Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: Underground Assassination Technique

After this competition event, Su Hao gained both fame and fortune.

Purely in terms of the competition, when all was said and done, Su Hao earned nearly two billion yuan. If you add the money he won from each round, thanks to Yashan going all-in on Su Hao’s victories, it’s safe to say Su Hao won’t be short of money for a long time, unless he does something reckless.

As for reputation, Su Hao personally didn’t care much, but the reputation of ‘Morning Sun Courtyard’ had spread far and wide. Many organizations contacted Sister Bai, seeking her cooperation to jointly establish a large-scale orphanage. Sister Bai also expressed preliminary cooperation intentions.

In general, Su Hao wasn’t too worried about Sister Bai and the others in the future. He had a clear path ahead.

However, risks came along with it.

In the eyes of many, Su Hao, this ten-year-old champion, didn’t seem to have a powerful background. He became an easy target for manipulation. Moreover, during the competition, Su Hao directly defeated the two summoners in the finals, Tang Haiyi and Han Renjie. It’s not hard to imagine that after the Summoner Tournament ends, there’s a high chance their families will seek revenge on Su Hao.

Although it seems calm at the moment, there might be an ongoing investigation into Su Hao, planning strategies for his assassination.

That’s why Su Hao stayed alone in Sheshen City, letting Sister Bai and the others leave first. Even though they wouldn’t directly target Sister Bai and the others, conflicts might arise, causing collateral damage.

Su Hao strolled, exposed to the eyes of everyone, heading towards the small villa in the southern part of the city.

He smiled, “I’m not hiding. I’ll be right under your noses. If anyone wants to make a move, do it quickly. I don’t have time to play with you slowly.”

As Su Hao approached the edge of the city, the assassination indeed began.

On the bustling street, a passerby with a smile on his face casually walked past Su Hao. In a moment of passing, he discreetly stabbed an electric baton from his sleeve towards Su Hao’s back.

Su Hao dodged swiftly, snatched the electric baton, and pressed it against the man’s waist.


The man froze, slowly fell to the ground. Su Hao then took out a small, silenced pistol from his other sleeve and checked it. Twelve bullets, safety off, bullets loaded. He aimed at the man who had been electrocuted and pulled the trigger.


Putting away the gun, Su Hao continued walking unhurriedly.

Turning into another street, a woman carrying a basket of vegetables approached, cursing at someone. Unnoticed, a dark barrel appeared on top of the vegetable basket, aiming at Su Hao.


Su Hao dodged in advance, avoiding the shots. He walked straight ahead. The woman fired two more shots, both dodged by Su Hao. After getting within five steps, Su Hao raised his hand and fired a shot.


A bleeding bullet hole appeared on the woman’s head, and she fell to the ground, vegetables scattered around.

Su Hao thought to himself, “First time playing a gunfight, it’s quite thrilling!”

Continuing forward, he left the busy district, and the number of people decreased significantly. Su Hao used Little Light’s filtering to mark thirty-five people who followed him along the way, stopping and going. Among them, four always found vantage points in tall buildings, observing him from a distance.

Su Hao speculates that these are the snipers posing the greatest threat to him.

After confirming the suspected enemy’s location, Su Hao starts choosing directions that obstruct the sniper’s line of sight, avoiding sniper attacks.

Suddenly, Su Hao lifts his foot.

“Earth Spikes!”

The ground trembles briefly and quickly returns to calm. The two burrowing summon beasts beneath the ground have been pierced into hedgehogs by numerous spikes, unable to move, and soon die completely.

Upon reaching an open area inevitably, Su Hao accelerates, heading towards the outskirts of the city.

The sniper can’t resist and starts shooting.

Bullets move faster than sound, almost as soon as the shots are fired, the bullets hit the ground beside Su Hao, not hitting him!

It’s not that the bullets went off course; Su Hao’s movements were too erratic.

As Su Hao runs, the thirty-plus people following him also increase their pace, keeping up with Su Hao’s steps.

For them, assassinating a world champion summoner carries great risks. If they don’t succeed outside the city, they have to retreat!

Because once the summoner brings out the summon beasts, they won’t have another chance to kill him!

Expressionless, Su Hao suddenly turns a corner, avoiding everyone’s sight, then immediately disappears by diving underground.

His purpose in running is to make a final confirmation, confirming whether these people are all following him.

Then Su Hao discovers, it’s not just thirty-plus people; this run marks seven more individuals.

“Now it’s my turn. The assassination begins!” Su Hao uses Transforming Steel to move quickly underground behind one of them.

Not showing himself, he extends a hand from underground, gun pointed at the back of the head.


The person’s head bursts, body shuddering, falling dead. Another companion hears the sound, subconsciously turns to look, sees his comrade lying on the ground, blood quickly spreading from the head, and involuntarily clenches.

He quickly hides to the side, looking left and right, but doesn’t find the enemy. A sense of fear overwhelms him.

Soon, he won’t need to be afraid anymore. A hand emerges from the ground in front, holding a pistol, the dark barrel pointing at him.

“What the hell…” a question mark pops up in his mind, and in the moment of system failure, the gun erupts in flames, and his consciousness plunges into darkness forever.

Su Hao holsters his gun and stealthily moves again, thinking, “Isn’t my Underground Assassination Technique more powerful than Silent Murder?”

Next, Su Hao swiftly moves underground, continually reaping the lives of the assassins.

When there are only a dozen or so killers left from the original forty, they sense trouble.

“Abandon the mission, evacuate urgently!” A hoarse voice comes through the remaining killers’ earpieces.

But being locked onto by Su Hao, they basically can’t escape.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Smack!”

When a pistol runs out of bullets, Su Hao switches to another from the bodies of the killers.

The last female assassin, panicked and darting through the buildings, had fear written all over her eyes. She was human too, just with a profession in assassination, but she feared death too.

Her usual coldness was merely a calm demeanor borne out of confidence in her abilities. Many big shots liked her aloof style.

Now, facing an unknown enemy, she was completely unsettled, as if a gun was pointed at her head, and death was imminent.

As she ran, suddenly, a little boy appeared at the corner, smiling at her.

“Target!” She instinctively raised her gun to shoot.

However, the boy reacted quickly, disappearing behind the corner.

She immediately caught up, as the mission was equally important to her.

However, upon reaching the corner and finding no trace of the boy, she realized!

This boy was the enemy who had brought them to the brink of collapse!!!

A chilling aura enveloped her forehead, and she was overwhelmed by immense fear: “It’s over!”

As if responding to her silent scream, Su Hao appeared behind her, raising the gun to the back of her head.


The unique sound of the silencer echoed, and the female assassin fell forward, silent forever.

Su Hao casually threw the gun aside, stomped on it forcefully, shattering it, muttering, “It’s a pity for such a beautiful girl to be an assassin! If you have another life, it would be better to have a few more kids.”

But whether she becomes an assassin or not, it seems she didn’t have a choice.


The porcelain teacup was ruthlessly thrown to the ground, shattering into pieces.

The elderly man who threw the bowl took a few deep breaths to calm down. He pointed at the middle-aged, fat man kneeling on the ground and angrily scolded, “You damned thing! What mischief have you done? Are you trying to drag our Tang family down with you to the grave? Huh? Cough… Cough!”

Seeing the silent response from the fat middle-aged man, the elderly man, trembling, walked up and kicked him!

But he himself couldn’t stand steady, and just as he was about to fall, a maid nearby supported him. Suddenly, he realized he was already old and couldn’t discipline this damned kid anymore. He waved his hand, sat back in his chair, and sternly said, “Humph! Things passed down by our ancestors are worthless in the eyes of you scoundrels! Gather everyone for a family meeting at 2 PM this afternoon! Those in Saint Teacher City who don’t attend will be stripped of their duties and sent off to retire!”

At this moment, the middle-aged man finally lifted his head, his eyes full of fear.

(End of this chapter)

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