Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: Ascend, Yashan

In a matchup of ten summoned beasts against twenty-five, Su Hao appears to be in an absolute disadvantage. A sense of unease rises in the hearts of those supporting Su Hao’s championship.

Sighs abound: It seems the super genius Bai Jingzhong is about to suffer defeat here!

The host, brimming with excitement, introduces the two summoners one by one, even playing videos of their battles leading to this moment.

Finally, he declares, “Let the match begin!”

Simultaneously, both summoners express confidence in their summoned beasts, proceeding with a direct and forceful onslaught.

Su Hao: “Given the opponents’ stance, this might be a bit tricky! Knock them all out, one by one.”

As Su Hao’s ten summoned beasts charge forward, they transform into their strongest forms—[Mad Demon] Big White Rabbit stands tall, morphing into a ten-meter-tall muscular bunny. Meanwhile, [Destruction King] Snow Wolf howls, transforming into a giant wolf over twenty meters tall, leading the charge. [Shadow King] Big White Fox turns into a black mist, enveloping the area…

Hua Shaosun tightens his fists, muttering to himself while assisting in control: “Overall strategy: Pair up twenty S-rank or below summoned beasts, each restraining ten opponent summoned beasts. Five super summoned beasts unleash powerful destructive forces to systematically eliminate the opponents!”

As the summoned beasts from both sides approach a hundred meters, about to make contact, Hua Shaosun squints: “Detailed operation: Super Fire Elemental Beast, ‘Flame Spear’!”

Suddenly, a massive four-legged serpent opens its mouth, shooting a stream of fire beyond a hundred meters, scorching Su Hao’s summoned beasts. The serpent swings its head, sweeping flames across, burning all of Su Hao’s summoned beasts.

Su Hao furrows his brow; it’s fire again! The opponent has clearly identified the weaknesses of [Shadow King], [Control King], [Slaughter King], and [Abnormal King]. The threads of [Control King] appear exceptionally fragile against flames, while the other three mainly rely on body differentiation, making them resistant to physical attacks but vulnerable to energy attacks.

Now, under the sudden flame attack, [Shadow King] and [Abnormal King] suffer considerable damage, becoming somewhat sluggish.

“Take down that four-legged snake first!” Su Hao immediately commands [Catapult King] Horned Sheep to stealthily disappear, instantly rushing to the side of the Super Fire Elemental Beast’s four-legged snake, preparing to pierce its head.


The sound of the Horned Sheep piercing flesh echoes, but it’s not the four-legged snake that’s penetrated; it’s a huge coiled snake surrounding the four-legged snake.

The opponent unexpectedly uses an S-rank defensive summoned beast to protect the Super Fire Elemental Beast.

Hua Shaosun smiles slightly: “I’ve been waiting for this move! ‘Iron Feather Array’!”

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

At the moment the coiled snake is attacked by [Catapult King] Horned Sheep, two Iron-Crested Crows suddenly flap their wings, shooting a plethora of iron feathers in all directions, ignoring the distinction between friend and foe, sealing off the entire space.

Despite [Catapult King] being fast, it cannot evade all the iron feathers. Once hit, even a powerful summoned beast would collapse.

However, [Catapult King] is not just for show.

Numerous iron feathers embed in [Catapult King] Horned Sheep’s body, but its skin deflects them, dropping to the ground without effect.


Catapult King disappears from the original spot, reappearing among Su Hao’s summoned beast lineup.

Hua Shaosun furrows his brow; his assassination move against the Horned Sheep unexpectedly fails. It turns out that the summoned beast can deflect the attack.

Facing this setback, Su Hao quickly adjusts his strategy. [Destruction King] Snow Wolf takes the lead, followed by [Mad Demon] Big White Rabbit. The two immensely powerful summoned beasts charge into the opponent’s summoned beast group, unleashing unparalleled attacks with powerful kicks.

Meanwhile, [Speed Demon] Big Warthog and [Catapult King] Horned Sheep roam, waiting for opportunities to harvest.

However, after Su Hao takes down only two of the opponent’s summoned beasts, [Destruction King] Snow Wolf encounters resistance. Its bite is blocked by a giant ape standing thirty meters tall. The ape grabs Snow Wolf’s neck, forcibly halting its charge, and delivers a punch to Snow Wolf’s side.


Snow Wolf is knocked over, but it quickly leaps up, biting the giant ape’s wrist.

The two giant summoned beasts engage in a fierce struggle on the battlefield, with no clear winner for the time being.

Hua Shaosun smirks, muttering, “Super King Kong Ape! Quite powerful! Also, that muscular rabbit, red-furred war elephant, berserk bear, armored hippopotamus, and shield-bone dragon, surround them!”

[Mad Demon] Big White Rabbit, being one level lower than [Destruction King], finds it challenging to unleash its destructive power when surrounded by four massive S-rank summoned beasts. Unable to escape, it attempts to jump high, but the four summoned beasts surround it again.

Su Hao is momentarily speechless; indeed, having more summoned beasts is an advantage!

After some thought, Su Hao controls [Sky King] Red-cheeked Messenger Bird and a colorful and dazzling phoenix to burrow underground towards the fire-spewing four-legged serpent.

If this fire-spewing beast is not quickly eliminated, half of his summoned beasts will be ineffective.

Hua Shaosun clearly understands Su Hao’s plan and responds immediately, murmuring with coordinated actions, “Super Golden-eyed Eagle! Take away the four-legged snake!”

A massive eagle, with one claw gripping the four-legged snake and the other holding the coiled snake protecting it, hovers in the air, swiftly crossing the entire arena.

At the same time, the four-legged snake continues to spew flames, attacking Su Hao’s summoned beasts!

Effectively, it’s a flying flamethrower.

Su Hao’s two [Sky Kings], now underground, lose their targets. In the end, they each choose a summoned beast and forcefully drag them underground to kill them.

“Seismic Wave!”

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Before [Sky Kings] can move far, three summoned beasts on the opposite side, equipped with seismic waves, take turns stomping the ground, rendering Su Hao’s two summoned beasts numb and significantly reducing their underground travel speed.

In a short time, their effectiveness is lost.

Then, Su Hao reflects and realizes that all his summoned beasts are being countered and restrained, unable to unleash their full potential. The ongoing battle has become increasingly frustrating for him. He contemplates rolling up his sleeves and personally joining the fight, cutting down the opponent’s summoned beasts one by one.

At this point, excluding [Abnormal King], [Shadow King], and [Control King] suppressed by flames, only [Speed Demon] Big Warthog and [Catapult King] Horned Sheep can function. The [Slaughter King] Rock Thorn Lizard, which uses poison, is causing mischief in the shadows, almost invincible, but being open and straightforward is a disadvantage; when burned by fire, its effectiveness is greatly reduced.

On the opponent’s side, excluding those still trembling, eight summoned beasts remain on standby.

“It seems we can’t underestimate the summoners in this world!” Su Hao understands that if these summoners are given the right battle conditions, their strength can be even higher.

After a brief contemplation, Su Hao can only have [Abnormal King] abandon the advantage of cellular parasitism, transform into a mimicry, join the melee, and then attempt to use the speed advantage of [Catapult King] to kill them one by one!

Thinking and doing, [Abnormal King] Pilfered Egg Dragon starts to inflate and transform, turning into the appearance of the opponent’s Super King Kong Ape. However, it’s only twenty meters tall, much shorter than the opponent, and lacks the same immense strength.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The miniature King Kong Ape takes strides and rushes into the opponent’s summoned beasts, delivering powerful punches.

Simultaneously, [Catapult King] is activated, launching its horned thrust!

Su Hao’s summoned beasts suddenly rise, achieving the desired effect. The two summoned beasts cooperate and quickly kill two of the opponent’s summoned beasts.

With seven remaining, just as Su Hao is about to press on, [Catapult King] unexpectedly becomes completely limp, falling to the ground, motionless. [Abnormal King] is similarly powerless, barely differentiating into a cell cluster and flying back.

Clearly, the poison skill of some opponent’s super summoned beast has taken effect.

Su Hao raises an eyebrow, realizing it’s bad.

Apparently, Hua Shaosun has been waiting for this moment. The Super Golden-eyed Eagle, carrying the four-legged fire-spewing beast, catches up with the cell cluster of [Abnormal King], then suddenly spews out a large flame.

“Huff, huff,” almost incinerating [Abnormal King]’s cells.

The restored [Abnormal King] Pilfered Egg Dragon shrinks, becoming soft and collapsing on the side, clearly lacking any combat capability.

Su Hao exclaims internally, “Damn…”

While maintaining his usual cold expression on the surface.

Now, the only one with free movement is [Speed Demon] Big Warthog.

Su Hao glances at the Big Warthog, “I guess charging in would be a suicide mission!”

If Su Hao cannot find a breakthrough, the defeat of his other summoned beasts is only a matter of time.

Everyone around the world, seeing this, seems to foresee the outcome, shaking their heads and sighing, “It looks like the champion of this tournament will be Hua Shaosun after all! Just as expected!”

Su Hao thinks for a moment, winning or losing doesn’t matter much.

He asks Yashan through the private chat, “Yashan, how much money did you bet on me to win?”

Yashan, in a low voice, responds, “I sold all our luggage for money and bet it all on you! Boss Jingzhong, you gotta pull through!”

Su Hao almost curses, “Pull through what? Can’t you see how fierce the opponent’s super summoned beasts are?”

Then, Su Hao activates a backup plan, saying to Yashan, “Yashan, change your form and get in there! Wipe them all out! After all, it’s our hard-earned money!”

Yashan immediately stands up and slips away from the audience seats, smiling and saying, “Alright, Boss Jingzhong, wait for me! I’ll give you the signal!”

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