Chapter 27

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===Chapter 27: Centrifugal Separation Method

“Xiangwu, do you already know how to break through to become an elite warrior?”

Su Hao nods and says, “Yes father, you have already told me. As long as I can make the blood energy inside my body move, undergo new changes, and burst out of my body, then I can successfully advance as an elite warrior.”

“We have many elite warriors in our Chasan Outpost, and you know them all, like Captain Yong, Uncle Li, and Uncle Gao. When you first look at them, can you tell the difference between them and ordinary people?”

“Difference?” Su Hao furrows his brows, he hasn’t really thought about this aspect.

Besides being stronger, what other differences are there between ordinary people and elite warriors?

Unable to understand, Su Hao immediately brings his awareness to the virtual space, asking Pinball Space to line up ordinary people and warriors from the Chasan Outpost on opposite sides for comparison, observing their differences.

Soon, Su Hao discovers some clues.

“The aura is different!”

The aura of a powerful warrior is definitely stronger than that of an ordinary person, this is beyond doubt. What Wu Yuntian was asking about was definitely not this.

Thinking about it, Su Hao’s eyes suddenly brightened, and he directly said to Wu Yuntian, “I know, it’s the difference in mental state. The elite warriors have a more abundant spirit.”

Wu Yuntian rarely smiled and nodded, “That’s right, it’s the spirit. And the key to breaking through the door of the elite warriors is the spirit!”

Su Hao scratched his head again. From the looks of it, they had now come to the section on “mind studies”. It seems that martial arts and mind studies are closely related!

Seeing Su Hao looking confused, Wu Yuntian finally laughed and said, “Actually, it’s not difficult to understand. First, think about a question: why can’t blood and qi move without external force?”

Su Hao thought carefully for a moment. If there was no external force pushing it, how could blood and qi move when they were already contained in the body? Unable to understand, he shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

His relationship with Wu Yuntian was more like that of a teacher and student rather than a father and son. He always asked when he didn’t understand.

Wu Yuntian said, “Because blood and qi are not under your active control.”

Su Hao seemed a little puzzled. Wasn’t he able to control the eruption of blood and qi? But he still listened quietly to Wu Yuntian’s explanation.

Wu Yuntian picked up a stone and held it in his hand, asking Su Hao, “Who is controlling this stone now?”

“Father is.”


Su Hao obediently said, “Because the stone is in your hand.”

“That’s right. The control of the stone is in my hand, not yours. If I want it to move, it moves; if I want it to be still, it stays still. Blood and qi are the same.”

Saying that, Wu Yuntian threw the stone to Su Hao and continued, “Your blood and qi are like this stone. The control is currently in the hands of your body, not your consciousness. What you need to do is to wrest back the control of the blood and qi from your body’s hands. At that time, when you want it to move, it moves; when you want it to be still, it stays still, freely obedient to your heart.”

Su Hao took the stone, suddenly enlightened, “I see.”

Suddenly realizing that his old man was really amazing, he could always teach him such abstract things in a very vivid way, allowing him to quickly understand the principles. It seems that he has put in a lot of effort.

Wu Yuntian continued, “To gain control of the blood and qi, it’s simple. As long as your consciousness is stronger than your body, you can seize control. So, you need to strengthen your consciousness, which is the spirit.”

Su Hao nodded again, “Then how do I strengthen it?”

This is the key point. Theory is important, but methods are also important.

Wu Yuntian said, “Before discussing the methods to strengthen the spirit, I need to emphasize some points about cultivation that are very important.” Su Hao listened attentively.

“Three strictness, four diligences, five don’ts: be strict with oneself, be strict in keeping promises, adhere to principles, think diligently, study diligently, be diligent and cautious, be diligent and respectful, avoid unnecessary arguments, speak less, avoid sophistry, be humble, and refrain from indulgence.”

Wu Yuntian solemnly asked, “Have you remembered?”

Su Hao nodded and directly repeated the three strictness, four diligences, and five don’ts.

Wu Yuntian nodded and said, “Then, let me teach you the method of cultivating vitality and spirit.”

Aside from spending one hour each day to strengthen his bones, Su Hao used the rest of his time to enhance his vitality and spirit. Following Wu Yuntian’s teachings, he began daily meditation and practice.

Developing vitality and spirit couldn’t be achieved through shortcuts like converting blood energy; it required solid accumulation. The role of Little Light, the electronic assistant, was only to help Su Hao summarize the changes each day and choose the most efficient ways to continuously adjust his state.

When Su Hao fully immersed himself in the cultivation of vitality and spirit, time flew by quickly. Su Hao became increasingly radiant and energetic. For him, his control over himself also gradually strengthened. Controlling the contraction of a certain muscle or controlling heart rate seemed simple to him.

Six months later, Su Hao attempted to control the movement of blood energy in his body again. Initially, he thought it would remain still as usual, but to his surprise, the part he consciously manipulated shifted slightly in the intended direction. This tiny movement filled Su Hao with boundless joy.

Although it was just a slight movement that quickly returned to a still state, Su Hao understood that he had succeeded. After six months of uninterrupted meditation and practice, his vitality and spirit had finally reached a critical point. As long as he continued to work hard, the blood energy within his body would soon be in motion.

Su Hao collected his scattered thoughts, sat in meditation again, adjusted his mind and body to the optimal state, and continued to cultivate his vitality and spirit.

Another six months passed. Su Hao was now nine years old.

At this point, he could freely manipulate the blood energy within his body and make it circulate according to the rules stated in the “Nine Palace Blood Trimming Manual.”

However, he was still not a true elite warrior. He could only be considered half of one because although he had set the blood energy in motion, he had yet to complete its transformation to allow it to operate outside his body.

According to the “Nine Palace Blood Trimming Manual,” he needed to rapidly shake the blood energy to achieve its transformation.

But Su Hao felt that this transformation was imminent and would happen today.

His entire mind and spirit were immersed in his own body. The blood energy inside his body moved independently in nine special locations according to the rules in the “Nine Palace Blood Trimming Manual,” vibrating rapidly. With the rapid oscillation of blood energy, a special substance, similar to gas and liquid, slowly secretes from the blood energy.

Su Hao knew that this colorless special substance was elite-level blood energy.

After the formation of elite blood energy, it would be stored stably in a special location in the body and could be accessed at any time.

After a moment, Su Hao realized that the conversion speed of ordinary blood energy into elite blood energy was too slow.

The efficiency of this oscillating movement was too low. At this rate, it might not be able to convert all the ordinary blood energy in the body in a whole day.

Su Hao frowned and carefully observed this conversion process, trying to discover its principles.

Suddenly, he realized that this conversion process was somewhat familiar. Isn’t this the separation of impurities in chemistry?

“Perhaps it can be done this way!”

Su Hao thought of the dehydration process in a washing machine, using high-speed rotation and centrifugal force for quick dehydration.

Thinking about it, Su Hao immediately tried to control the blood energy to start rotating. Soon, the blood energy formed nine vortices, spinning faster and faster.

When the speed of the blood energy reached a certain level, suddenly, a special substance was flung out from the blood vortex, precisely the elite blood energy. The quantity increased rapidly, and the blood vortex quickly consumed, becoming smaller and eventually disappearing.

The location of the blood vortex had completely converted into elite blood energy.

“Does this count as a successful conversion? It’s so amazing, this is the change in the nature of blood energy that my father talked about!”

“The original way of oscillation has a conversion efficiency that is too low, while my method of conversion, similar to the way a washing machine spins water out, has an efficiency that is more than ten times higher. By using high-speed rotation and the principle of centrifugal force to separate impurities, it is quickly possible to separate this elite blood energy from ordinary blood energy.”

Su Hao gave himself a pat on the back for his cleverness.

Curiously, he observed the colorless substance he had just obtained, which was the elite blood energy.

He tried to move the elite blood energy and found it even easier than controlling ordinary blood energy.

With just a thought, this elite blood energy could reach any part of his body.

Su Hao casually took a short knife and the elite blood energy surged out along his arm, covering the entire knife. He gently stabbed the stone floor.


The short knife went in like it was poking through tofu.

“So exaggerated!” Su Hao was completely shocked.

Is this the power of elite blood energy? It’s so strong, not inferior to the legendary true qi or inner force!

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