Chapter 274

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Chapter 274: Su Hao’s Background

Soon, the personnel from the management agency came looking for Su Hao.

They presented various gifts, even directly handing Su Hao a bunch of keys: “This is a villa in the wealthy area of Sheshen City’s west side, already transferred to Mr. Bai Jingzhong’s name.”

They claimed it was nothing more than a gesture of friendship, acknowledging Bai Jingzhong’s promising future, forming a pure friendship without expecting anything in return.

Su Hao almost believed it.

Rejecting all these miscellaneous items, Su Hao remained skeptical. The other party then presented a pile of technical documents: “We know Mr. Bai enjoys researching various technologies, so we’ve compiled some for your reference. It’s just a friendly gesture; knowledge is meant to be shared. If it helps you, that’s our greatest recognition.”

The contrast was evident. The Summoner Association’s approach compared to the management agency’s demonstrated a gap in methods for obtaining the same thing.

Su Hao didn’t refuse this time, accepting everything. He understood the mutual objectives – each taking what they needed.

Over the next few days, Su Hao reviewed the technologies sent by the management agency, discovering many interesting things.

Biotechnology, in particular, piqued his interest. In this world, people focused on the biological morphology and achieved a high level of coordination among organs, mastering the skills of various summoned beasts.

The difference in Su Hao’s approach to studying exotic beasts lay in unraveling their abilities from deep genetic structures. In contrast, people in this world dissected and assembled the abilities directly from the objective structure of summoned beasts.

In simpler terms, Su Hao altered genes to change body structures, while people in this world disassembled and assembled abilities directly.

This disassembly and assembly technique happened to be the knowledge Su Hao lacked.

Besides that, Su Hao also learned another set of theoretical approaches in information technology, leaving him sweating profusely. His “black room” had been constructed using the previous system. Though it seemed flawless, when viewed through the technological theories of this world, several loopholes were apparent.

This realization made Su Hao vigilant again.

Many seemingly unsolvable problems could easily be overcome by looking at them from a different angle and changing one’s perspective.

“My black room is still far from true security!”

Without further ado, taking advantage of the available time, Su Hao delved into the technological mindset of this world, patching up the vulnerabilities in his “black room.”

Six days passed in a blink, and it was Su Hao’s turn again.

His opponent, bearing two dark circles under his eyes, approached the Summoner platform, resembling the weary state of someone who had been working overtime for a month.

Su Hao couldn’t help but sigh, realizing that the opposing Summoner had put in considerable effort to deal with him.

If the opponent, Mo Zongliang, knew Su Hao’s thoughts, he would undoubtedly curse out loud, “Putting in effort? Clearly, he was beaten by a little brat named Jing Yi.”

Since Mo Zongliang was brutally beaten by Yashan, both physically and by his summoned beasts, he had completely lost confidence in his summoning team.

As he stood on the Summoner platform, gazing at the ten-year-old boy across from him, his mentality gradually collapsed.

Are all these new-generation summoners so formidable? What have they been fed on?

It’s not entirely his fault for having a fragile mentality; blame Yashan for beating him too severely.

With nothing more to say, a Summoner who lost faith became weaker, and Su Hao’s summoned beasts easily took care of them.

Considering Mo Li Hua’s brother, Su Hao spared Mo Zongliang’s summoned beasts. Well, not just spared them, but only subjected them to a thorough beating.

Mo Zongliang: “I thank you…”

After winning another match in the Round of 16, Su Hao successfully advanced to the quarterfinals, riding high on his momentum.

After today’s matches, the random pairings for the quarterfinals began.

At the moment the list was revealed, there were both joy and worry.

The middle-aged Summoner slated to face Su Hao undoubtedly felt the latter, his already sparse hair starting to fall even more.

Sleepless nights awaited him!

Su Hao’s summoned beasts had been in the limelight for quite some time. Despite collaborative efforts worldwide to devise effective strategies against Su Hao, there were no successful plans.

The following day, the middle-aged man, worn out from two rounds of futile attempts, directly announced his surrender, stopping at the quarterfinals. For him, this result was reluctantly acceptable.

After this battle, Su Hao’s chances of winning the championship grew higher.

However, some held different opinions, believing Su Hao would inevitably suffer a heavy blow in the finals.

Nevertheless, Su Hao successfully entered the fourth round of the competition, competing for the championship, runner-up, and third place.

At this point, he had become a globally renowned figure.

Even the Morning Sun Courtyard gained fame, receiving donations from around the world. There was also a foundation contacting Bai Dajie, proposing a collaboration to establish an orphanage specifically for abandoned infants.

After careful consideration, Bai Dajie agreed.

Providing a warm home for those born into abandonment had always been her dream. What was there to hesitate about?

The next eight days were allocated for the four summoners who advanced to the finals to prepare and devise strategies against their opponents.

Early the next day, Chen Qingsheng found Su Hao, carrying a briefcase under his arm, his face filled with smiles. “Mr. Jing, I came here specifically to congratulate you. Truly, a young hero! You are the youngest summoner in history to reach the top four, destined to be remembered for generations! Moreover, soon, you’ll become the strongest champion in history.”

Su Hao cut to the chase, “If you have something to say, just say it.”

Chen Qingsheng immediately replied, “Alright, then I’ll get straight to the point! Are you satisfied with the technology I provided?”

Su Hao smiled, “Very satisfied.”

Chen Qingsheng grinned, “Then, would you like us to manage your other summoned beasts for you? It would be much more convenient for you!”

Su Hao directly agreed, “Sure, I’ll send two more over.”

Though only two, Chen Qingsheng’s face still blossomed into a smile.

Afterward, he whispered to Su Hao, “Mr. Jing, let me remind you of something quietly!”

Whenever Chen Qingsheng spoke in this manner, it meant he was about to disclose insider information. Curious, Su Hao asked, “What is it?”

Chen Qingsheng lowered his voice, saying, “Historically, the finals have never been that simple. Within these eight days, if any summoner participating in the finals happens to die suddenly, the World Federation will not investigate anyone’s responsibility. It’s a tacit agreement among everyone. So…”

At this point, Chen Qingsheng didn’t continue, as he believed that the talented young man understood his implication. Their cooperation with Su Hao led them to offer this reminder as a gesture of favor.

Once he confirmed that Su Hao understood, Chen Qingsheng added, “Summoner Hua Shaosun, with the code 03256, is affiliated with our management agency, so you don’t need to worry. However, for the other two, it’s hard to say.”

Then, with a smile, Chen Qingsheng continued, “But rest assured, this conflict won’t affect other family members. Mr. Jing can trust that. I believe Mr. Jing has a clear understanding, so I won’t disturb you further. I hope Mr. Jing successfully claims the championship.”

It was evident that, in the end, winning the championship wasn’t just a matter of individual summoner skill but a competition between the forces behind them.

Summoner unable to win on the battlefield?

No problem, just take care of them off the field.

For summoners protected by influential families, they indeed had an advantage. However, for civilian summoners without such backing, their journey essentially ended here.

After Chen Qingsheng left, Su Hao murmured, “Can it be done this way? Well, this makes it even simpler, doesn’t it? Instead of competing in a tournament, just eliminate opponents directly.”

However, Su Hao also had his own backing – himself!

(End of this chapter)

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