Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: Playing with You

Five days passed in a hurry. Whether it felt agonizingly long or flashed by in the blink of an eye, time persisted.

On this day, the Summoner All-Star Tournament’s second-round qualifiers officially began.

The 256 summoners who stood out from the preliminaries gathered in the largest arena in the entire Shengshi City to participate in the competition.

In this round, from the 256 summoners, the competition would eliminate 240 through four rounds of battles, selecting the strongest sixteen summoners to advance to the third round!

As the battle commenced, Su Hao immediately sensed something different.

Almost every one of the over two hundred summoners had their unique skills in summoning creature control, making their matches akin to a splendid art performance, visually pleasing.

It was different from the expected deployment of formations, charging after the horn, and then chaotic brawls.

These summoners displayed a rhythmic sense when organizing attacks.

Each summoned creature was like a lively chess piece on the board, and the summoners were the skilled chess players engaged in a pinnacle duel.

The two summoners focused, continuously probing attacks and defenses, searching for opponents’ weaknesses to deliver a fatal blow.

It resembled high-level League of Legends matches—hesitate to strike and leave no room once the attack is initiated.

However, here, each summoner controlled a dozen or even more summoned creatures in battle, making it notably challenging.

The dazzling maneuvers left even the experienced Su Hao deeply impressed.

These world-class summoners had truly perfected their dueling skills, and even he couldn’t find any flaws.

Mastery in their craft, indeed.

Fortunately, Su Hao had his own specialty: the miraculous use of sheer strength, rushing in and smashing everything!

As for Su Hao’s operational skills…

Well! Because they weren’t professional, there’s no point in comparing, so let’s not mention it!

Soon, it was Su Hao’s turn to take the stage.

The arena here was much larger than the preliminary one.

It could accommodate thousands of spectators.

As Su Hao stepped onto the stage, it immediately sparked frenzied cheers from the audience.

Su Hao’s opponent was a young man with black-framed glasses. He calmly walked to the summoner platform, adjusted his glasses with one hand, and successively summoned his creatures with the other.

Red-haired war elephant, fire-tailed lion, followed by a series of flying summoned creatures like the sharp-beaked winged dragon and the swift-winged iron bird.

Evidently, he had studied Su Hao’s battle recordings.

The young man with black-framed glasses smirked, “Bai Jingzhong, right? Hehe, experience the ground-to-air suppression!”

The battle began!

The fire-tailed lion of the young man in black-framed glasses immediately jumped onto the back of the red-haired war elephant, thunderously running forward. Then, it continuously spat out a large amount of acid, drenching the ground and forming a long line.

While the rest of the flying summoned creatures ascended and circled, the sharp-beaked winged dragon began spraying venom horizontally.

In no time, the vast arena was divided into pieces by the acid from the fire-tailed lion and the venom from the sharp-beaked winged dragon.

Su Hao was curious about the opponent’s intentions.

With a thought, the “Destroyer King” Snow Wolf and the “Mad Demon” Big White Rabbit rushed out, quickly approaching the red-haired war elephant and the fire-tailed lion, intending to prioritize eliminating the opponent’s two summoned creatures with violence.

The young man with black-framed glasses smiled slightly, gently beckoning with his finger. The fire-tailed lion suddenly threw out a spark, landing on the spewing acid.


A blue flame ignited, spreading along the traces, truly dividing the entire arena into many small squares.

Su Hao’s “Destroyer King” Snow Wolf and “Mad Demon” Big White Rabbit were trapped in different squares.

The man with black-framed glasses immediately controlled the flying summoned creatures hovering in the air, swooping down.

Su Hao, with a joyful smile, said, “It seems you’ve put effort into studying my lineup. Emphasizing flying summoned creatures, directly avoiding the outcome of being flipped by the ‘King of Slaughter.’ Simultaneously using the fire-tailed lion to partition the terrain, attempting to break through individually. The flames also effectively suppress the performance of the ‘Control King.'”

Then Su Hao sniffed the scent of gasoline in the air and exclaimed, “They also used gasoline, probably from that red-haired war elephant, spraying it with its nose.”

In the flames, most of Su Hao’s summoned creatures were indeed restricted and unable to function.

For instance, the “Control King,” “Shadow King,” “Abnormal King,” and “Slaughter King.”

These summoned creatures appeared extremely fragile in the face of the flames.

It could only be said that the summoners in this world were indeed a clever bunch.

But, at the same time, quite naive!

Su Hao’s remaining “Sky King,” “Ejection King,” and “Destroyer King” remained invincible!

Su Hao reached forward and grabbed fiercely.

The “Destroyer King” Snow Wolf howled to the sky.


Muscles began to swell, the body rapidly rising to over ten meters, leaping forcefully towards the swiftly approaching bird.

The “Mad Demon” Big White Rabbit also roared, its body rising to ten meters, and the rabbit jumped violently.


The ground cracked as the massive Snow Wolf and Big White Rabbit leaped into the air like projectiles.

The young man with black-framed glasses was momentarily stunned, his face changing dramatically, “Oh no!”

He immediately controlled the flying summoned creatures to fly in the opposite direction.

But it was too late; the Snow Wolf bit the neck of the swift-winged bird and then ruthlessly plummeted downward.


The huge body landed squarely on the red-haired war elephant, emitting a dull sound.

The fire-tailed lion, sensing the imminent danger, evaded the control of the worried young man in black-framed glasses.

The muscular Big White Rabbit also punched the sharp-beaked winged dragon, sending it flying and crashing to the ground.

In just one round, the young man with black-framed glasses lost two flying summoned creatures.

No! It was three!

After biting off the swift-winged bird’s neck, the Snow Wolf turned and bit a massive hole in the neck of the red-haired war elephant.

Not finished yet, the “Sky King” Colorful Phoenix and the “Ejection King” Red-Cheeked Messenger Bird soared into the sky, heading straight for the flying summoned creatures of the man with black-framed glasses.

The “Ejection King” Springbok disappeared in place, feet springing, and immediately, a straight vacuum passage filled with flames appeared.


The fire-tailed lion’s neck was slashed open halfway, and it fell softly to the ground.

Near the fire-tailed lion, a springbok appeared, its sharp antlers still holding a trace of blood.

The young man with black-framed glasses had a face full of reluctance, but he knew his defeat was inevitable. Insisting would only lead to even more severe losses for his summoned creatures.

He sighed and pressed the surrender button!

The entire arena erupted in cheers!

This involved an interesting question: Do the spectators prefer aesthetically pleasing, high-end, and high-intelligence summoner duels, or do they enjoy watching summoners dominating with brute force?

Perhaps there are preferences for both, or maybe both are good!

The most important thing is whether it’s enjoyable!

Su Hao’s battle once again refreshed everyone’s perception of the “Destroyer King” Snow Wolf.

The summoners lowered their heads in contemplation: If I were to face Bai Jingzhong, how would I win in battle?

If Su Hao heard their doubts, he would surely smile and say, “No need to think about it. Facing me, surrender is the best option. Resistance only leads to the loss of summoned creatures, with no other meaningful outcome.”

However, it was precisely because of today’s match that Su Hao became more vigilant.

While the opponent’s summoned creatures may not match his exotic beasts in strength, their minds were active, and one couldn’t rule out the possibility of someone finding weaknesses and targeting them.

Just like in today’s match, the opponent ingeniously used gasoline with the fire-tailed lion to create a favorable terrain with flames, restricting the performance of most of his summoned creatures.

“But it’s okay; I have plenty of aces up my sleeve. Hahaha!”

When the opponent thought they had found Su Hao’s weakness and planned accordingly, Su Hao would pull out another card, smiling and saying, ‘Oops, sorry, I still have one more.’

After continuous probing and depleting Su Hao’s hand of cards, he could still flip the table and say, “Just kidding, let’s play cards somewhere else.”

(End of this chapter)

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