Chapter 271

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Chapter 271: I’m just a summoner genius, don’t understand anything.

After shooting Pan Fengxuan in the head, Su Hao slowly pushed open the door, concealed his handgun within a pillar, and vanished.

The gunshot alerted everyone; security personnel armed themselves and began searching. Soon, they discovered Senator Pan dead in his office.

They felt like the sky was falling. Senator Pan, one of the top ten members of the Summoner Association, was assassinated in his supposedly ‘safest place.’

No surveillance was installed here to facilitate some of Senator Pan’s personal activities. So, no one knew what had happened moments ago.

The only suspect, a man in a suit with thick eyebrows, was nowhere to be found.

The situation reeked of strangeness. Meanwhile, Su Hao had already hit the streets, continuing his interrupted shopping spree.

His goal remained the same: finding interesting high-tech items and learning the technology within.

As for whether anyone would suspect him of killing Pan Fengxuan, it was a joke. He was just a small advanced summoner, incapable of assassinating a senator in the ‘safest place.’

Moreover, he was a countryman from Yongxin City with no grudges against Senator Pan. Why would he bother killing him?

Regarding the attempt to assassinate Su Hao with a sniper, even if someone knew, so what? The sniper had just started the mission, and half an hour later, Senator Pan was shot. A logical mind would rule out Su Hao. It was more likely a premeditated act.

In summary, there was no motive, no evidence. In this social structure, without evidence, even if someone suspected Su Hao, they wouldn’t dare to openly accuse him.

And Su Hao wasn’t afraid of those who played in the shadows.

Su Hao shopped until dusk, finding several interesting items. He recorded them all, planning to exchange corresponding technologies with the management later.

Thinking of the management, Chen Qingsheng, the manager, found Su Hao. Upon meeting, he warmly said, “Mr. Bai, it’s been a few days, and I’ve missed you! I’ve organized the technologies you selected. Once you nod, I can give them to you immediately.”

Su Hao agreed, “Sure, give me the technologies. As for the summoning beasts, the first four, let the management handle them. Please take good care of them.”

Chen Qingsheng happily handed a USB drive to Su Hao, saying, “Mr. Bai, follow me to the car.”

After getting into the car, Su Hao added, “I have a few more technologies here. See if you can help me get them. The deal remains the same: one technology, one summoning beast, always valid.”

Chen Qingsheng immediately smiled, “Feel free to tell us; we can acquire most of them.”

Su Hao then followed Chen Qingsheng to the Summoning Beast Management Office to handle the management business.

The efficiency of the office was extremely high, quickly implanting the corresponding chips into the summoning beasts.

Watching Su Hao personally send the summoning beasts to the management, Chen Qingsheng finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He then pulled Su Hao aside and said, “Mr. Bai, let me tell you something in secret. There’s an issue on the side of the Summoner Association. It might be turbulent for some time. Please be careful and try not to go out.”

Su Hao looked surprised but nodded, “Thanks for the reminder; I’ll be cautious.”

It seems that whatever happens to the Summoner Association has nothing to do with him.

The collaboration here has been quite pleasant; both sides are straightforward, and Su Hao enjoys dealing with such people.

After obtaining the desired technologies, Su Hao returned to the hotel, opened the USB drive, swiftly scanned and backed up all the data into the Bullet Ball Space. He then carefully studied the information.

These were marginal technologies, such as ‘Principles and Experimental Techniques of Force Field Enhancement’ and ‘Speculation and Experimental Methods on the Essence of Psychic Power.’ While not highly impactful or involving advanced technology, the ingenious ideas within expanded Su Hao’s horizons.

Perhaps, they would be helpful in his rune development.

The assassination attempt on Senator Pan created a global uproar. To everyone, it seemed like an impossible feat.

Who had the ability to assassinate a senator in the Summoner Holy Sage Tower?

So, the focus of everyone’s suspicions turned to the disappeared man in the suit with thick eyebrows. Only he, being so close, had the opportunity to assassinate the senator. Moreover, the bullets that pierced Senator Pan matched those in the suit man’s gun.

But where was the man in the suit with thick eyebrows?

No one could find him.

Senator Pan’s death had the most significant impact on the interest group he belonged to. It also meant that, aside from the corresponding interest group, no one cared about the life or death of Senator Pan.

The other nine senators became fearful, hiding away and rarely appearing in public view. Even the Summoner Holy Sage Tower, self-proclaimed as the ‘safest place,’ dared not stay any longer.

Without thoroughly understanding how Senator Pan was assassinated, they dared not continue working in the Holy Sage Tower.

During this period, people questioned and searched Su Hao and others.

Su Hao, a ten-year-old boy, acted naive and clueless, saying, “I’m just a genius advanced summoner! I don’t understand anything… What are you talking about?”

A few days later, someone discovered Senator Pan’s niece, Pan Hua, inexplicably losing consciousness at home, turning into a vegetable-like state. She was sent to the hospital, and despite various treatments, she couldn’t wake up. Her bodily functions were gradually declining, and it was expected she would lose all signs of life in three to five days.

The diagnosis: brain death!

Unable to find the cause, they could only leave it unresolved.

During this time, Su Hao discovered through information collected by his summoning beasts that the researchers at the management office indeed conducted various studies on his summoning beasts. The summoning beasts still belonged to Su Hao, and they hadn’t dared to go too far. They conducted blood tests, arranged skill tests in various places, and collected data.

For the management office, researching these summoning beasts couldn’t be rushed. After all, the summoning beasts spent their daily lives in the management office base and couldn’t escape; there was plenty of time for future research.

Moreover, although they are very interested in Su Hao’s ten-headed summoning beasts, it is not their main research focus.

Their primary work involves studying spatial characteristics and locating the positions of sub-stars.

All the large corporate organizations worldwide have the same goal—sub-stars.

In other words, whoever first unlocks the secrets of space and successfully steps onto a sub-star claims the entire planet of that sub-star.

However, the highly dramatic twist is that the three major world-class official organizations—the Summoner Association, Summoning Beast Management Office, and World United Federation—surprisingly haven’t mastered the technology to set foot on sub-stars.

Instead, it’s the so-called ‘Summoning Beast Resistance Association,’ labeled as an evil representative, that took the lead in mastering this technology.

But that doesn’t matter; they cleverly refuse to acknowledge it. After all, can an evil organization be considered human? No, not even as good as a beast.

However, the technology they possess truly makes the three major organizations salivate.

But salivating is futile. No one knows the true identity of the leader of the ‘Summoning Beast Resistance Association,’ and the universally recognized world-class puzzle is: Who is the leader of the ‘Summoning Beast Resistance Association’?

However, Su Hao temporarily doesn’t care about these matters. After discovering that the management office showed some interest in his summoning beasts, but the interest wasn’t significant, Su Hao is not in a hurry.

“The value of these summoning beasts will be demonstrated one by one in subsequent competitions, and then I’ll reveal some crucial information to them. I’m not afraid they won’t be interested.”

Su Hao understands human nature too well!

Those high and mighty leaders, once they receive the bait Su Hao throws to them, they will undoubtedly take it.

This kind of temptation is more enticing than stepping onto sub-stars.

(End of this chapter)

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