Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: Where is my banner?

This turn of events was unexpected by everyone.

They knew that Su Hao’s trump card summoning beast would be incredibly powerful, but they didn’t expect it to be this overwhelming; it exceeded their understanding.

What were those metallic substances on the ground, resembling both liquid and solid? Moreover, they could be manipulated effortlessly!

The crucial point was that these metallic substances were shimmering with electric light.

How could there be electric light? Could it be that Bai Jingzhong and the people from the power station coordinated in advance, burying high-voltage pylons under the arena?

However, before everyone could voice their doubts, the dog-headed towering giant ape took its third step.


An explosion occurred at the foot of Yashan, disappearing on the spot, swiftly passing by various statues.

The left and right long knives alternated in slashing.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Crisp metallic sounds resonated one after another.

The peculiar figure of Yashan finally came to a stop, and behind him, more than a dozen metal monuments that he passed were all cut in half, sliding slowly, with their upper parts falling successively to the ground.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Along with the upper halves of the metal monuments falling to the ground, there were also the half bodies of a dozen summoning beasts, blood gushing out, instantly staining the metal monuments bright red.

These dozen powerful summoning beasts were actually killed by the dog-headed towering giant ape in just a few seconds!

So powerful!

Everyone gasped in disbelief, feeling as if their worldview was gradually collapsing.

Hua Shaosun, in a daze, stared at everything happening below, his mind blank. Just now, he sensed that all his dozen summoning beasts were killed, a massive loss of mental power that almost made his head explode, the pain sweeping through his brain.

But this kind of pain was far less intense than the agony of failure.

With the advantage in his grasp, did he just lose like this?

“No! I still have five summoning beasts!!! I can win!!!” Hua Shaosun’s face turned red as he roared loudly towards Su Hao in the distance. He reached for his thermal imaging glasses, squeezed them fiercely, and the glasses were crushed by him. The shattered glass pieces cut his palm, but he was oblivious to the blood streaming down.

He immediately controlled the five summoning beasts flying in midair, diving towards Yashan.


The fire-breathing dragon suddenly spewed out scorching flames, burning on Yashan’s body.

The outer armor of Yashan was quickly burned and shed, but more armor generated, restoring it to its original state.

“Playing with fire? Super Fire Dragon, Lightning Penetrating Great Whirlwind!”

With a swing of Yashan’s long knife, a lightning Fire Dragon tornado soared into the sky, enveloping all five summoning beasts within its range.

For a moment, the flying summoning beasts were ravaged by lightning and flames, losing control of their bodies. Coupled with the rotating effect, they lost balance and tumbled to the ground.

Then Yashan’s transforming steel tightly wrapped them up. Without hesitation, Yashan stepped forward and systematically finished off each summoning beast until all were dead, and Hua Shaosun hadn’t pressed the surrender button.

Hua Shaosun gripped the railing with both hands, his eyes vacant, muttering to himself, “It’s over! I’m completely finished!”

Even though he had all five super summoning beasts in his hands, he still failed. From now on, Hua Shaosun had no more opportunities!

He could only become an ordinary summoner.

Yashan completed his task and then whispered, “Boss Jingzhong, it’s done. What should I do now?”

Su Hao said, “Return to your original position, retract the transforming steel, then burrow back underground. Wait for me in the stands!”

Yashan immediately swaggered back with a confident stride, carrying two long knives. The transforming steel on the field was retracted, and the arena returned to a soil surface.

Su Hao timely gestured towards Yashan, indicating to teleport the summoning beasts back.

The dog-headed towering ape sank slowly into the ground, disappearing from the reluctant gazes of the audience.

The field fell silent.

It wasn’t until the host’s triumphant voice echoed throughout the venue: “Congratulations!!!”

“The World Summoner All-Star Grand Competition!!”

“The champion!!!”

“Summoner Number 13661!!!”

“Bai Jingzhong!!!”


For a moment, cheers and applause swept through the entire sky, accompanied by various cries of joy and sorrow.

Regardless of sorrow or joy, everyone witnessed the birth of a miracle. In this edition of the Summoner All-Star Grand Competition, the champion was unexpectedly a boy around ten years old!

If this were in the past, who would have believed it?

Immediately, Sister Bai jumped high, her face flushed with pink. After shouting herself hoarse, she finally came to her senses, immediately pulling Xiaotian and saying, “Xiaotian, Xiaotian, where’s the banner I prepared?”

Xiaotian and the companions from the Morning Sun Courtyard were all speechless.

Sister Bai slapped her forehead, immediately turning to Hu Sheng, saying, “Husheng, quickly! I left the banner at Molly’s place! Hurry back and get it!”

Husheng: …

In the private room, Chen Chufeng and the middle-aged man looked at each other in astonishment. They never expected such an outcome. Later, they showed keen interest in the new summoning beasts summoned by Su Hao.

Chen Chufeng muttered, “This summoning beast can control lightning, fire, and that peculiar metal—it’s unbelievable!”

The middle-aged man’s eyes gleamed, “The hidden value within it is immeasurable!”

Chen Chufeng nodded, “I wonder who Bai Jingzhong really is.”

The middle-aged man asked, “Chufeng, what do you plan to do?”

Chen Chufeng and the middle-aged man exchanged a glance, tacitly refraining from further comments.

The news of Su Hao’s victory spread worldwide, causing the most excitement among the citizens of Yongxin City. As the champion hailing from Yongxin City, they took pride in his success. It was a great honor for Yongxin City, and they eagerly anticipated the return of Su Hao, the first citizen of Yongxin City to win a major competition.

Among those more excited in Yongxin City was Su Hao’s mentor, Le Yi. Her round mouth hung open, her large eyes filled with a puzzled expression, and her golden-rimmed glasses slid down her nose without her noticing.

After receiving the prize, the “Titan Behemoth,” Su Hao declined interviews and invitations. He immediately found Sister Bai and others, saying, “Sister Bai, buy plane tickets for the day after tomorrow! Don’t take the bus back! Also, don’t buy my ticket. I need to stay in Shengshi City for a few more days.”

Sister Bai exclaimed, “You’re not coming back with us? What about Jingyi?”

Su Hao replied, “Jingyi will return with you. Don’t worry; I know what I’m doing.”

Sister Bai wanted to say something but decided against it. She and Yashan went back to pack their luggage.

Meanwhile, Su Hao stood quietly on the streets of the city, watching the traffic and pedestrians.

After a while, he randomly chose a direction and walked aimlessly.

Gradually, Su Hao’s heart calmed down, and his brain regained the feeling of contemplating problems.

As he walked, he organized the threads of the current events, planning for future actions.

1. The Summoner Competition served the purpose of establishing a channel to connect with the upper levels of the supervisory institution, seeking a pathway to acquire technology, which seems to have been achieved.

2. Cultivate the “True Monarch,” infiltrate the supervisory institution, infect their high-tech talents as the True Monarch’s avatars, turning them into tools for acquiring technology. This is estimated to be accomplished insidiously within five years.

3. The nature of space seems to be related to spiritual power, but there appears to be no definite connection. Why can summoning beasts generally travel through spatial channels between the main and subsidiary stars while humans cannot? Regarding this, the “Summoning Beast Resistance Association” seems to possess relevant technology. Obtain the supervisory institution’s technology, then learn from the resistors. Yashan is interested in this line of resistance, so let him explore it thoroughly.

4. The competition exposed some issues, such as how to guard against high-tech weapons’ assassinations and how to identify enemies in a world full of ordinary people. These need to be addressed promptly.

5. Future research and learning cannot continue to stay in the Morning Sun Courtyard. He and Yashan need to break free and find a suitable place to establish a hidden base, transforming it into a high-tech experimental center.

6. …

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