Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: The Senior Brother Has Arrived!

Li Xun’s eyes flashed, recognizing the person before him.

Wang Yao, also an outer disciple of the Tai Xuan Sword Sect, currently at the Divine Sea Realm cultivation level.

Previously, it was through a special channel that the two brothers had contacted him, informing him about the news of Bai Yiyi cohabiting with another miscellaneous disciple. This prompted him to rush back to settle the score with that disciple.

Thinking about this, Li Xun couldn’t help but chuckle wryly.

So, it was a jealousy drama!

Considering his age spanning two lifetimes, he was in his seventies or eighties, which would be considered grandfatherly in the ordinary world, with a bunch of grandchildren. Yet here he was, feeling jealous like a child—quite embarrassing!

Bai Yiyi indeed was exceptionally beautiful, almost like a celestial being.

Without the integration of memories from his past life, he would undoubtedly have pursued her relentlessly until he achieved his goal.

However, with the merged memories, he had different thoughts because he already had other women in his heart.

“Lin Shiyin, Sun Xiaohong…”

They were the two most important women in his life.

Unfortunately, both met untimely ends, leaving his heart dead and making it challenging to love again.

“Perhaps I am indeed the legendary star of misfortune, and anyone who gets involved with me won’t have a good ending. Destined for a lonely life!”

Thinking about this, his heart became more bitter, eventually numbing him.

“Senior Brother! What’s wrong, Senior Brother?” Wang Yao called out.

Li Xun snapped out of his thoughts, “Nothing, just reminiscing about some things. No need to worry.”

Wang Yao thought to himself that the only things capable of distracting Senior Brother were probably related to Bai Yiyi and Lin Beifan. There likely wasn’t anything else at the moment.

Feeling a hint of joy, Li Xun started using eye drops.

“Senior Brother, are you thinking about Bai Yiyi and Lin Beifan? Let me tell you, they’ve been living together for more than four months now, practically inseparable. The entire sect knows about it!”

“I once kindly advised Lin Beifan, telling him that Bai Yiyi is Senior Brother’s woman and that he shouldn’t harbor any unrealistic fantasies. The result? He actually beat up my younger brother, completely over the line.”

“He even boasted that no one could separate them, not even Senior Brother!”

“I couldn’t just stand by, so I informed Senior Brother about this!”

Li Xun gave Wang Yao a faint glance.

With the experiences of two lifetimes and their combined age of seventy or eighty, they had rich life experiences. How could he not see through the other’s intentions? However, he didn’t want to appear too peculiar at the moment, to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

So, he followed along with the conversation, “You did well! Let’s go back to the sect now and take a look at that brat. Who does he think he is, stealing my junior sister!”

Wang Yao was overjoyed, “Sure, Senior Brother, let’s go. I’ll lead the way for you!”

The two left the inn and flew towards the sect.

On the way, many disciples saw them and became excited, spreading the word.

“Senior Brother is back!”

“He must be here to settle the score with Lin Beifan!”

“Haha, waited so long, and today is finally here!”

“We’re in for a show, let’s catch up!”

This news quickly spread throughout the sect, attracting attention from various quarters.

Wang Chuan was unusually excited, grinning wickedly, “Senior Brother has finally returned! Lin Beifan, this time, I wonder if you’ll live or die. If you survive, my name will be written backward!”

Speaking, he rushed out, loudly spreading the news and fueling the excitement, encouraging more people to witness Lin Beifan’s fate.

In Lai Xiaoqing’s mansion,

Lai Xiaoqiang rushed in urgently, “Sis, something big is happening!”

At this moment, Lai Xiaoqing was meditating, surrounded by a purple mist, her face serene. She spoke calmly, “Don’t be in a hurry! No matter what it is, take your time to explain!”

“It can’t wait!” Lai Xiaoqiang anxiously said, “Senior Brother has already returned and is preparing to settle scores with Lin Beifan!”

Lai Xiaoqing landed on the ground with a whoosh, and by the time her eyes blinked, she was already outside the door, her voice reaching back inside.

“Let’s go!”

“Sis, wait for me!”

Lai Xiaoqiang hurriedly caught up.

Naturally, Lin Beifan and Bai Yiyi also got wind of this news.

Worried, Bai Yiyi said, “Brother, Senior Brother Li Xun has come, and he doesn’t seem friendly. Later, don’t act recklessly. Just stay behind me, and I’ll handle everything!”

Lin Beifan nodded, “Sister, rest assured, I won’t act impulsively! But I want to say that no matter what happens, we’ll face it together!”

“Okay, brother!” Bai Yiyi nodded seriously, her expression very solemn.

Lin Beifan smiled, patted her small shoulder, and reassured, “Sister, don’t worry too much! I’ve calculated my fortune today; I should be able to turn adversity into good fortune. Nothing will happen!”

“Hope so!” Bai Yiyi sighed, not holding much hope in her heart.

The two walked out hand in hand, only to find that the outside was already surrounded by people, everyone waiting to see the show.

At this moment, someone shouted.

“Senior Brother has arrived!”

The crowd quickly dispersed, making way for a path.

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