Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: I Want Techniques

The video of Su Hao’s summoning beast battle was posted online and received crazy shares and likes. Not just because of Su Hao’s breathtaking combat scenes, but also due to his rare summoning beasts that few had seen.

Soon, the on-site video of Su Hao being recognized as an advanced summoner in Yongxin City emerged, and people painstakingly analyzed the skills of these summoning beasts.

At this moment, everyone realized how extraordinary Su Hao’s ten summoning beasts truly were. This caught the attention of fellow summoners in the same competition group.

Analyzing Su Hao’s lineup against their summoning beast lineup, they concluded that unless the opponent summoner’s brain malfunctioned, facing Su Hao’s summoning beasts would only result in one outcome—utter defeat.

They all knew they could only pray not to be assigned as Su Hao’s opponents. Su Hao officially entered the view of some world-class experts.

They became curious about Su Hao’s summoning beasts. These individuals controlled the world, possessing unimaginable information. However, Su Hao’s ten summoning beasts, displayed with brilliance, were not recorded anywhere, which was quite unbelievable.

Within a few hours, a dedicated team started a comparative study on Su Hao’s summoning beasts. Three conclusions were quickly drawn:

1. These summoning beasts evolved from low-level summoning beasts, namely Sawtooth Rat and Long-tailed White Fox.
2. These summoning beasts are a new species associated with auxiliary stars (low probability).
3. Similar abilities among summoning beasts suggest they might be bio-modified summoning beasts (high probability).

The professional team speculated a high likelihood of them being modified summoning beasts. Alongside this information, Su Hao’s life history, radiating a ‘genius’ aura from the first to the last word, was presented.

Pan Fengxuan, one of the top ten council members of the Summoner Association, reviewed the data, and despite encountering numerous top talents, couldn’t help but be dazzled by Su Hao’s history.

Name: Bai Jingzhong
Gender: Male
Age: 9 years and 8 months
Residence: Yongxin City, Morning Sun Courtyard
Background: Abandoned infant, adopted by Bai Wan’er
History: From August 23 to around August 30, 3902, tested summoner talent twice, first time “normal,” second time “A-level or above,” data indicated super S-level summoner talent. From September 2, 3902, to October 30, 3904, studied under advanced summoner Master Leyi and self-studied elementary school library books, successfully summoned and sent back for the first time, granted elementary school graduation…

Doubt 1: Source of ten summoning beasts.
Doubt 2: “Morning Sun Beauty Salon” successfully beautified 30 clients in two years…
Doubt 3:…

Su Hao’s information was collected and laid out one by one in front of Council Member Pan. The council member, with graying hair, marveled, “Regardless, this kid is indeed a rare super genius! Not just in summoner talent but in every sense.”

After closing the file, he instructed his assistant, “After the competition ends tomorrow, make contact and bring him to our side.”

The girl with glasses replied, “Understood, Council Member Pan.” Then, with confusion, she asked, “Why not go directly now? What if he’s taken away early by the guardian agency?”

Council Member Pan chuckled, “No need to rush. The conditions we offer, he won’t refuse. Besides, compared to the guardian agency, we, in principle, represent justice. To a ten-year-old, growing up hearing legends of the Summoner Association, we are what they aspire to. The guardian agency is just an ordinary business for them. Hahaha!”

The assistant, Glasses Girl, also revealed a faint smile. She understood Pan Fengxuan’s intention. Regardless of how talented young individuals might be, their maturity was lacking. They never underestimated the methods employed by those in the Guardian Agency.

As Pan Fengxuan stated, the Summoner Association represented justice in this world.

On that evening, someone immediately located Su Hao’s residence. However, they didn’t directly approach; instead, they politely had a hotel staff member convey the message.

The hotel staff knocked on Su Hao’s door and said, “I am a hotel staff member. Is Mr. Bai Jingzhong staying here?”

Yashan responded with a question, “What’s the matter?”

With a professional smile, the staff member said, “The summoning beast Guardian Agency’s business development manager just submitted a letter downstairs, wishing to visit Mr. Bai Jingzhong. They asked me to convey the invitation. If you agree to a meeting, please come to Room 808 on the thirtieth floor for discussion.”

Yashan nodded, took the letter, closed the door, and directly informed Su Hao, “Jingzhong, someone submitted a letter and wants to visit you!”

Su Hao opened his eyes, got up, took the letter to examine it, and after a moment, smiled, “Jingyi, stay here yourself. Pay attention to protecting Bai Sister and the others. I’ll go up for a moment.”

Yashan immediately said, “Jingzhong, rest assured, leave it to me!”

Su Hao took the elevator to the thirtieth floor, where a staff member promptly guided him.

Upon pushing open Room 808, a middle-aged man with a bald head and a big belly, wearing a brilliant smile, extended his hand warmly and shook Su Hao’s hand. He spoke eloquently, “Mr. Bai, thank you for gracing us with your presence. The main reason for visiting today is that, having witnessed your brilliance on the competition stage, it was truly dazzling! I greatly admired it and wanted to meet with you, casually chat. Come, come, come, sit down and talk!”

The bald man smoothly pulled out Su Hao’s chair, and after Su Hao sat down, he slapped his forehead, “Oh! I forgot to introduce myself, how impolite of me.”

As he casually sat across from Su Hao, pouring tea, he continued, “I am Chen Qingsheng, the business development manager of the summoning beast Guardian Agency. I like making friends with capable people. Mr. Bai, you are one of the top figures I’ve come across in these many years.”

While speaking, he observed Su Hao’s expression. He found that Su Hao showed no signs of impatience or unease, just a smile, quietly listening as if an old bird accustomed to mingling in various places. This made him mutter to himself, “Why does this person seem different from the information? ‘Devoted to learning, single-minded’? Looking at this leisurely attitude, I believe the tales of experiencing hardships and storms.”

Su Hao picked up the teacup, played with it, and chuckled, “Manager Chen, hello. Thank you for thinking highly of me. I dislike these kinds of flattering words, which tend to be insincere. So, if there’s something, just say it! Lay out the terms, and if the price is right, we can discuss anything.”

Chen Qingsheng’s mind immediately tensed up. Originally, he hadn’t thought that he could meet the person just with a letter; it was just a warm-up for the follow-up plan.

Unexpectedly, the other party had come on his own.

When he saw Bai Jingzhong, he had a foreboding feeling. Now, this foreboding feeling had come true. Bai Jingzhong was indeed one of the most difficult people.

Chen Qingsheng promptly adjusted his posture, changed his stance, and said, “Then I’ll be straightforward, Mr. Bai, have you considered entrusting your summoning beasts to our summoning beast Guardian Agency for management? Don’t worry, I can directly exempt you from all fees. Money is not a concern; the main thing is I want to be friends with you!”

Su Hao asked, “If I entrust my summoning beasts to your agency, what can I gain?”

Chen Qingsheng cautiously probed, “Well, Mr. Bai, what do you want?”

Su Hao smiled, “No need to ask, right? Of course, I want techniques!”

Chen Qingsheng’s smile froze on his face.

(End of this chapter)

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