Chapter 264

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Chapter 264: One Wave

A shadow, black and yellow intertwined, flashes by, biting onto the head of a giant snake, leaving it bitten and lifeless in an instant, losing control.

This venomous python has intense toxicity, and the sprayed poison mist is an area attack, posing a significant threat, becoming the man’s primary target.

Seeing this, the woman’s calm face twitches slightly, but she quickly steadies her mind, controlling the invisible crocodile by her side as it suddenly opens its mouth, lunging at the cheetah.

However, the man is well-prepared. After biting through the giant python, he retreats once again, hiding back beside the raging bear.

At the same time, a clawed leaping mouse suddenly jumps out from the elephant’s head, dashing towards a spotted tiger, its long claws hooking towards the throat.

The woman had already noticed the jumping mouse on the elephant’s head and, prepared, immediately commands the spotted tiger to reveal its sharp claws, sweeping horizontally.


If the leaping mouse were hit, its body would likely be divided into several segments. However, the leaping mouse is just a distraction the man uses to divert attention.

The mouse quickly jumps back, evading the spotted tiger’s claws.


Suddenly, a horned bull rushes from the side, colliding head-on with the spotted tiger, piercing its body through. Then, it raises its head, throwing the spotted tiger high into the air, only to be swiftly attacked by the iron-toothed bird flying in the sky, using its sharp iron wings to sever the throat.

The woman exclaims, “This is bad!”

Just at the beginning of the battle, she has already lost two powerful summoned creatures, making it thirteen against thirteen now, with the numbers equalized!

And her advantage is gone! Not only that, she becomes disoriented, controlling summoned creatures to attack haphazardly, without any order.

“It’s over!” These two words suddenly pop into her mind, and in an instant, she loses the will to continue the fight.

After losing two more summoned creatures, the woman presses the surrender button.

The audience cheers for the first victor, Summoner #13257!

As for the four summoned creatures from the woman’s side that died, they become a delicious breakfast for the man’s summoned creatures.

This is the reward the victor deserves.

Su Hao smiles, saying, “It seems that summoners are more important than summoned creatures!”

If one cannot control summoned creatures reasonably in battle, even with all S-rank summoned creatures, they may not necessarily achieve the ultimate victory.

In the following battles, each lasting about five minutes, summoners would surrender directly after realizing they can’t win, rarely depleting all their summoned creatures.

After watching more than ten rounds consecutively, it’s finally Su Hao’s turn.

“Let’s welcome Summoner #13661 and Summoner #13437 to the stage!”

Su Hao stands up and walks onto the platform. His opponent is a man in his thirties with a stubble.


At this moment, the majority of people suddenly noticed that one of the summoners was actually a little boy. Discussions erupted throughout the venue, creating a noisy atmosphere.

The enthusiastic host with a booming voice announced that Summoner #13661 is the youngest summoner in this competition.

“Can Summoner #13661 successfully win the match? Let’s wait and see! The match begins!”

As the host’s voice fell, Su Hao immediately controlled his ten summoned creatures to enter the arena.

The entrance of the ten charming and beautiful summoned creatures once again brought forth numerous cheers. However, everyone had low expectations for Su Hao’s ten summoned creatures. While they were aesthetically pleasing, their small size made them seem less imposing.

Except for the relatively large-sized “Mad Demon” Little White Rabbit and “Destruction King” Snow Wolf, the rest were not particularly large.

In contrast, the thirty-something stubbled man’s twelve summoned creatures were each gigantic and had fierce and formidable appearances. With two more creatures in comparison, most people had already declared the stubbled man’s victory.

Not only the audience, but the stubbled man himself shared this view.

After Su Hao’s lineup entered the stage, he believed in an assured victory for this round.

Full of confidence, he was different from those young novices entering advanced summoning. With rich combat experience, he effortlessly controlled the twelve summoned creatures, making them move like an extension of himself, as easy as eating and drinking.

In last year’s competition, he even won four consecutive matches, narrowly missing advancing to the second round. His strength was extraordinary.

Now facing this ten-year-old boy, victory seemed almost too easy.

Although he didn’t recognize what kind of creatures the opponent’s ten summoned creatures were, it didn’t matter.

The stubbled man chuckled inwardly, “A great start for the first round. Luck is on my side this year, and I have a chance to advance to the next round. So, let’s adopt a one-wave strategy and eliminate all the opponent’s summoned creatures in one go.”

The summoned creatures from both sides rapidly approached each other, getting faster and faster, without any probing steps. It seemed like they all had the idea of taking out the opponent in one fell swoop.

The audience erupted; this was high excitement right from the start! Who could endure this?

They couldn’t help but stand up and cheer. This was their favorite part of the show. The summoned creatures from both sides, totaling more than twenty, clashed like two surging torrents, creating an exhilarating scene.

However, the imagined collision and impact of summoned creatures did not occur.

“Plop, plop, plop!”

A multitude of cutting sounds resonated.

The summoned creatures of the stubbled man suddenly lost balance, falling to the ground. In an instant, dust rolled on the battlefield, accompanied by flying limbs, forming a chaotic scene.

It was the masterpiece of the “Control King” Golden Silky Long-haired Monkey’s cutting line—a transparent and sharp cutting line that severed all limbs of the running summoned creatures in an instant.

But it wasn’t over yet. The “Sky King” Colorful Phoenix soared into the sky, leaving afterimages as it reached the side of the opponent’s A-rank summoned creature, the Long Feathered Giant Bird. Before the opponent could react, its long claws swung.

“Splurt!” The two wings separate, and the giant bird falls to the ground.

The “Shadow King” Long-tailed White Fox suddenly disperses into elusive smoke, enveloping all of the opponent’s summoned creatures within it, causing them to lose visual orientation.

The “Speed Demon” Big Guinea Pig disappears on the spot, entering the scene for harvesting.

“Splurt, splurt, splurt!” For a moment, the sound of claws cutting through flesh resonates. Limbs and flesh fragments fly in the dense fog, obscuring the bloody scene within.

Blood vessels fill the stubbled man’s eyes, and he roars loudly, “What’s going on? What happened?”

In his mental perception, his summoned creatures die one by one, the connections severed. He finally panics, quickly pressing the surrender button beside him, urgently saying, “I surrender, I surrender!”

Su Hao immediately stops the attack, dispersing and retreating, leaving the stubbled man with five summoned creatures.

At this moment, everyone sees the scene on the battlefield clearly—blood and limbs scattered everywhere.

The stubbled man places both hands on the railing, gripping tightly. He can’t imagine how, facing a little boy, in a situation that should have been a sure victory, he ended up losing so completely and inexplicably. Without even completing a round, he mysteriously lost, utterly defenseless.

Slowly recalling his remaining summoned creatures, he murmurs, “Did I make a control mistake? Or did something go wrong somewhere?”

Su Hao also recalls his summoned creatures, a hint of a smile on his lips. “The first demonstration is over; I imagine I’ll receive more attention from now on!”

After Su Hao leaves, the audience in the venue erupts, full of excitement, passionately discussing the just-concluded battle.

The host is full of ‘shock,’ ‘unbelievable,’ and praises Summoner #13661 as incredibly powerful.

The worldwide live channels switch to Group Thirteen, repeatedly replaying slow-motion footage of Su Hao’s battle.

People watching the live broadcast around the world are stunned in front of their televisions, exclaiming at the excitement.

No one expected that the summoned creatures of this ten-year-old boy would be so formidable.

After that brief moment of combat, many people remembered the number ‘13661’ and also remembered that small figure.

The members of the ‘Morning Dawn Family’ are stunned by the combat power displayed by Su Hao!

They never expected that Bai Jingzhong, who has lived with them for so long, would be so powerful.

Tian and the other buddies exclaimed, “Too… too strong!”

Older Sister Bai secretly thought, “I wanted to get a few more… but alas, I can only control three!”

Yashan, on the side, disdainfully said, “This is called strong? You guys haven’t seen the true strength of Boss Wei. Even with all this, it’s not even one percent of his power!”

Then Yashan, with his recently acquired slang, sneered, “Hillbilly!”

(End of this chapter)

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