Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – Guild of the Setting Sun 6

The forest spirits praised the Guild Master.

He was indeed the man of the speed.

Because he had established a new record.

“My escape route is to go through the side of the big forest and enter the highway. Alright, let’s go!”

3, 2, 1, start!

Entering the forest, the Guild Master smelled the strong scent of grass that no one had stepped on before.

He walked slowly.

The Guild Master was intrigued by the blue light that had run horizontally through the darkness earlier.

He remembered the adventurers talking about being able to pick up scrap magic stones near the new type of barrier.

Although scrap magic stones did not fetch much gold, the Guild Master still wanted to pick them up. If he was lucky, he might find a big magic stone as well.

When the Guild Master saw the new type of barrier installed by the Forest Rangers, he was disappointed to see that it was a simple fence made of iron wires stretched across lumber support poles.

The ground was also dark, making it difficult to find any scrap magic stones.

“What is this? The new type of barrier that I’m seeing for the first time looks like a cheap fence. Is this enough for the security of this town? Well, I don’t care. I remember that this was a shortcut if I could overcome this barrier. Here we go.”

With the map in his head, he tried to climb over the wire fence while tightly gripping the wire.

That was his fatal mistake.


Electricity surged rapidly.

In just 52 seconds from the start of his escape, he was electrocuted.

New record!

The forest spirits who were watching this cheered and applauded! Wow.

The guild master accidentally touched the electric fence made by Aix, causing his foolish figure to glow palely in the night forest due to the electric shock.

“Get away! Why? Shouldn’t the barrier be ineffective against people? It hurts! Aaaahhh!!”

Despite the will to remove his hand from the wire, his arm muscles contract and he vigorously grip onto the wire, unable to let go. It’s no wonder, since this so-called barrier is actually a basic electric shock magic stun that lasts abnormally long.

“I can’t let go. It’s dangerous. If this continues, I’ll die. Ugh…”

Eventually, he surpassed his limit and started foaming at the mouth like a crab, his face turning pale and convulsing.

He was already unconscious and unable to release his grip. At this rate, death would come due to continuous slip damage.

At that moment, a prayer was delivered from the comments section…

“Oh brave hero! Please save the guild master’s life. I want him to be properly condemned even in his despair.”

In response to that sincere prayer, a hero appeared to rescue the foolish guild master.

The hero that was entrusted with the prayer was a Goblin.

The ugly green-faced hero smirked and laughed.

Then, with his arms spread out, he approached the electric fence and made a loud bang to create a spectacular display of fireworks.

It was the even more foolish Goblin who saved the foolish guildmaster from the brink of death.

The Goblin burned out and turned into magic waste stone in a short amount of time.

The Goblin Hero took on all the electric shocks and sacrificed his own life, allowing Guild Master to successfully release the wire from his unconscious grasp. Somehow, Guild Master survived. Once he lost the strength to stand, he kissed the Mother Earth passionately like a broken puppet whose strings had been cut. One person needs to be rescued.

Until the adventurers come to collect the trash stones first thing in the morning, rest in the forest bed for a while.

“Hey, are you alive?… Wait, you’re Guild Master? Why are you here?”

Guild Master’s bag was filled with stolen goods from a safe.

…He still won’t wake up.

“Aix, don’t come after me! Listen, I’m on the run. Ugh…”

He was running away desperately in a dream that he was still struggling to awaken from.

Past event (ended)

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