Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: I am Li Xun, also Li Xunhuan!

The brother he encountered at the lowest point of his life.

His sword was swift, his demeanor cold, but his heart burned with passion. He couldn’t bear to see human suffering, always unsheathing his sword to help in unjust situations.

Perhaps it was fate that brought them together, and from then on, they journeyed through life together.

They climbed Tian Shan together.

Rushed to the Western Regions together.

Faced challenges in the Southern Barbarian lands together.

Crossed the vast ocean together.

They traversed mountains and rivers, reaching the ends of the earth.

Not only to witness the world’s landscapes but also to seek medical advice and cure the illnesses that plagued their bodies.

During this process, they faced numerous natural disasters and dangers.

They were often hunted, finding themselves in life-threatening situations multiple times.

He remembered once being surrounded by hundreds of top-notch experts, and he was unwell at that time, unable to wield his sword properly.

It was this brother who stood in front of him, facing off against the formidable opponents on his behalf.

He couldn’t bear it and said, “Leave me behind; I am a dying man, not worth risking your life for!”

“Quit the nonsense, we live together, we die together!”

In the end, this brother carried him through the siege.

He endured over a hundred wounds, each strike bringing him closer to death, his clothes stained red.

Fortunately, fate smiled upon him, letting him survive.

Looking at the gruesome wounds on his brother’s body, he knew he owed his brother too much in this lifetime, too many debts to count.

Sadly, he was a dying man, and he could never repay his brother’s kindness.

By the way, that brother’s name was Ah Fei.

He always respectfully called him “Big Brother Ah Fei.”

For over a decade, sharing life and death, their loyalty ran deep, resembling brothers despite not being blood-related.

On this day, they returned to the Central Plains to visit their former brother Long Xiaoyun and the betrayed cousin Lin Shiyin.

And thus, a storm arose again.

He was betrayed by Long Xiaoyun, misunderstood by Lin Shiyin, and targeted and framed by various martial arts experts.

It seemed like the whole world was against him, wanting to put him to death.

Luckily, there was still Big Brother Ah Fei, always standing by his side.

Together, they exposed one conspiracy after another, defeated formidable enemies, and overcame numerous challenges.

Until the final confrontation with the top martial artist of the martial world, Ouyang Jinhong, the leader of the Money Gang.

It was a fierce battle, and they fought valiantly.

In the end, to kill Ouyang Jinhong, the two of them chose to perish together with him.

There was no more Xiao Li Flying Dagger in the martial world!

And no more Ah Fei’s sword!


Senior Brother Li Xun suddenly woke up, panting heavily, his face covered in sweat.

“Just now, was it a dream?”

“So strange! How could I dream? And such a bizarre dream?”

He couldn’t fathom it.

Someone of his cultivation could usually control their mental state, keeping their mind clear, free from dust, and impervious to evil.

But now, he had dreamt such a peculiar dream.

It felt extraordinary, and upon careful reflection, he realized everything in the dream was vivid, as if he had experienced it firsthand, sending a shiver down his spine.

“No, this isn’t a dream. These are my past-life memories!”

“I just awakened the memories of my past life, so I recall all of this!”

“I am Li Xun, also Li Xunhuan!”


After thinking it through, Li Xun shook his head with a bitter smile, “I never expected that reincarnation truly exists! Moreover, each flower represents a world, each leaf an enlightenment. I’ve actually been reborn into another world and become Li Xun, the outer disciple of the Tai Xuan Sword Sect!”

This experience was extremely novel for him.

In his past life, he was a scholar who dismissed the notions of strange forces and reincarnation. But now, it happened to him, and he couldn’t help but believe.

Moreover, the world he was reborn into was much broader and more exciting than his previous one.

Experts were numerous, and formidable individuals were as common as rain. All sorts of monsters and demons existed.

Not to mention others, just him—with his current strength—if placed in his original world, he would be considered godlike, worshipped by the people. But here, he was just an ordinary disciple.

Everything in this world felt both fascinating and regrettable to him.

“I wonder if Big Brother Ah Fei has been reborn here?”

“I really want to renew our brotherhood!”

“I owe him too much!”

“Given the chance, I must repay him properly!”

Although he wanted to find Big Brother Ah Fei, he didn’t hold much hope.

The world was vast, with billions of people; finding one person was like searching for a needle in a haystack. The other person might not even recognize him!

He feared they might not be in the same world, and they might never meet again in this lifetime.

The more Li Xun thought about it, the more downcast he felt.

Shaking his head, he dismissed these scattered thoughts, closed his eyes again, and absorbed and integrated memories from two lifetimes.

Gradually, dawn broke.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door from outside.

Li Xun opened his eyes, “Please come in!”

A somewhat gloomy young man entered, bowing respectfully, “I heard that Senior Brother has arrived at the foot of the mountain and is resting here, so I came to respectfully welcome Senior Brother!”

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