Chapter 267

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Chapter 267: You handle things, I feel at ease

In the third match, Su Hao’s opponent was an urban beauty who had thoroughly prepared for him.

All the summoned beasts entering the field were tough and muscular.

After carefully analyzing Su Hao’s summoned beasts, known for their strong attacks and mysterious techniques, she decided not to initiate the first attack. Instead, she aimed to survive Su Hao’s initial assault and then strike opportunistically.

As a result, her robust and formidable summoned beasts were all sent flying by the muscular summonses, “Mad Demon” Little White Rabbit and “Destruction King” Snow Wolf.

Let the audience experience the power of fists hitting flesh.

In less than a minute, Su Hao won the match and left the venue directly.

Today’s match drove all muscle enthusiasts crazy. This is the power of muscles, breaking everything, muscles invincible.

The always calm ten-year-old boy became the dream lover of many girls, women, and strong men after these three battles.

After instructing Yashan to protect Bai Sister and others, Su Hao left the city alone, found a secluded place, emptied it to create a huge space, and began continuously summoning secondary star beasts.

After years of contact with secondary star beasts, he gradually mastered their genetic patterns, enabling him to distinguish which secondary star beasts had higher compatibility with various sequence genes.

Su Hao’s goal for this summoning was to find a summoned beast with high compatibility with the “Mimicry Human” sequence to evolve into the “Genesis Sovereign.”

Once the “Genesis Sovereign” is born, Su Hao’s plan can begin.

“Almost all secondary beasts with high compatibility with the ‘Mimicry Human’ sequence are insect-type summoned beasts, and finding a suitable one is not easy!”

After summoning dozens of beasts, a giant moth appeared.

“A moth? Seems plausible!” Su Hao immediately recorded the genetic information of the moth and entered the pinball space to study it seriously.

The development process of moths is extremely arduous, undergoing four metamorphoses.

Although it matches well with the “Mimicry Human” sequence, Su Hao hesitated due to the giant moth’s life intensity, wondering if it could reach the level of the “Genesis Sovereign.”

After some thought, Su Hao decided to keep it for now.

“I can evolve three summoned beasts simultaneously; there’s bound to be one that succeeds.”

Soon, Su Hao summoned a flying mantis and a black-tailed wasp.

After confirming the genetic sequences were fine, Su Hao concluded today’s summoning. After recording the information, marking them as his summoned beasts, and sending them back, he checked the area and left. In half a day, the genetic modification solution for these three summoned beasts could be designed and cultivated successfully. It is expected to take five to six months to successfully cultivate them.

“Five to six months is not too long to wait. If one of these three summoned beasts successfully gives birth to a ‘Genesis Sovereign,’ then within two years, I can obtain the technology I want!”

Thinking like this, Su Hao was full of confidence in obtaining spatial technology. His “Genesis Sovereign” ability is simply unstoppable!

As long as the spores of the “Genesis Sovereign” are planted, after a period of cultivation, they will slowly transform into the true form of the “Genesis Sovereign.” Those parasitized by the “Genesis Sovereign” will have no idea unless the “Genesis Sovereign” actively takes control of their bodies.

However, Su Hao has no intention of manipulating these talents.

Such parasitized individuals become Su Hao’s eyes and ears! Everything they see and hear, Su Hao can see and hear. If he can parasitize high-end scientific talents, obtaining technology becomes effortless.

Su Hao thought, “Not enough. I want to use my summoned beasts, win the Summoner All-Star Championship, and show them the potential of these summoned beasts. I’m not afraid they won’t take the bait.”

The more formidable and valuable the samples, the higher-level experimental talents will handle them. When Su Hao successfully parasitizes one person, it will spread like a plague, parasitizing all high-end talents!

This is Su Hao’s strategy!

Absolutely flawless!

By then, whether the agency hands over the technology or not won’t matter because, at that time, the agency will be under Su Hao’s control.

Su Hao called this plan the ‘All Our Own People Plan.’

After meeting Su Hao, Pan Hua immediately returned to the Summoner Association to report her work.

“…That’s how things are. I don’t know what the agency did to Bai Jingzhong, but when Bai Jingzhong heard me out, he was clearly excited and eager to join our side immediately. However, due to the agency’s reasons, Bai Jingzhong had to regretfully decline.”

After finishing, Pan Hua recalled her words and found them perfect, flawless, instantly putting her mind at ease.

Honestly, she almost believed it herself.

When Pan Fengxuan, the councilor, heard this, he frowned and said, “He was taken away by the agency?”

Pan Hua nodded.

Pan Fengxuan pulled out a large cigarette, lit it for himself, took a deep breath, feeling comfortable all over, and said, “Didn’t you get along well with him? Go find him again, clarify the reason. If he’s willing to come to our side, I’ll handle things with the agency for him.”

Pan Hua was stunned when she heard this, “Huh? Go again?”

Pan Fengxuan glanced at her.

Pan Hua put on a big smile, “Alright, Councilor Pan. I’ll go right away. I’ll make sure to bring him to our side.”

Pan Fengxuan nodded and said, “Go, you handle it, I trust you.”

After leaving, Pan Hua’s face looked exceptionally unpleasant. No matter how she thought about it, she dug a hole for herself!

“What should I do?”

After thinking for a long time, Pan Hua found that she could only continue bravely, “Even if it doesn’t work out, he’s my uncle. He shouldn’t do anything to me!”

At night, Su Hao tossed Pan Hua’s invitation directly into the trash bin and told Yashan, “In the future, just throw this person’s stuff into the trash bin.”

Yashan replied, “Understood, Boss Jingzhong.”

Afterwards, he returned to his computer to continue researching account hacking. Despite trying all night, he hadn’t successfully hacked any accounts, but Yashan was still enjoying the process.

Pan Hua waited for Su Hao to come up, but when he didn’t, she took the initiative to knock on Su Hao’s door.

Su Hao, lying with closed eyes on the bed, said without opening his eyes, “Yashan, drive her away, don’t disturb me.”

Yashan acknowledged and directly pushed the door open. Upon seeing Pan Hua, he immediately placed a finger to his lips, signaling her to be quiet.

For a moment, Pan Hua was startled and dared not speak. Yashan pointed to the side, indicating to speak there.

After leading Pan Hua away, Yashan spoke softly, “Don’t come again. My boss doesn’t want to see you. I’ll say it only once. If you don’t listen, I’ll beat you!”

Pan Hua chuckled, “Beat me? Just with you, a little brat? That’s a joke!”

Yashan replied, “I don’t care about you. Hurry up and leave; I’m still busy!”

“You wild kid, how dare you meddle in my affairs!” This was the first time Pan Hua had been driven away like this in her life, feeling humiliated. She reached out to grab Yashan’s ear like catching a duck.

Yashan tilted his head and instinctively kicked out his foot.


Direct hit on Pan Hua’s shin. Wearing high heels, Pan Hua lost her balance, screamed in pain, and fell to the ground.

After kicking her down, Yashan thought, “Oops, overreacted.”

Then innocently, he spread his hands and said, “See, I told you to leave, but you didn’t. You got beaten!”

(End of this chapter)

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