Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: All Are Street Smart

Su Hao pulled people into the underground, strangled their necks, buried them properly, then left the place, simultaneously withdrawing the summoned beasts.

Su Hao’s summoned beasts attacked swiftly and suddenly, and their retreat seemed abrupt. They only took down a few irrelevant summoned beasts, as if they were just killing time.

When the villa security confirmed that all of Su Hao’s summoned beasts had left, they breathed a sigh of relief. Su Hao’s summoned beasts were indeed troublesome, each possessing powerful life-saving characteristics, making it difficult for attacks to be effective.

However, what puzzled them was the opponent’s summoner’s skill level being too low. These summoned beasts behaved exceptionally scattered, as if no one was controlling them, causing chaos. Otherwise, their summoned beasts might have suffered even greater losses.

It could only be said that it was indeed a summoner who was only ten years old, with very limited skills, relying entirely on the summoned beasts’ enhancements.

At this moment, a perplexed voice sounded, “Has anyone seen the young master?”

“Isn’t he in his room?”

“We’ve searched everywhere, not in the room. He must have gone out!”

“No! Haven’t seen anyone running out.”

“Everyone, help search again. The young master likes to play games with people. Maybe he’s hiding.”

“When the summoned beasts attacked just now, could it be…”


The next day, a shocking piece of news, trending and wildly shared.

“Breaking: All-Star Competition – Two participants dead, one missing!”

The article below included some photos and extensive speculation.

This incident sparked extensive discussions; everyone was curious about what had happened yesterday!

Two participants in the All-Star Competition’s top four died within a day, a rare occurrence in history.

Many knew that before the finals began, the top four summoners would engage in some private battles, but no one expected it to be so intense. Within a day, two had died.

To everyone, missing and dead were practically the same.

In previous years, people might die in private battles, but usually only one or none at all. Yet, this year, two had died in quick succession, surprising everyone.

It could only be said that summoners who could reach the top four had substantial support behind them; otherwise, they would have been eliminated long ago.

Summoners supported by significant forces, under prepared circumstances, could not be easily killed.

So, the private battles before the finals were mostly about testing. If they could kill, great; if not, they would settle it in the finals.

However, this year, a summoner without a profound background, Bai Jingzhong, unexpectedly made it to the finals.

Clearly, Bai Jingzhong became the primary target for elimination outside the arena, and without the protection of a major force, he was almost certain to fall victim to off-stage assassination.

Assassinating an unprepared summoner was too simple!

However, what surprised them was that Bai Jingzhong was still alive and well, while the participating summoners had died.

What’s going on?

These subsequent events had little to do with Su Hao.

He simply participated in the game according to the world’s rules, with no apparent violations. If someone sought revenge against him, he’d gladly take care of the enemy.

Currently, Su Hao’s concern was that his channels for obtaining information were limited, and he didn’t know who was behind these events. Thus, he had no way to intervene.

Moreover, he wasn’t willing to spend a lot of time personally collecting this information because, for Su Hao, these things were secondary and had little impact.

If the opponent is willing to show up in front of him voluntarily, he doesn’t mind making the other party disappear from this world unnoticed. If they never appear again, all the better.

For a top-four summoner, it’s quite normal to die before the finals, even the summoners themselves are prepared for it. Life and death are choices; blame only yourself for being too weak.

However, Su Hao is currently facing some trouble.

No hotel is willing to accommodate him, a top-four summoner in the All-Star Competition. They fear their hotel might come under attack, and if allowing guests results in significant casualties, the hotel owner might not afford the consequences.

“Want to go to Molly’s place?”

Su Hao thought for a moment, immediately rejecting the idea. In such a special period, it’s better to stay away from them.

Just as Su Hao hesitated, Chen Qingsheng appeared in front of Su Hao with a smiling face, “Brother Jingzhong, I thought you might need a place to stay now, so I came to see if there’s anything I can help with.”

He then handed over a set of keys, saying, “This is an independent villa in the south suburbs, currently vacant. If you don’t mind, you can stay there for a few days.”

This time, Su Hao didn’t hesitate, he took the keys and saw a detailed address on them, then smiled, “Let’s make it clear; I can’t afford to pay for any damages.”

Chen Qingsheng immediately waved his hand, “Come on! Why talk about such things? It’s just a small house! This stuff is the least valuable!”

He then added, “Brother Jingzhong, do you need me to find a few people to guard for you, preventing other unnecessary disturbances?”

Su Hao understood this was an olive branch thrown by the other party. If Su Hao agreed to let them provide protection, it would be equivalent to agreeing to join their side. If Su Hao nodded now, he would immediately be included in the protection range of their organization, and the contract terms would be discussed later.

However, Su Hao obviously had his own plans and casually said, “Not for now. You can rest assured; no one can disturb me.”

At this moment, maintaining a mysterious demeanor was better, and distance added to the charm.

As if he remembered something, Su Hao casually added, “By the way, my sister Bai is still staying at the personnel manager’s house in your place. Please take care of her.”

Chen Qingsheng immediately smiled, “Rest assured! There are rules, no one would lay hands on summoners’ families at this time unless they don’t want to continue in this business. Once someone crosses that line, everyone will take action to eliminate the troublemaker willingly.”

This conveyed a clear signal to Su Hao: everyone is in this together, fighting and killing are inevitable, but there’s a red line—families should not be harmed. If someone dared to cross that line, everyone would join forces to directly eliminate that troublemaker.

Although this seemed to have significant limitations, it maximally protected the rule and continuity of large families. For major events, if something went wrong, they could push out one or two members to take the blame, and the entire family could still continue smoothly. Besides having a lot of money, the most crucial thing for large families was having many members.

What they feared the most was a hot-headed individual who disregarded everything and wanted to destroy the world. In that case, the entire family might be wiped out one day.

Nobody wanted such a thing to happen, so they tacitly drew this red line.

Earning money together, playing games together, don’t upset the dinner table. If anyone dared to upset the table, everyone would roll up their sleeves and deal with them together.

Su Hao smiled, “I didn’t expect you guys to have principles.”

Chen Qingsheng awkwardly smiled, “Of course, not everyone is a summoner. I don’t want to die for no reason because of some chaos. Look, I’m not a summoner. If everyone is chaotic, I wouldn’t dare to go out. However, this is not absolute; some people secretly cause trouble. If they cover their tracks well, there’s nothing we can do.”

After saying this, he patted the briefcase under his arm, “Brother Jingzhong, I won’t disturb you anymore. I wish you a smooth and pleasant life.”

After Chen Qingsheng left, Su Hao directly took a taxi to the small villa in the south suburbs.

Although it was called a ‘small villa,’ it was by no means small and was a house that most people could never dream of owning.

After a quick tour, Su Hao found it already cleaned spotlessly, and the refrigerator was filled with various ingredients—truly a ready-to-move-in place.

“Not bad, but it’s a bit troublesome without someone to cook.”

However, he couldn’t call Yashan back from Bai’s place at this time.

Su Hao entered the room, and as soon as he saw the huge and soft bed, he began to feel drowsy.

After setting up his alertness, Su Hao plunged into the soft bed and soon fell asleep.

The beds of rich people are indeed different!

(End of this chapter)

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