Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: Seize the Initiative

The strength of people’s actions in this world surpassed Su Hao’s imagination. Just after beating Pan Hua, he was targeted by a sniper on the third day. Now, right after finishing the top 16 competition, the next morning, someone infiltrated the hotel with a rifle and grenades for an assassination attempt.

To this, Su Hao could only say, “Fuxk!” It seemed they had a profound understanding of the phrase ‘seize the initiative.’

If Su Hao didn’t possess the semi-immortality of the ‘Steel Armor King,’ he might have actually been killed. Through these experiences, he realized that this world was even more chaotic than he had imagined. Those who controlled the world, the high and mighty, were more unscrupulous than he thought.

The slogans of “modernization” and “equality for all” had no deterrent power in front of the aristocracy. Surface peace was just a bloody and cruel facade, and when that thin veneer was torn open, the darkness inside was jaw-dropping.

“Just what I wanted! Originally, I wanted to be a law-abiding citizen, not a parasite disrupting social harmony. Now it seems, that’s no longer necessary!” Su Hao sat on the back of the ‘Sky King’ griffin, overlooking the vast city, slowly revealing a smile.

“Indeed, living within the rules I set for myself is more comfortable! Following others’ rules always feels a bit restraining. Let’s start with you two!”

After freely flying in the sky for a round, Su Hao locked onto two summoners who entered the finals, Tang Haiyi and Han Renjie.

These two seemed a bit nervous; there was chaos around them with powerful summoned beasts. As Su Hao’s griffin flew overhead, there was some commotion.

“Well then, let’s start with the northern suburbs!”

In the northern suburbs, a luxurious villa with a strong and well-protected underground refuge.

“What? The Fire Serpent squad is all dead too? Truly high-level summoners are indeed troublesome. Those idiots from the Han family, I’ve said it before, just blow up the entire building, why bother about the impact being too significant? Now the situation has become more troublesome. What about the third group?” Tang Haiyi listened to his subordinate’s report, revealing an expression of expected trouble.

Standing on the side, his subordinate said, “Bai Jingzhong has already flown to high altitude with his summoned beast. The third group can’t catch up. We are organizing flying summoned beasts for encirclement and expect to start action in ten minutes.”

Tang Haiyi smirked, “Our people are everywhere, both in the sky and on the ground. Bai Jingzhong is doomed today. The ground mobile units are to keep an eye on him; once he lands, immediately hit him with the largest bomb, take him away, and leave no room for him to catch his breath.”

The subordinate nodded, “Understood, everything is arranged. Currently, the radar has locked onto Bai Jingzhong; he can’t escape.”

At that moment, another subordinate approached, “Second Young Master, Bai Jingzhong’s summoned beast is flying this way.”

Tang Haiyi was surprised and jumped up from his seat, “What’s going on? Does he know I’m here?”

The subordinate was uncertain, “He shouldn’t know. Your whereabouts have not been leaked since last night.”

Tang Haiyi reassured himself, “Since that’s the case, then relax! He must have flown here accidentally. But we have to be cautious. Immediately mobilize summoned beasts to block every corner of the villa; don’t leave any gaps for Bai Jingzhong to exploit. His summoned beast is indeed powerful, and I admit I’m not ready to fight him for now. Be careful and don’t make any mistakes.”

The subordinate nodded and left. Tang Haiyi muttered to himself, “Bai Jingzhong, only ten years old, truly a peerless genius! But geniuses are like meteors, shining brightly but fleeting. Fate has already marked the price of genius. Someone like me, steady and moderate, is the ultimate winner in the end. Haha!”

A moment later, the subordinate rushed back, “Second Young Master, Bai Jingzhong has flown away!”

Tang Haiyi breathed a sigh of relief, “As expected, he flew here accidentally.”

Just a few minutes later, the subordinate ran over again, “Second Young Master, Bai Jingzhong is flying back again!”

Tang Haiyi first frowned, then quickly relaxed, “No problem, he’s just passing by! Are our flying summoned beasts ready?”

Another subordinate responded after receiving a report, “Ready for takeoff.”

At this moment, Su Hao had already switched to an oversized barrel capable of accommodating a ‘Level 2-200 Burst’ shell.

The reason for choosing a larger one was that Su Hao had discovered Tang Haiyi hiding underground. If a small shell were to be fired, it probably wouldn’t have much effect.

Su Hao generated a shell slightly larger than a basketball, loaded it into the barrel, and commanded the griffin to dive down. At the same five hundred meters altitude, the barrel aimed at the villa without paying much attention to precision, directly activating the launch.


The barrel jerked, powerful recoil lifting Su Hao high backward, and the griffin folded, catching Su Hao. The shell flew towards the villa at an ultra-high speed, and in the blink of an eye, it smashed into the ground.

The next second.


The shell exploded, releasing massive energy instantly, ravaging everything around, causing destruction. Even the toughest concrete and stones shattered and scattered before the mighty force, like dandelions scattered on the ground with a single blow.

The seemingly sturdy mansion, starting from the middle, rolled outward and collapsed layer by layer, like a small meteorite impacting the ground. Accompanied by intense vibrations, it blossomed into a hot flower.

As the flower fully bloomed, the beautiful villa disappeared completely.

A visible shockwave swept outward in a ring, blowing away the decorated flowers and plants until a distant place, gradually dissipating.

At this point, the villa was no more, leaving only a large pit and a rising umbrella-shaped column of smoke.

However, what surprised Su Hao was, “He survived this?”

Just as Su Hao was thinking of firing another shot, the earth surged within the large pit. A war elephant about fifteen meters tall emerged, quickly leaving the pit, shaking off the soil, revealing a body covered in wounds, drenched in blood.

The giant elephant opened its mouth, spitting out a sticky young man, who quickly moved away from the large pit, shook off the dirt, revealing a body full of injuries and blood.

He spat out a few times to clean the mucus from his mouth and face, then raised his head to look at Su Hao in the sky.

He gritted his teeth and squeezed out two words from his mouth, “Bastard!”

Flames shot out from his eyes, almost burning Su Hao in the air.

Stretching his hand forward, there was a spatial fluctuation. Ten giant flying summoned beasts gradually walked out of the half-empty space.

He jumped onto the back of a swift-winged dragon with a long tail, and as the other nine summoned beasts took off, he came to the sky, confronting Su Hao from a distance.

Tang Haiyi’s eyes were bloodshot as he shouted, “Bai Jingzhong, I admit I underestimated you! But in aerial combat, I am the king.”

He had twenty summoning slots, and his mental power could control twenty summoned beasts simultaneously. Among them, ten were flying summoned beasts, all of A rank or above, making them invincible in aerial combat.

These ten summoned beasts gave Tang Haiyi immense confidence. In this battle, as always, victory was certain!

Su Hao remained silent. He reached back and grabbed a three-meter-long steel knife, drew it out, swung it around to test its feel, then controlled the ‘Sky King’ red-cheeked griffin, flying rapidly toward Tang Haiyi.

The long knife was raised diagonally, reflecting a cold light under the morning sun.

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