Chapter 273

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Chapter 273: Beating Summoned Beasts Together

In the next three matches, no matter what tactics the opponents used, they couldn’t defeat Su Hao’s summoned beasts. Su Hao smoothly advanced to the top 16.

Summoners discovered that Su Hao’s summoned beasts were practically indestructible! For instance, when an opponent used a diversionary tactic, the Big Mouth Beast successfully bit off the head of the Egg-stealing Dragon. To their surprise, the dragon’s head on the ground still blinked and curiously looked at the Big Mouth Beast that had bitten it off.

Another time, an ambush succeeded, and the Destroyer King Snow Wolf was bitten, but its head was surprisingly elastic, and the Big Mouth Beast couldn’t bite through!

After the second round, it was time for publicity. The fresh top 16 sparked enthusiastic discussions worldwide, and a champion favorite ranking was released, with Su Hao ranking third.

Yashan scoffed, “What a garbage ranking! Short-sighted fools. After playing for so long, don’t they understand who the champion is? Garbage ranking!”

Then, Yashan opened the forum, fingers flying as he engaged in heated arguments with netizens. However, overwhelmed by the four-handed responses, Yashan quickly admitted defeat.

He picked up his newly bought phone and called his information teacher, saying, “Hey! Teacher, it’s me, Bai Jingyi. Can you teach me how to write a program for arguing with people?”

Next, there were six days of rest before entering the third round of the ‘Top 16 Battle’ and selecting four final summoners from the sixteen for the fourth-round finals.

This time, the top 16 matches were different from the usual random draw. After the second round, matchups and opponents were pre-determined, allowing summoners to know their opponents in advance and gather information for targeted training and planning.

This arrangement raised the bar for summoners and added more excitement to the competition.

The audience’s anticipation reached its peak. The organizers had indeed put in a lot of effort!

Su Hao also learned about his opponent, Summoner #08158, named Mo Zongliang.

At this point, Su Hao had essentially achieved his goal; now he just had to wait for the third and fourth-round matches, dominating all the way!

This championship was within Su Hao’s grasp.

Before going to bed, Su Hao asked Yashan, “Yashan, why have Sister Bai and the others been going to the west of the city lately?”

Yashan put down his work and said, “Boss Jingzhong, do you remember our previous client, Molly? She lives in Shengshi City. Lately, Sister Bai and the others keep going to Molly’s house for some reason. Hu Sheng also eagerly follows, seemingly interested in Molly.”

Su Hao couldn’t help but feel speechless about Hu Sheng. Wherever there are beautiful girls, there he is.

Yashan continued, “There was also a person claiming to be Molly’s brother, named Mo Zongliang, who had a little conflict with Sister Bai and them. He said something like, ‘Never knew Lilith had any friends. Where did you guys come from? What are your intentions? Are you after our family’s wealth?’ He seemed a bit off, but I gave him and his summoned beasts a good beating twice, and his condition visibly improved. No big problem.”

Curious, Su Hao asked, “You beat up his summoned beasts too?”

Yashan scratched his head, “Mainly because he was disrespectful to Sister Bai and Xiaotian, even getting physical. I lost my temper for a moment. Don’t worry, Boss Jingzhong. It happened in their estate, and no one else saw.”

Yashan’s promotional move was well-timed!

Su Hao nodded, “Alright, keep an eye on Sister Bai’s side. If things get dangerous, you have my permission to bury the guy and take Sister Bai and the others away directly.”

Yashan immediately nodded, “Understood, Boss Jingzhong.”

Representatives of major families within the guardianship gathered for a meeting in a small villa on the outskirts of the city.

A document containing basic information about Su Hao’s summoned beasts lay on the table, with each person having a copy.

A middle-aged man used a PPT to present, “So, in summary, the ‘new type summoned beasts’ have the following three characteristics:

1. Stronger physical energy.
2. To some extent, they defy general biological characteristics.
3. They exhibit clear skill level features, with varying entries.
Evolved from basic summoned beasts.”

After the middle-aged man finished, an intellectual woman with golden-rimmed glasses immediately asked, “So, what value do these summoned beasts have?”

Others nodded, expressing their confusion.

The middle-aged man controlled the PPT, playing two videos. One showed Su Hao and Yashan confronting seven individuals with electric batons, and the other showed Yashan at Molly’s house, defeating Molly’s brother Mo Zongliang and his summoned beasts in one go.

After the videos played, everyone gasped in disbelief. Humans could actually contend with summoned beasts physically?

The middle-aged man smiled, understanding everyone’s astonishment because he felt the same when he first saw the videos.

After everyone had digested the information, the middle-aged man spoke, “We have reason to suspect that Bai Jingzhong also possesses the power to defeat summoned beasts. Keep in mind, they are just ten years old, which is simply unbelievable.”

Pausing for a moment, the middle-aged man continued, “So the question arises, how did they acquire such formidable power? In other words, how did these summoned beasts evolve from ordinary ones into their current state?”

Finally, the middle-aged man concluded, “Bai Jingzhong and Bai Jingyi must have mastered some advanced biological technology that empowers humans or summoned beasts with extraordinary strength! Even if it’s not Bai Jingzhong and Bai Jingyi themselves, it’s the people behind them.”

The woman with golden-rimmed glasses asked, “So, what’s your plan?”

The middle-aged man smiled, “Of course, the usual approach—profit from harmony! Since Bai Jingzhong has shown interest in various technologies, let’s satisfy him. Use various technologies to exchange with him, gradually uncovering the secrets within.”

A round-faced man chuckled, “As long as we don’t exchange the guardianship technology, everything else is fair game.”

The middle-aged man said, “Certainly, that’s our core. As for other technologies, they are irrelevant. If we can exchange for valuable extraordinary biological technology, that would be the best outcome. We can foresee that in the future, each of us will have the opportunity to personally wield extraordinary power.”

Another man with a goat beard calmed down and hesitated, “Should we strengthen our cooperation with him? If people are abducted by the Summoner Association, all our efforts would be in vain.”

The middle-aged man confidently said, “No need to worry about him cooperating with the Summoner Association because there’s already a conflict between the Summoner Association and Bai Jingzhong. Ten days ago, Senator Pan from the Summoner Association sent someone to assassinate Bai Jingzhong with a sniper rifle. Guess what happened?”

Everyone connected this to Senator Pan’s inexplicable death and immediately linked it to this matter, widening their eyes and saying, “Could it be…”

The middle-aged man chuckled, “This is just speculation, no evidence. The process is unknown; all we know is that the Zhi Niao Sniper Team disappeared that day, and later, Senator Pan was shot in his office. Meanwhile, the one targeted for assassination, Bai Jingzhong, is still lively participating in the Summoner Tournament.”

The middle-aged man took a sip of water and said, “Feel free to follow the logical flow of events, make bold speculations, disregard whether implementing them is difficult or not, and perhaps you will find corresponding answers.”

People exchanged glances, seeing surprise but quickly calming down.

The middle-aged man then slowed down his speech, “So, regarding the proposal to mobilize 10% of our reserve resources for cooperation with Bai Jingzhong and research on the new type summoned beasts, we can now proceed to vote!”

Ten votes in favor, zero votes against!

Unanimously approved.

(End of this chapter)

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