Chapter 269

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Chapter 269 Sniper

With the combined strength of Su Hao and Yashan, the video of them counter-killing seven burly men quickly circulated on the internet. What surprised everyone was the exceptional skill displayed by the emerging super summoner, Bai Jingzhong.

Not only that, but a young boy of the same age as Bai Jingzhong also showcased remarkable abilities. With a simple gesture, several burly men over 1.8 meters tall fell powerless.

These two young boys seemed unusually powerful.

People couldn’t help but marvel at the unpredictability of the world.

Soon, Su Hao’s “Morning Sun Family” companions also came across the video of Su Hao and Yashan defeating seven big men on the street. They wore expressions of disbelief; they grew up together with Jingzhong and Jingyi in the small courtyard, so why were these two so outstanding? It didn’t make sense!

Many curious eyes turned to Sister Bai. Did she perhaps add something to Jingzhong and Jingyi’s meals?

As Sister Bai watched the video, she felt a sense of familiarity. Similar videos seemed to trigger a memory!

Suddenly, her pupils contracted!

She felt that a long-standing unsolved case in Yongxin City now had an answer!

The “Night Sneak Clubbers” had to be Jingzhong and Jingyi. It had to be!

With this revelation, everything fell into place, and Sister Bai’s strange feelings over the years in the small courtyard finally had an explanation.

“It’s definitely those two playing tricks!” Sister Bai thought.

Now, the abilities demonstrated by Su Hao and Yashan were truly unbelievable. Therefore, logically, any unbelievable events could be attributed to them. That was the correct answer.

Sister Bai resisted the urge to share the joy of solving the case and closed the video: “This is…”

She had so many witty remarks, but none came out.

Everyone was shocked by the strength of Su Hao and Yashan, eager to know who their mentors were. It wasn’t out of curiosity; they wanted to learn too.

Except for one person.

That person was Pan Hua. She felt extremely embarrassed after being beaten by Yashan on the street; it was more humiliating than being forced to run naked in public.

However, what she didn’t know was that, apart from herself, no one cared about her. As the one who got beaten, she wasn’t worth anyone’s attention. But as the involved party, she felt differently, thinking that she would forever be unable to hold her head high, expecting mockery from everyone who saw her.

Just that night, whenever someone looked at her, she felt scorned. When someone spoke to her, she believed it was mockery.

She was on the verge of going insane!

“Senator Pan!” Pan Hua trembled as she entered Pan Fengxuan’s office, a look of terror on her face. Her uncle had entrusted her with a task, and she had messed it up. Now, she wasn’t going to face her uncle; instead, it was one of the top ten senators of the Summoner Association, Senator Pan Fengxuan.

Seeing Pan Hua’s appearance, Pan Fengxuan frowned and asked, “What are you afraid of?”

Pan Hua kept her head down, afraid to speak.

Pan Fengxuan lit a cigar, took a deep puff, and said, “Start from the beginning.”

Pan Hua immediately recounted the incident from her perspective, trying not to exaggerate. However, her biased viewpoint naturally colored the narrative.

Pan Fengxuan nodded and said, “Don’t worry; do you think I would side with outsiders? Alright, you can leave now!”

After Pan Hua left, Pan Fengxuan immersed himself in thought amid the smoke. After a moment, he tapped the table.

A thick-browed man in a suit walked in, bowing his head: “Boss!”

Pan Fengxuan casually said, “Since Bai Jingzhong doesn’t want to join me, I won’t insist. There are plenty of geniuses willing to be with me. But he’s a super genius, and I can’t just let him be managed by others; otherwise, other senators will have opinions on me. So, handle the rest yourself! Don’t let unnecessary people know.”

The thick-browed man listened silently and expressionlessly responded, “Understood, Boss.”

Having said that, he retreated.

Su Hao recorded Pan Hua’s consciousness information with two thoughts in mind: first, to find out who was trying to pull him into a partnership, and second, to eliminate Pan Hua directly. Threatening him with Sister Bai and others was absolutely intolerable.

If possible, Su Hao even considered taking the opportunity to eliminate everyone associated with Pan Hua’s connections and be done with it.

Now, through Pan Hua’s location and audiovisual information, he knew about the existence of Pan Fengxuan, who was within his radar range.

“Senator Pan? I don’t want to stir up trouble so soon. I hope you don’t act recklessly.” Su Hao’s gaze turned cold; he never underestimated the methods of these accustomed high-ranking individuals. Being audacious was a form of contempt for them.

After this incident, Su Hao had to face a question: his relationship with Sister Bai and others was predetermined when he was reborn, making it difficult to break away.

Acting under the identity of “Bai Jingzhong” would inevitably involve Sister Bai and others. His arrival was both a blessing and a curse for them.

He and Yashan would eventually leave the Morning Sun Courtyard!

What he and Yashan would do in the future, even he wasn’t sure. It would likely be quite insane.

Currently, even low-profile actions attracted troublesome attention. It was foreseeable that things would only get worse in the future.

With interests at the forefront, one couldn’t overestimate human boundaries.

Su Hao took a deep breath, pushing aside the chaotic thoughts, thinking, “It’s not the time yet. My power hasn’t reached its peak. It will probably take another four years, when this body reaches the age of fourteen. Stick to the original plan for now, use [Shijun] to infiltrate the target and gain the corresponding knowledge!”

As for Pan Hua’s matter, it could wait. After thoroughly understanding the forces behind her, he would deal with it in one go.

Some matters couldn’t afford sentimentality. Once you hesitated, regrets would come too late.

Su Hao’s fifth match seemed somewhat ridiculous.

His opponent was a young man in his early twenties, full of confidence with a spirited expression. His eyes sparkled, exuding self-assurance.

He ascended the summoner’s platform, summoning all his summoned beasts, forming a neat lineup in front.

Then, he loudly shouted, “My opponent, Bai Jingzhong! Listen! My name is Moyansheng! Remember this name! Remember me! Because I am the first person you’ve encountered who forfeits the match without even fighting!”

After that, he decisively pressed the forfeit button and left with a carefree demeanor.


The audience was immediately dissatisfied; they spent money for enjoyment and battles, not to watch someone run their mouth.

In an instant, disdainful voices filled the air.

“He didn’t even dare to step up, just surrendered!”
“Moyansheng, wanting others to remember his name? Delusions!”
“Yeah, Moyansheng is an S-class joke.”
“This Moyansheng is bringing shame to summoners!”

The result was that Su Hao completely forgot this name and person, but the injured spectators remembered. Surprisingly, Moyansheng gained fame in his own way!

There were quite a few girls who found Moyansheng, this kind of guy, very interesting and handsome. So, if one could walk a unique path, it could also be considered a success.

After this battle ended, the host directly announced Su Hao’s advancement to the second round of the competition!

There would be five days of rest before the start of the second round—the promotion match!

These five days were given for summoners to adjust their summoned beast lineups, and of course, to understand their opponents and devise battle plans.

Wealthy summoners could even hire professional tactical planners to develop attack strategies for their summoned beasts.

Especially someone claimed to have tactics to deal with Bai Jingzhong’s summoned beasts, offering a bid of ten million.

This phase allowed many information brokers to make a fortune.

For Su Hao, these five days were a perfect opportunity to explore the Holy Master City, observe the world’s largest city, and search for useful equipment and techniques.

If possible, he’d seize the chance to eliminate the line connected to Pan Fengxuan.

Pan Fengxuan was, after all, a prominent senator with a highly respected status. If he inexplicably died, the Summoner Association would undoubtedly fall into chaos. No one would pay attention to this small genius.

As long as Su Hao kept things clean, there shouldn’t be a problem.


Just as he left the hotel, a bright light flashed a kilometer away, disappearing in an instant.

Before Su Hao could react, his forehead was suddenly struck by a tremendous force.


With a dull sound, Su Hao’s head jerked back, and his small figure was thrown into the air, falling backward.


(End of this chapter)

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