Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: Parasitism of the Main Body

Chen Qinghua had never seen someone so audacious, wanting to exchange their peculiar summoning beasts for control of their technology?

This wasn’t a matter to be joked about.

He understood how many people worldwide coveted their control space technology, resorting to various means to steal it. But never had anyone openly said, “I want your technology!”

This time, he truly broadened his horizons.

He wondered if Bai Jingzhong was ignorant or arrogant.

Seeing Chen Qinghua in a dilemma, Su Hao was surprised, “What’s the problem?”

Chen Qinghua awkwardly replied, “It’s not a matter of difficulty or ease. Our technology is not up for exchange.”

Su Hao asked, “Then what can you offer?”

Chen Qinghua hesitated, “For example, money, advanced summoning beasts, summoner training methods, various mental exercises, various high-tech detection devices, houses, cars, beautiful women… Ahem! You might not need the beautiful women for now.”

Su Hao directly said, “But I’m not interested in what you mentioned. I’m more interested in cutting-edge technologies not available in the market.”

Chen Qinghua keenly caught a keyword: not available in the market.

He tested, “As long as it’s not available in the market, any technology is acceptable?”

Su Hao nodded, “Exactly, anything. If you can provide a technology, I’ll hand over control of a summoning beast to your control space. How about ten summoning beasts on the field today?”

Chen Qinghua added, “Deal, but it must be ten on the field today.”

Su Hao said, “Of course.”

Chen Qinghua sealed the deal on the spot, “Deal! Pleasant cooperation!”

Then, he handed a badge to Su Hao, “This is the identification mark of our control space members. With this badge, you are the most distinguished member of our control space, enjoying privileges anywhere in the world.”

As for technology, as long as it wasn’t control technology, anything was negotiable; they had plenty of miscellaneous technologies in their control space.

They were extremely curious about Su Hao’s ten summoning beasts. As long as Su Hao was willing to hand over the summoning beasts to them, everything else was not a problem.

For Su Hao, as long as the initial cooperation was established, the follow-up was easy.

He had methods to slowly infiltrate their internal workings.

But before that, he needed to try summoning a sub-star beast again, find a summoning beast compatible with the “Mimicry Human” sequence, and then upgrade it to a “Genesis Sovereign”!

The ‘Parasitism of the Main Body’ ability of the ‘Genesis Sovereign’ would be the key to quietly obtaining technology.

Perhaps, he could parasitize the people within the control space and turn them into ‘his people’!

Thinking about this, Su Hao bid farewell to Chen Qinghua with a smug smile.

Both sides got what they wanted.

This was a successful negotiation.


When it was Su Hao’s turn to enter the battle, everyone cheered loudly, eagerly awaiting Su Hao’s performance. His opponent was sweating profusely, but inwardly kept boosting his morale: “Although I didn’t anticipate being so unlucky to face this formidable opponent, it’s okay. I’ve been prepared, did a detailed analysis last night, and there’s a chance to win. As long as I form a defensive circle with my summoned beasts, counterattack strategically, and take it step by step, I can eliminate them one by one!”

He deeply understood that in battles between summoners, when both sides have similar strengths, showing any signs of weakness usually means inevitable defeat. Since he stood on the stage, he must have the belief in victory!

The match began, and Su Hao’s summoned beasts rushed forward, launching a barrage of attacks at the defensively arranged opponent’s summoned beasts. Ten seconds later, the opponent surrendered. Su Hao withdrew his summoned beasts and left the venue, leaving behind thunderous cheers.

Summoner ‘13661,’ with overwhelming force, once again won the match, becoming one of the most prominent star summoners among all participants after just two matches.

After leaving the venue, Su Hao returned to the hotel, checked the technical catalog sent by Chen Qingsheng, selected a few interesting technologies, and replied to Chen Qinghua’s email. He planned to casually throw a few summoned beasts into the control space, letting them have a good time experimenting. Whether they could research something useful would depend on their own abilities. Su Hao also hoped they could come up with something valuable that he could incorporate.

Collective intelligence is powerful; perhaps others could analyze the evolved creatures like exotic beasts from a different perspective.

As for whether the control space would learn Su Hao’s technology…

Who is Su Hao? As long as it doesn’t threaten his life and the other party is agreeable to him, he doesn’t mind others learning his knowledge. If they like it, what’s wrong with spreading knowledge?

Spread knowledge to create value. Perhaps, many years later, if he has the chance to return here, he might learn higher-level knowledge that has naturally evolved in this world!

So, as long as he broadens his horizons and remains open-minded, nothing is a problem.

Of course, these are matters for later.

In the evening, the Summoner Association invited Su Hao in the same manner, and Su Hao went without hesitation. After the other party explained their intentions, Su Hao smiled and said, “I’m already a member of the Summoner Association. Now, I’m even a high-level summoner. There’s no need to confirm it again.”

The one who claimed to be Pan Hua, the glasses-wearing girl, revealed a faint smile and said, “This is different. You need to know who appreciates you, and in the future, whose words you should heed!”

If the other party could present corresponding technology, Su Hao might have considered cooperating with them. However, their condescending attitude made Su Hao change his mind. Dealing with these people made him uncomfortable, and since his goal was the control space, the Summoner Association, a mix of nothing special, held little cooperation value for him.

Since the goal had already been achieved, there was no need to pay attention to the Summoner Association. Su Hao directly took out the control space badge, placed it on the table, and said, “I have already joined the control space. I’ll listen to them in the future. If you don’t believe it, you may need to confirm it with the control space.”

Then, he put away the badge, stood up, and said, “Excuse me, I have something to attend to. Goodbye.”

Pan Hua: “???”

What’s going on? She hasn’t finished speaking, and this guy is so rude! How will she explain this when she returns?

Pan Hua thought, “This guy, I must teach him a lesson. Well, when I go back, I’ll say that this guy got excited because of something I said, but the control space took the initiative!”

Seeing Su Hao return, Yashan immediately exclaimed, “Boss Jingzhong, on the first day of betting, I bet on your victory, and I’ve won back all the money! I bet ten million, the first round was a draw, and I won ten million. The house took a 10% commission, netting nine million.”

Su Hao smiled, “From now on, bet all the money on me to win! It’s a guaranteed win. If my summoned beasts can’t win, I’ll pretend to summon you and have you transform into a steel armor appearance, drilling up from the ground, and taking down the opponent.”

Yashan looked at Su Hao in shock, “Me as a summoned beast? Boss Jingzhong is indeed brilliant, a good idea, indeed a guaranteed win!”

Then Yashan continued, “Boss Wei, how much does a server cost? I want to buy one for personal use.”

Su Hao replied, “It’s just a computer. There are cheap and expensive options. It depends on what you want to use it for!”

Yashan said, “I want the most expensive and best one to set up a dedicated network for ‘Rebel Butcher.'”

Su Hao said, “There’s no upper limit for that. Earn more money first! Take all your pocket money and bet it on me to win.”

As Su Hao began to showcase his power, his odds started to decrease. However, he could still earn some money in the early stages. Su Hao asked, “What about Sister Bai and the others? Did they bet on me to win?”

Yashan smiled, “They did, but not much. Only one million. It’s harder to find such a good opportunity later on.”

Su Hao just smiled at that.

Sometimes, the more you value something, the further away it seems. The less you care, the more it comes to you. If you don’t believe it, you can try it.

Su Hao sat in front of the computer, browsing the reports from the past two days. Finding nothing valuable, he was about to shut down the computer.

Yashan immediately said, “Boss Jingzhong, don’t turn off the computer. In the past two days, I learned a technique to hijack social media accounts. Let me try it out.”

Su Hao thought to himself, “This Yashan, learning all sorts of miscellaneous things!”

(End of this chapter)

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