Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: What did I do wrong to deserve this punishment from you?

And then, the classic scene unfolded once again.

“I offer 3 million!”

“Just 3 million to buy this stone? I say 4 million!”

“I offer 5 million!”

The protagonist, Ye Xingchen, looked at the skyrocketing prices, his face turned green, itching with hatred.

Damn it, why did it rise again?

Clearly, no one had high hopes for this stone, so why did it rise in price?

What kind of logic is this?

Ye Xingchen comforted himself, “It’s okay, this is just an accident! The next cut… the next cut will definitely ruin it! The highest bid right now is only 5 million, he’s still losing 4 million! I don’t believe his luck is that good!”

Under Lin Beifan’s signal, the master cutter made another cut along the surface.

Then, a touch of green appeared.

A very transparent, very pure green!

“It’s still glass type! So beautiful!”

“I bid 6 million!”

“I bid 7 million!”

“Don’t try to compete with me, I offer 8 million!”

Protagonist Ye Xingchen: “F*ck!!”

He screamed madly in his mind: How did it rise again?

This is clearly a piece of worthless stone!

A piece of garbage stone that’s worth nothing!

What are you all fighting for?

Ye Xingchen pressed his chest: “It’s okay, he’s still losing 1 million! It’s normal for prices to rise and fall. Maybe with this cut, it will completely break! I don’t believe it can still produce green!”

Under Lin Beifan’s signal, the master cutter continued to cut.

Then, it turned green again!

It was once again a pure glass type jade!

“Good jade! I offer 10 million!”

“I offer 12 million!”

“I offer 15 million!”

The prices surged rapidly, reaching 20 million directly!

This means that Lin Beifan, by buying this stone, not only didn’t lose, but also made a huge profit!

A 100% return on investment!

Protagonist Ye Xingchen: “F*ck!”

Liu Rumei excitedly held Lin Beifan’s hand: “The price has gone up again, now it’s 20 million, a 100% return! Let’s sell it now, we’ll make a profit of 10 million!”

Lin Beifan calmly said: “Don’t rush, I think it can still go up. Let’s keep cutting!”

So, the master cutter continued to cut.

As expected, it turned green again.

“25 million!”

“30 million!”

Protagonist Ye Xingchen was pale and looked extremely terrible, as if he had lost his parents.

He clasped his hands together in his mind, praying: “Oh dear God, Buddha, Jade Emperor, and Lord, I beg you, please don’t let it rise any further! He’s a scoundrel, how can a wicked person still have good fortune? Make it collapse quickly! Afterwards, I’ll offer you chicken and duck sacrifices with devout sincerity!”

But objective reality never bends to the will of others.

With each cut, the price of this rough stone continued to rise, eventually exceeding 90 million!

Higher than the price of the previous stone!

Protagonist Ye Xingchen was dumbfounded!

Why is this happening?

Why is it like this again?

Oh dear God, I just wanted to swindle some money from him, why can’t you fulfill even such a simple wish?

What have I done wrong? Why are you punishing me like this?

Finally, the rough stone was completely cut.

A huge, flawless emerald appeared before everyone.

This emerald was so translucent and beautiful that one could see the silhouette of a person through it as if there was only a layer of green glass separating the two sides.

Under the flashlight, it even emitted a green fluorescence.

It was truly stunning!

An expert exclaimed excitedly, “This is an exquisite glass type imperial jade! Such a large and perfect piece, it’s truly rare and unheard of in the world!”

The people around nodded in agreement, also thrilled.

Protagonist Ye Xingchen, unwilling to give up, asked, “How much is this stone worth?”

The expert replied excitedly, “Priceless!”

“Priceless? Even if it’s a treasure, shouldn’t it have a value?”

“Alright then, let me tell you, this piece of emerald is worth at least…” The expert raised two fingers, “200 million!”

Protagonist Ye Xingchen: “F*ck!”

Another expert disagreed and spoke up, “Only 200 million? What’s wrong with your eyes? This is an entire piece of exquisite glass type imperial jade, the jade of jade, the treasure of treasures! Let me see, it should be at least 50 million more!”

Protagonist Ye Xingchen: “F*ck!”

At this moment, a third expert objected, “Take a good look, this is an exquisite glass type imperial jade weighing 200 kilograms, the only one of its kind in the world, extremely valuable for collection! Therefore, I believe 300 million is more suitable!”

Protagonist Ye Xingchen: “F*ck!”

Then, another person voiced their opinion, “300 million is still too little! If this stone is handed over to a master for carving, it will undoubtedly become a priceless treasure! So I think 360 million is more appropriate!”

Protagonist Ye Xingchen: “F*ck!”

And so it went, with everyone offering their opinions, and the price of this jade had skyrocketed to 400 million, a truly astronomical figure!

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