and the three of them come to the rooftop of a tall building, overlooking the entire city.

The night wind blows, dispersing the day’s heat.

Tonight, Su Hao has something to say, and Sister Bai faintly senses it. She doesn’t know what emotions are in her heart.

Su Hao gets straight to the point, “Sister Bai, in a few days, I plan to go on a study trip with Jingyi. I don’t know when we’ll be back.”

“As expected…” Sister Bai’s heart tightens. She sighs deeply, not saying much.

Su Hao hands his phone number to Sister Bai, “This is mine and Jingyi’s phone numbers. We’ll be online every Sunday morning. If there’s anything, you can send a text or call us on Sundays.”

Sister Bai takes the note from Su Hao carefully and asks, “Will you come back in the future?”

Su Hao nods naturally, “Of course! During the Chinese New Year, Jingyi and I will be back. This place will always be my home.”

Sister Bai smiles, tears shimmering in her eyes. She softly says, “That’s good.”

The three of them remained silent, enjoying the cool breeze on the rooftop.

The next day, Su Hao visited Fu Leyi. After bidding farewell, he and Yashan went shopping in the city.

On the third day, Su Hao and Yashan each carried a large package and left.

Before leaving, Sister Bai hugged Su Hao and Yashan, whispering, “Take care of yourselves; safety comes first.”

As they walked away, Yashan seemed reluctant, frequently looking back.

Su Hao said, “Don’t look back. For the next two years, we’ll be living in the base outside Yongxin City; we won’t go far.”

Yashan, surprised, said, “I thought we were going on a long journey with this setup!”

Su Hao replied, “The long journey will come in a few years. For now, we need to be cautious to prevent anyone from targeting Sister Bai and others after we leave. We’ll show an apparent separation from the Morning Sun Courtyard, observe if anyone tries to cause trouble. If everything goes smoothly, then we’ll leave.”

Yashan understood and nodded, “Understood, Boss Jingzhong.”

Su Hao took out two fake IDs, handing one to Yashan, “This is your new ID. From now on, both of us will use the surname Jia. You’ll be Jia Yashan, and I’ll be Jia Wei. Got it?”

“Got it, Boss Wei!” Yashan took the ID, seeing fabricated information, even his face looking unattractive.

Staying in the Morning Sun Courtyard restricted Su Hao from bold experiments, making him miss the freedom of his previous experiment base. With just two or three people, they could do whatever they wanted without worrying about malicious intentions or accidental harm to many.

Su Hao and Yashan, after leaving the city, found a secluded corner, descended underground, and headed southwest. Su Hao’s original experimental base was just ten kilometers southwest outside Yongxin City.

It was initially a dedicated place for summoning secondary star beasts, and now it served as his exclusive base, named Yongxin Base by Su Hao.

After traveling a few kilometers underground, Su Hao and Yashan surfaced and quickly headed to Yongxin Base. In less than ten minutes, they reached the location, opened the disguised entrance, and entered the cave.

Under the effect of runes, the huge space inside the mountain lit up. Su Hao said to Yashan, “We’ll live here for the next two years. Later, I’ll apply the complete set of runes to give you flight capability for convenience. As for daily supplies, you can purchase them in the small towns around Yongxin City.”

After some thought, Su Hao added, “Also, didn’t you want to establish the ‘Rebels Butcher’ organization? Once you have the ability of ‘Life Perception,’ you can establish it anytime. At night, you can go ahead and pursue your grand cause.”

Yashan, full of enthusiasm, said, “Sure thing, Boss Wei!”

Overnight, the two little boys, Bai Jingzhong and Bai Jingyi, disappeared from everyone’s sight. The discussion about the All-Star Championship champion, Bai Jingzhong, gradually cooled. It’s believed that soon it would become a memory people were unwilling to revisit.

After multiple investigations, the Summoners Association confirmed that Bai Jingzhong, the All-Star champion, was the one who attempted to assassinate Senator Pan. However, lacking crucial evidence, they couldn’t officially file a case.

Symbolically, a person or two from the Pan family kept watch at Sister Bai’s Morning Sun Courtyard. However, they had no hope of regaining face from Bai Jingzhong. Whether they could find him or not, even if they did, would they dare to take action? The newly elected Pan Senator didn’t want to inexplicably die in his office.

The disappearance of Su Hao didn’t concern the management agency as long as his summoned beasts remained in their care. They were just business people, not interested in these messy affairs.

After setting up the base, Su Hao summoned three Transformers, muttering, “Next, continue evolving the Invisible Beast and quickly reach the Beginning Sovereign level.”

(End of this chapter)

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