Chapter 268

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Chapter 268: Conflict

Not long after, Yashan returned. He sat quietly in front of the computer, continuing his unfinished task.

Having just really beaten Pan Hua, it felt as insignificant as completing a trivial task.

At this moment, Yashan finally understood why Boss Wei loved tranquility so much before; he could now deeply appreciate it. When one wants to focus on studying, the most detestable thing is being interrupted.

What’s even more annoying is that the person who interrupted him wears an innocent expression, saying, “Is it a big deal to just call you?” “Is it a big deal to ask for a little help?” “Is it a big deal to break a little thing?” “Is it just…”

Before, Yashan didn’t understand, but now he does – it really is a big deal.

Everyone wants different things, and using one’s own worldview to think and make decisions for others usually leads to deviation, and the result may not be what is desired.

Yet, that’s how reality is. Many people like to criticize others’ actions based on their own worldview.

Fortunately for Yashan, he has fists! These invincible iron fists can help him get what he wants.

Su Hao engages in his fourth summoner match.

His opponent obviously came prepared, even providing the summoned beasts with a set of fine steel armor for defense.

Su Hao couldn’t help but be stunned: “Can this be done? Isn’t this against the rules?”

However, seeing the uproar from the audience and the host passionately commenting on this excellent armor, stating that ‘Bai Jingzhong’ is in big trouble!

“Alright! So, when they say there are no rules, this is what they mean – spending money to arm summoned beasts is also allowed! I wonder if using a machine gun for a direct spray would work…” Su Hao doesn’t really care, just get it done.

【Killer King】Rock Spiked Tail Lizard begins spewing venom, forming a ring of smoke spreading outward, momentarily filling the entire arena and controlling it from spreading to the audience.

The opponent summoner accidentally inhales some, his face changing drastically: “What a strange taste!”

Immediately after, he feels his body numb and powerless, holding onto the front railing to avoid slipping to the ground.

At this moment, he realizes something is wrong, looking at his summoned beasts on the field, they are in a sorry state, lying crookedly on the ground.

And his heavily invested armor is useless.

He looks up at the sky; his two flying summoned beasts are fine, but they’re powerless to turn the situation around.

He sighs and presses the surrender button.

After announcing Su Hao’s victory, the whole arena erupts again.

A lizard summoned beast actually managed to knock down an entire team of summoned beasts; it’s simply too strong, a powerful weapon for area attacks.

Everyone will notice that in every battle, Su Hao can always bring great surprises.

So, what’s next?

Even though Su Hao has left the venue, the hype about him refuses to die down. Now, anyone in the world watching the Summoner All-Star Championship livestream has heard the name ‘Bai Jingzhong.’

After leaving the venue, Su Hao returned to the concealed base outside the city. He injected the genetically modified liquid he had cultivated into three summoned beasts, including the Giant Moth.

Over four hours later, the three summoned beasts successfully evolved into 【Mimic Humans】, performing well. After observing for a while, Su Hao left and returned to the city.

As the competition progressed, the number of summoner matches decreased. When Su Hao returned to the hotel, he found Yashan already at the computer, tinkering with something.

Seeing Su Hao return, Yashan immediately said, “Boss Jingzhong, I guess you haven’t eaten, so I packed a meal for you. It’s still warm, eat quickly!”

With Yashan’s reminder, Su Hao indeed felt hungry. While eating, he said, “After I finish, let’s go out for a stroll! I want to buy a phone and get one for you too.”

“Sure, Boss Jingzhong.” Yashan quickly switched off his studies and started browsing for the phone model he liked.

Originally having no concept of phones, Yashan became interested after Su Hao’s mention.

After the two went out, they headed straight to the mobile phone specialty store and quickly bought the phones they desired.

On the way back, a small accident occurred. Seven or eight men in suits and sunglasses surrounded Su Hao and Yashan. Faintly visible were sticks hidden in their sleeves, likely electric batons.

Yashan’s blood boiled; how dare these people surround Boss Wei? He was about to charge forward when Su Hao directly held him back, saying, “Wait for a moment, let’s see what they want to do!”

These men in suits dared to surround him, a prominent senior summoner, in public; their courage was exceptionally enormous.

Soon, the protagonist arrived – it was Pan Hua! She stood behind the men in suits and coldly said, “I’ve lowered myself, tried to have a good talk with you, but you two brats surprisingly don’t know what’s good for you.”

At this point, Yashan leaned close to Su Hao and said loudly for everyone to hear, “Boss Jingzhong, I beat her up last night, and today she’s probably here for revenge.”

Everyone looked at Pan Hua in surprise.

Pan Hua, infuriated and ashamed, pointed at Yashan, saying, “You little brat, shut your mouth.”

Then she said to Su Hao, “Bai Jingzhong, I’ll give you two choices. First, come with me, and we’ll talk properly; second, I’ll stun you and take you away, then we’ll talk. I know you’re a high-level summoner, and we’re not your match. But as long as you dare to move, they’ll immediately stun you. You won’t have a chance to summon. Understand? And, you are indeed powerful, but you’re just one person. Can you protect your family? Listen to me obediently; it’s your best choice.”

Su Hao coldly responded, “Talk about what?”

Pan Hua said, “Talk about whose orders you should follow!”

Su Hao turned directly to Yashan and said, “Jingyi, take them down!”

Yashan immediately grinned, “Sure thing, Boss Jingzhong!”

After saying that, Yashan moved instantly. Before one of the suited men could react, he delivered a powerful kick to the face, shattering sunglasses and sending him flying.

The remaining six suited men immediately reacted. Three of them charged toward Su Hao.

Su Hao swayed slightly, evading the attacks of the three. Then he reached out, grabbed an electric baton, pressed the switch, and jabbed each of the three, causing them to convulse and fall to the ground, losing their ability to resist.

The other three men pulled out electric batons, powering them on with a crackling sound, thrusting them toward Yashan.

Yashan, knowing the danger, didn’t give the opponents a chance to hit him. With a swift move, he snatched one of the electric batons and jabbed it at a suited man.

“Crack!” The man convulsed and fell to the ground.

Yashan then kicked him square in the face, sending him flying three meters.

Using the momentum, he dodged another man’s electric baton and swiftly counterattacked.


The electric baton struck the third man’s face, and he was sent sprawling to the ground, motionless.

Seven burly men in suits, sunglasses, and wielding electric batons versus two seemingly helpless boys. In just a couple of breaths, the entire group was defeated.

Pan Hua stared blankly at the scene before her, unable to believe it. Can they be this formidable without summoned beasts?

Yashan waved his fist towards Pan Hua and said, “I warned you; if you come again, I’ll beat you up! Are you ready?”

Unexpectedly, Pan Hua was directly frightened into paralysis.

Ignoring her, Yashan charged forward, leaped high, performed a flying kick, knocking Pan Hua to the ground. He then mounted her chest and, facing her delicate face, delivered a series of punches.

Pan Hua cried out in pain, her glasses long gone.

Su Hao, with a stern expression, crouched down, placed his hand on Pan Hua’s head, and injected his blood essence. Soon, Pan Hua’s consciousness information was recorded in the ball space and confined in a small dark room.

Afterward, Su Hao stood up, clapped his hands, and said, “Let’s go, Jingyi!”

(End of this chapter)

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