Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: Super Summoned Beasts

While Su Hao was asleep, the radar continued to operate normally. The radar’s vigilance was entrusted to Little Light, and if any abnormal situation occurred, Little Light would activate the wake-up program to rouse Su Hao from his slumber.

In the past, in the bustling urban areas without Yashan guarding nearby, Su Hao didn’t dare to sleep too soundly. With the constant flow of people around, Little Light might not be able to distinguish what constituted an abnormal situation.

However, in this sparsely populated suburb, Su Hao could confidently fall asleep. As soon as someone approached the villa area, Little Light would alert Su Hao promptly.

This nap allowed Su Hao to sleep until noon the next day, satisfying his need for rest.

After waking up, Su Hao first entered the pinball space to organize recent events. He then summoned the three “Mimic Humans” summoned beasts to observe their current status.

The three summoned beasts were spirited, indicating they had been doing well during this period. They had also passed the second stage of evolution and were ready to evolve into second-stage “Transformers.”

“These three summoned beasts have a high probability of giving birth to at least one ‘Primordial Sovereign!'”

Without abundant data on summoned beasts in this world, selecting suitable ones for evolution to the sixth-level exotic beast was quite challenging. A failure in the middle of the process would require starting over.

After recording the genetic information of the three summoned beasts, Su Hao sent them back and entered the pinball space to design the genetic makeup of second-stage “Transformers” and started cultivating genetic modification fluid within his body.

After issuing the instructions, Su Hao returned to the pinball space to continue studying various technologies provided by Chen Qingsheng. Biological implantation technology and biological enhancement technology were quite different from Su Hao’s path of bloodline enhancement, offering valuable insights.

Since these technologies used different professional terms, Su Hao took the initiative to search for the theoretical knowledge of these technologies for effective learning. Completing this learning task would take more than just a few days.

Su Hao estimated that it would take several years to master all these technologies, even with his status as a genius “Prophet” before acquiring the management technology.

The next day, Su Hao summoned the three “Mimic Humans” summoned beasts again and injected the cultivated genetic modification fluid into their bodies to initiate the genetic modification process.

After nearly five hours, all three summoned beasts evolved into second-stage “Transformers.”

After observing them, Su Hao recorded the genetic information and sent the three summoned beasts back. He anticipated another evolution in about a month.

Su Hao then immersed himself in learning once again.

Unexpectedly, for the next five days, no one came to bother him.

Whether it was due to fear of Su Hao, an extraordinary advanced summoner, or a reluctance to invest more in the deceased, or waiting for other opportunities, remained unknown.

The night before the finals.

On top of a tall building in the southern part of the city, ten people gathered around a round table, holding a small meeting.

The middle-aged man who presented the PowerPoint before was Chen Chufeng, elected as the executive manager by the ten major families. Despite his unremarkable appearance, his vision was high, and his strategic thinking was clear. Over the years, he had managed the management institute methodically, gradually improving it, earning the respect of everyone.

Apart from representatives from the major families, there was also a young man present, Hua Shaosun, the summoner competing with Su Hao for the All-Star Championship.

Obviously, the discussion was related to tomorrow’s summoner finals.

At this point, they were no longer talking about winning or losing but rather how to approach the competition.

Chen Chufeng said, “How to play in tomorrow’s match is a question. However, as long as we clarify our purpose first, the strategy becomes flexible.”

He unfolded a PowerPoint, saying, “Our purpose is simple—to test the true potential of Bai Jingzhong’s ten summoned beasts and obtain corresponding data. Winning or losing is secondary.”

When Chen Chufeng reached this point, Hua Shaosun’s expression visibly soured, indicating his dissatisfaction with Chen Chufeng’s statement.

Chen Chufeng, seemingly aware of Hua Shaosun’s expression, smiled without caring and continued, “Of course, winning the championship represents the ultimate glory. It depends on our Hua Shaosun to strive for it on behalf of our collective effort.”

Chen Chufeng shifted the topic, “Since we want to test, we need to equip Hua Shaosun with powerful summoned beasts, presenting overwhelming pressure to Bai Jingzhong and forcing him to fully showcase his summoned beasts. However, from the previous matches, everyone can see that the strength of ordinary S-class summoned beasts is not enough to pressure Bai Jingzhong’s summoned beasts. To provide sufficient pressure, it’s not easy! So…”

At this point, Chen Chufeng paused, attracting everyone’s attention before saying, “Therefore, I propose directly equipping Hua Shaosun with at least five summoned beasts of S-class or above, super summoned beasts!”

As his words fell, everyone froze, exchanging glances with astonishment.

On the contrary, Hua Shaosun first froze, then his face turned red, filled with excitement.

Super summoned beasts!

Having just one super summoned beast would elevate him from an advanced summoner to a world-class summoner.

His name would resound throughout the world, making him a truly prominent figure.

How many world-class summoners are there in the world?

Less than a hundred are officially recognized! And with just one super summoned beast, he would join the ranks of these few dozen individuals!

Not to mention Chen Chufeng’s proposal to equip him with five!

Any trace of dissatisfaction with Chen Chufeng disappeared instantly, replaced by a heart full of gratitude.

After Chen Chufeng and the others digested the information, he continued, “However, these summoned beasts need to be recovered after the battle. Of course, if Hua Shaosun can win, it will be a merit, and he can keep one. Adding the championship reward of a super summoned beast, he will have two summoned beasts.”

The champion of the Summoner All-Star Championship receives a super summoned beast—Titan Behemoth, which is considered a relatively mediocre super summoned beast.

But for most advanced summoners, it is an irresistible temptation because owning a super summoned beast means advancing to the esteemed status of a world-class summoner!

After clarifying the pros and cons, Chen Chufeng said again, “As long as our purpose is clear, there are many methods! Let’s proceed with the vote!”

Six votes in favor, four against. The proposal passed! Hua Shaosun successfully gained five super summoned beasts.

For him, victory was assured tomorrow, and then he would advance to become a world-class summoner, a predetermined outcome in his life: “Bai Jingzhong! Hehehe!”

Early the next morning, the Sheshen Arena was packed with people.

Various cameras hung in mid-air, capturing any spectacular moments on the field. Three hot air balloons floated in the air, and two helicopters hovered above the venue.

The live broadcast of this event was happening worldwide through numerous cameras and a large number of broadcasters.

This final battle marked the last celebration of the summer and the culmination of this edition of the World Summoner All-Star Championship.

The fight between dragons and tigers, the champion’s laurels will fall into whose hands, would be revealed today.

Su Hao, dressed in a simple shirt with his hands in his pockets, coolly entered the venue. Amidst the cheers of the crowd, he walked slowly towards the summoner platform, waving his hand to summon his ten summoned beasts, arranged in front of him.

“Ohh!” The audience erupted in enthusiastic cheers once again.

On the opposite side, Hua Shaosun, wearing a black short-sleeved long coat, also walked up to the summoner platform with a cold demeanor.

With a wave of his hand, twenty-five summoned beasts emerged one after another, filling the space in front of the summoner platform.

Then Su Hao unexpectedly saw Hua Shaosun on the opposite side take out a special monocular and put it on.

“Cheating! Thermal imager!”

With such high-tech devices on the opponent’s side, the effectiveness of his “Speed Demon” invisibility was compromised to some extent.

Apparently, the referee did not consider it cheating but rather a part of strength and ignored it.

After Hua Shaosun summoned his summoned beasts, Su Hao’s attention was drawn to five of them.

These were summoned beasts he saw for the first time.

Even after checking the information he had read before, there was no record.

As Hua Shaosun’s twenty-five summoned beasts walked out, the atmosphere in the arena reached its historical peak.

Su Hao murmured, “Is this a super summoned beast? The momentum is indeed extraordinary!”

(End of this chapter)

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