Chapter 275

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Chapter 275: Madness

The bloody melee arrived faster than Su Hao anticipated.

Apart from Hua Shaosun, who was in charge of the agency, the other two opponents in the finals were Tang Haiyi with a summoner association background and Han Renjie from a financial aristocracy.

Surprisingly, both of them targeted Su Hao simultaneously.

Lacking confidence in defeating Su Hao with summoning beasts, they resorted to personal attacks.

On the second morning, the attacks began.

While Su Hao was studying at the hotel, the radar detected five people heading upstairs straight toward him, grabbing his attention.

Su Hao immediately warned, “Yashan, visitors are here. They might have hot weapons, transform into the Steel Armor King and eliminate them all!”

Yashan jumped up from the computer, rapidly transformed into a cool set of steel armor with a lazy stretch. Suited up, he had been holding back for too long.

Su Hao also completed the transformation into the Steel Armor King, standing behind the door waiting.

Knocking sounds echoed.

“Hello, Mr. Bai, I’m a hotel attendant!”

Yashan opened the door directly.

Then the door was kicked open, and five guns aimed at the room simultaneously.


The distinct sound of silenced rifles filled the air.

“Ding ding dang dang!”

Bullets sprayed everywhere, turning everything in the hotel room into a sieve. Various sounds mixed together—chaotic, violent, deadly.

“Ding ling dang lang!”

Several grenades were thrown into the room, and the five assassins closed the door behind them.


The entire building shook, the room’s door and windows shattered.

Then the whole hotel became lively; people screamed and rushed towards the elevator.

The five assassins outside exchanged glances, encouraging each other with their eyes.

No one could withstand such an attack, they believed.

They loaded their magazines, cautiously entered.

They couldn’t afford any mistakes; they were facing the top batch of advanced summoners. If the opponents had summoned beasts protecting them, the assassination might not succeed. They relied on the element of surprise.

Then they saw two tall armored figures in the room!

Each wielding a long steel blade, reflecting a captivating light.

The shiny armor was covered with densely packed bullet holes, gradually repairing!

Wait a minute! The assassin’s mind went blank: “How do the bullet holes on the armor repair?”

Oh, one of the armored figures actually showed a smile on his face. Even in armor, they could still smile? They instinctively raised their guns to open fire.

But when they raised their guns, they found that the armored figures in front of them had disappeared.


In an instant, five heads rolled on the ground.

Su Hao glanced out the window, advising Yashan, “Jingyi, don’t get close to the window. There might be snipers. Always protect your head!”

Yashan’s scalp tingled. In his previous life, he had a big gun but knew the danger of snipers. He cautiously hid behind the wall.

Su Hao said, “Take Sister Bai and the others to Molly Flower’s house for a while! In the next few days, I’ll clean up the threats.”

Yashan nodded, “Okay, Boss Jingzhong.”

Su Hao picked up a rifle from one of the bodies, gestured in approval after a brief inspection, covered it haphazardly with a plastic bag, exited the Steel Armor King state, and pushed the door open.

Su Hao’s radar recorded all the finalists; currently, the sensing range was six thousand meters, and the two summoners were not within that range. No problem; Su Hao could take a taxi, circle around Sheshen City, and locate them.

Sheshen City was large but not too vast. Since the opponents wanted to play like this, he would go along.

“Report, this is position 9. The target appeared downstairs at the hotel, got into a taxi with license plate Saint X·00544, and the first assassination attempt failed. Over!”

“Only received, over!”

“The second group of Fire Snakes is in position; the target’s location is locked!”

“Fire Snakes received! Commencing the mission!”

“The third group is ready!”

Su Hao’s public identity was just a genius senior summoner from an orphanage; the opponent’s stance was a bit of bullying. If Su Hao was just a genius summoner, maybe it would have ended by today. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.


When the car entered an area with fewer vehicles, a piercing scream suddenly came from the side.

Su Hao turned to look, and a rocket was coming from a distance.

“Damn!” Su Hao was shocked. This thing could be used in the city; it was insane.

The weakness of Su Hao’s radar was revealed; it could only display life force intensity and characteristics but couldn’t identify malicious or friendly intent. In a society where individual strength differences were minimal, Su Hao could easily discern an opponent’s approximate strength and assess the threat level.

However, in this almost evenly matched modern society, even if the enemy walked past him, Su Hao couldn’t recognize them.

No time to think; Su Hao immediately kicked open the taxi door. A long steel knife appeared in his hand, and he dashed out.


The blade flashed, and the rocket split in half. The front half crashed to the ground, triggering the fuse.


A fierce explosion occurred, but its power sharply diminished, causing no harm.

Su Hao swung the long knife, summoning the Sky King Red-Cheeked Messenger Bird. With a leap, he mounted the bird and flew into the sky.

“Do you think only you have rockets? I have them too!” Since the opponent was so audacious, Su Hao had nothing more to say.

With a series of “clack clack clack,” Su Hao condensed a thick and large barrel in one hand and formed a steel-armored shell in the other.

“Level Two – Hundred Burst!”

Its power was much stronger than a rocket.

When the opponent launched the rocket, Su Hao’s radar had already locked onto them. After forming the shell, he inserted it into the barrel and tightened it.

Then he lowered the altitude and dove downward.

The opponent was hiding in that small building by the road.

“Just in time for a clean sweep!”

After descending to a height of five hundred meters, Su Hao aimed the barrel at the small building.

The Fire Snake team consisted of four members: a rocket launcher, an ammunition loader, a machine gunner, and a long-range sniper.

The moment Su Hao sliced through the rocket with a single stroke, all four of them were stunned.

They finally understood what kind of monster they were facing.

The four hurriedly packed up their equipment, preparing to retreat.

The long-range sniper shouted, “Attention! The target is coming down!”

“We’ve been spotted!”

“Retreat, retreat!”

“Hurry, hurry!”

“Leave everything behind, get out of here immediately!”

But it was already too late!

Su Hao activated the rune!


Due to the enormous recoil, Su Hao’s body almost left the back of the Red-Cheeked Messenger Bird.

‘Level Two – Hundred Burst’ pierced through the small building’s window almost instantly.


A bright light emerged, shaking the earth. The small building disappeared in an instant, and billowing smoke rose into the sky, carrying a large amount of debris flying into the air and then falling from the sky, making a “pap pap” sound as it hit the ground.

When the smoke cleared, only a large pit of over ten meters remained in place, surrounded by debris.

As for the Fire Snake team, they had vanished without a trace.

And Su Hao had already flown far away on the back of the Sky King Red-Cheeked Messenger Bird.

Su Hao murmured, “Tang Haiyi, Han Renjie, you two are truly talented!”

(End of this chapter)

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