Chapter 281

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Chapter 281: Super Thunderfire Iron Beast

Those watching this finals, whether live audience or viewers in front of the TV, understand that Bai Jingzhong’s overall situation has already been decided. In less than a moment, he will collapse and retreat.

Everyone excitedly waves and cheers for their chosen participant, while waiting for the complete victory of one side.

Hua Shaosun has already revealed a victorious smile. After this battle, he will become renowned worldwide, ascending to become one of the strongest summoners globally, reaching the pinnacle of his life. Although it’s a promotion by stepping on a ten-year-old genius, that’s the way it has to be.

Various big shots hidden behind the scenes, sipping tea comfortably, find everything unfolding as expected.

Chen Chufeng chuckles, “Bai Jingzhong’s summoned beasts are indeed good, performing well, each one possessing the strength of a super summoned beast. However, it’s a pity he seems too arrogant. He doesn’t have information about our summoned beasts, while we’ve almost figured out all of his. It would be strange if he could win.”

Another slightly older middle-aged man nods with a smile, “That’s right. But from the combat power he has shown, these unique summoned beasts indeed have their merits. The key is that the abilities displayed among different species are nearly identical. Who would have thought that two flying birds could burrow underground?”

He signals down below, “Do you want to keep watching?”

Chen Chufeng sips his tea, “No hurry, it’s rare to be leisurely. Let’s continue watching.”

The middle-aged man shrugs, “Sure.”

Back to the arena.

Su Hao commands his summoned beasts to launch attacks in a seemingly tactical manner, as if searching for Hua Shaosun’s vulnerabilities. In reality, he has already started to attack randomly.

In less than a minute, he hears Yashan’s low voice, “Boss Jingzhong, I’m ready anytime.”

Su Hao’s face, originally expressionless, breaks into a smile. It is projected onto the large screen for everyone watching to see.

“Huh, why is Bai Jingzhong still smiling? Did he give up?”

“Maybe he found the opponent’s weakness!”

“Weakness? Show me a weakness! This battle is bound to go down in the textbooks. Such a classic arrangement targeting weaknesses! Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

“The genius’s mental world, can you understand it? What others can’t see, doesn’t mean others can’t see it. Please don’t overestimate yourself!”

“To be honest, Bai Jingzhong looks pretty handsome when he smiles!”

Su Hao’s smile resonates with many hearts. Those who bet their homes and fortunes on Su Hao’s victory feel a glimmer of hope in this smile.

Originally, Su Hao wanted to directly bring Yashan into the fight, but it seemed too contrived. So, Su Hao thought, “Let’s play along with them!”

Thus, with a loud voice, Su Hao says, “Hey!”

As Su Hao speaks, the entire arena instinctively falls silent, eager to hear what Su Hao has to say.

Su Hao continues, “Your summoned beasts indeed surprised me. Today, let everyone witness my ultimate summoned beast, the Super Thunderfire Iron Beast!”

After saying this, he points his palm forward, as if summoning a powerful summoned beast. At the same time, Su Hao communicates with Yashan through the private chat, “You can come out now, Yashan!”

Yashan replied cheerfully, “Sure thing, Boss Jingzhong!”

In the next moment, under everyone’s gaze, ripples with a metallic texture slowly spread from where Su Hao pointed. In the middle of the ripples, a summoned beast rises slowly.

Everyone’s heartstrings are stirred, eyes widening as they stare at the scene below.

Unexpectedly, nearing defeat, Bai Jingzhong still has an ace up his sleeve, breaking everyone’s expectations. Emotions such as excitement, anticipation, hope, and ominous premonitions surge simultaneously.

On the opposite side, Hua Shaosun suddenly feels an uneasy sensation, but thinking about his five super summoned beasts, he quickly calms down. He sneers, “Hmph! Struggling on the brink of death!”

Then, he accelerates the attack rhythm, and the remaining seven summoned beasts collectively launch an assault.

The metallic ripples grow larger, and the gigantic summoned beast, seemingly made of metal, slowly ascends.

Some people suddenly feel a strange sensation in their hearts: Why does this summoning beast feel peculiar?Why does this summoning beast feel peculiar?

But this peculiar feeling is crowded out by the strong sense of anticipation!

What kind of formidable summoned beast is this that looks exceptionally powerful?

Amidst the anticipation of the masses, the summoned beast that represents Bai Jingzhong’s counterattack appears!

Its figure resembles an ape, covered in sturdy metallic armor that gleams brightly. Its body is slightly hunched, with shoulder armor spread like wings, and chest and back armored plates seamlessly connect, forming smooth and beautiful curves. It exudes a mechanical beauty, standing on the ground with both feet, stable as a mountain. Its long arms hang down, fists poised to strike the ground.

It looks like an attacking old ape. However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, this old ape with a metallic shell surprisingly has a dog’s head.

It’s undoubtedly a triple fusion of a dog head, a tall structure, and an ape – a super summoned beast!

Everyone can’t help but stand up, staring at this unprecedented species. The sound of camera shutters clicking fills the air.

“What species is this?” Many self-proclaimed knowledgeable individuals suddenly lose their bearings, realizing the gaps in their current knowledge.

“It’s truly eye-opening! Are we sure this isn’t a robot? Is it a living being?”

“Unbelievable, such a bizarre summoned beast!”

“I find it challenging to understand this world!”

Even Chen Chufeng and the middle-aged man, who are sitting comfortably in the private box, can’t resist standing up and walking a few steps forward to the observation platform, using binoculars to watch.

Su Hao, on the other hand, is left speechless. He asked Yashan to transform, but he never expected Yashan to create something so bizarre. A ninja turtle would be better than this!

His once glorious reputation is now ruined!

With things reaching this point, there’s no other choice!

Su Hao waves his hand dramatically, seemingly giving commands to the summoned beasts. However, in reality, he transmits a message through the private chat in the black room, “Hurry up and finish this for me!”

Yashan roared in response, raising his hands and extending them on both sides in a virtual grip.

“Ka ka ka!”

A large number of steel plates condensed from Yashan’s hands, extending outward to form a long blade, dual-wielded on the left and right.

Once again, this scene left everyone stunned.

“He can create something out of nothing and shape it at will?”

At this moment, Hua Shaosun’s summoned beasts’ attacks were approaching, and Yashan took the first step.


A foot stomped on the ground, transforming the steel plates that spread out, instantly turning the entire arena into a steel surface that began to undulate like water.

“What is this?” Everyone widened their eyes, wearing an expression of disbelief!

Yashan took another step.


A massive transformation of steel surged, then rose high into the air, as if a giant hand had reached out from the ground, grabbing all the summoned beasts on the field.

Seeing the situation turning unfavorable, Hua Shaosun immediately controlled his summoned beasts to dodge the grasp of the transforming steel.

Yashan was well-prepared; once a duck is on your plate, how can you let it fly away?

The runes inside his body activated, with a massive consumption of vitality, and instantly, the area within the transforming steel was filled with high-voltage lightning.


Along with Su Hao’s summoned beasts on this side suffering the consequences, each summoned beast, regardless of its size, stood on the ground and became stiff.

Nowhere to escape.

Then, Yashan’s transforming steel caught up with all of Hua Shaosun’s walking summoned beasts, tightly wrapping them up, forming a massive metallic monument.

At the same time, Yashan didn’t forget to continuously attack with electric currents, preventing powerful summoned beasts from breaking free.

In just a few seconds, all of Hua Shaosun’s walking summoned beasts on the ground were annihilated.

Only five summoned beasts that had been flying in mid-air escaped unscathed.

This included the super-fired beast and the S-class defensive coil snake, both led by the super golden-eyed eagle.

Everyone was left dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events in these few seconds.

“What on earth…”

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