Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Great Improvement in Quality, Drunk, a Trap that Was Set Long Ago?

[System prompt: Host consumes 10 points of filial piety value, uses ‘God’s Blessing’ on the six-star Earth-ranked magic treasure, ‘Shadowless Sword,’ quality improved, current quality is one-star Spirit-ranked, and grants the magic treasure an active skill, ‘Shadowless Sword Domain,’ which can increase combat power by ten times.]

[System prompt: Host consumes 10 points of filial piety value, uses ‘God’s Blessing’ on the one-star Earth-ranked ‘Black Jade Robe,’ quality improved, current quality is eight-star Heaven-ranked, and grants the magic treasure an active skill, ‘Black Concealment,’ which can hide the heavens and the earth, leaving no trace.]

“System prompt: Host consumes 10 points filial piety value, uses ‘God’s Blessing’ on the seven-star Earth-ranked magic treasure, ‘Diamond Wristguard,’ quality improved, obtains a five-star Spirit-ranked magic treasure, ‘Diamond Cutter,’ and grants the magic treasure two active skills, ‘Skybreaker’ and ‘God’s Dominion.'”

“‘Skybreaker’: Offensive skill, elusive, capable of shattering all things.”

“‘God’s Dominion’: Defensive skill, can collect enemy magic treasures, and cast a defensive barrier.”

And the ‘Bone Refining Golden Pill’ that improves aptitude has become the ‘Nine Revolutions Divine Spirit Pill’ under the ‘God’s Blessing,’ which not only enhances aptitude but also allows oneself to undergo a transformation and be reborn!

Finally, the life-saving trump card, the ‘Substitutionary Death Talisman,’ has become the ‘Vanishing Ten Thousand Miles Talisman,’ which not only can substitute for death but also can directly teleport oneself thousands of miles away at the moment of death.

In total, consuming 50 points of filial piety value, his current balance of filial piety value is 622 points.

Chen Chang’an looked at these greatly changed magic treasures, very satisfied.


These items that his masters had given him, after being enhanced by ‘God’s Blessing,’ their value had increased by more than ten times!

Now, each one of these could be used as his trump card.

Just at this moment.

Chen Chang’an suddenly discovered that the Flowing Cloud Sword was shaking and swaying, and while flying on the sword, it was no longer stable.

Chen Chang’an noticed and was somewhat dumbfounded.

“Oh my god, Master, are you really drunk???”

“Don’t scare me!” But Feng Wanxi hiccupped and on her exquisitely beautiful face, her cheeks were flushed and her phoenix eyes were filled with autumn water, making her extremely charming and intoxicating.

“Disciple…this time your master was careless, this wine is too strong. I didn’t drink much, but I’m a little drunk.” Feng Wanxi pressed her jade finger to her forehead, feeling a strong drowsiness suddenly taking over her.

The Flowing Cloud Sword was swaying, and even Chen Changan had trouble standing steady.

He quickly said, “Master, let’s not fly with our swords. Let’s go down first.”

“Alright…” Flying in the air several thousand meters above the ground was not a game.

He didn’t want to fall and shatter into pieces. Feng Wanxi had never been this tired before.

She felt strange, but she blamed it on the strong wine and thought that she should drink less in the future.

Then, her last remaining consciousness controlled the Flowing Cloud Sword to descend.

Fortunately, they landed safely on a big mountain. Chen Changan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at Feng Wanxi, who had already passed out from drinking, her face red and her arms hugging the wine jar, breathing peacefully.

Chen Changan called out to her, but Feng Wanxi was sleeping so soundly that he couldn’t wake her up. Chen Changan looked at his drunken Master, smelled the strong scent of alcohol emanating from her body, and felt speechless.

It had only been a few days, and Feng Wanxi had already gotten drunk twice. He didn’t know what to say.

“Her alcohol tolerance is really poor, but she still loves to drink so much.”

Shaking his head and sighing, it seemed like they couldn’t return to the Immortal Life Sect now and could only wait for his master to sober up before saying anything.

Chen Chang’an sat next to Feng Wanxi and began to refine those magic weapons one by one and integrate them into his own soul imprint.


Five divine rainbows slashed across the sky and headed towards the direction where Feng Wanxi and Chen Chang’an had left.

These were five demonic cultivators with cold expressions, strong aura, and terrifying strength!

“As expected, Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal would come to know about the auction of the Holy Spring Wine in the Lihuo Ancient City. Just as the young master had predicted!”

“Young master is truly a master strategist, everything is within his calculations. No matter how strong Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal is, she will soon become the young master’s prey!”

“Hmph, the Old Monster Monster of Dark Spring almost ruined the young master’s plan. Fortunately, the Holy Spring Wine finally fell into Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal’s hands. Serves her right!”

“With her love for alcohol, she must have tasted the Holy Spring Wine. However, she doesn’t know that the young master had already added a precious drug to it. She is probably already asleep on some mountain peak. But now the aroma of the wine is already very strong, and Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal must be nearby. She’s almost here.”

“Don’t talk anymore, the young master is still waiting in the city. Bring Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal to him quickly.”

As they sneered, the group of demonic cultivators accelerated their speed.

Soon, they followed the scent of wine and found the mountain where Chen Chang’an and Feng Wanxi were.

At this moment.

Chen Chang’an had just finished refining the four magic weapons and was about to take the Nine-Circle Divine Spirit Pill.

Suddenly, he sensed five powerful auras surging towards them from the distant horizon.

Among these five auras, there was a hint of chilling air.

Chen Chang’an raised his head and looked over. The five cold and powerful auras gave him a sense of foreboding.

Were they coming for them?

After thinking about it, he used the active skill “Black Concealment” of the “Black Jade Armor” to hide himself and the drunk Feng Wanxi, and see who was coming and what they wanted to do.

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