Chapter 263

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Chapter 263, Summoner 13661

The second day.

Sister Bai led Su Hao to the largest summoner arena in Shengshi City to register.

The reason Sister Bai accompanied him is that Su Hao is still a minor. Despite his strength, dragging around a child’s body of around ten years old makes things inconvenient. In significant events, a guardian must accompany him.

Su Hao registered online a month ago, and in addition to that, he needed to report in person. The number of participants in the competition depends on the final registration.

Registration lasted for three days, and today is the third day, meaning the Summoner Tournament officially begins tomorrow.

The first round of qualifiers commences.

Approximately ten thousand people register each year. In the first round, 256 players must be selected from the ten thousand participants to advance to the second round.

The first round of qualifiers is the most brutal. Almost everyone needs to participate in five to six consecutive matches over five to six days. If you lose once, you exit the stage of this year’s Summoner Tournament.

Don’t think it’s straightforward; in matches among advanced summoners, intense battles are common, and summon creature deaths are frequent.

In other words, with continuous high-intensity fights, summon creatures will continually be lost. As the unprepared summoners progress, the number of creatures they can summon for battle decreases until they fail and exit.

So, the difficulty of the qualifiers lies in ensuring consecutive victories and maintaining a strong summon creature lineup after winning. Otherwise, even if you advance, it’s futile because subsequent battles will be even more intense.

In this all-star tournament, relying solely on a powerful summon creature won’t get you far. It’s about the depth of an advanced summoner’s skills, competing to see who has more powerful summon creatures!

It’s like playing a ranked game in a game like “King of Glory,” where others have dozens of heroes to choose from, but you only have a few free heroes, and then some get banned. How do you play?

For wealthy and influential individuals, the advantage is significant. It’s even more challenging for advanced summoners of ordinary origin to stand out.

According to Su Hao’s knowledge, the previous winners of the Summoner Tournament were all summoners with powerful backgrounds.

After registration, Su Hao was randomly assigned to the thirteenth group venue, with the number plate 13661.

The qualifiers are divided into sixteen group venues, each located in one of Shengshi City’s sixteen large arenas. Each venue has over six hundred participants, and from them, sixteen summoners will be decided to qualify for the next round.

In other words, Su Hao’s goal in the first round is to rank in the top sixteen among these six hundred participants while ensuring that none of his ten summon creatures are eliminated.

For Su Hao, this is not a problem!

Each of his summon creatures has the strength of a fourth or fifth level exotic beast, with versatile and unpredictable skills. The crucial point is their strong survivability, so there’s no worry about casualties.

Not only is Su Hao confident in his summon creatures, but other summoners feel the same way.

Everyone believes they will be the winner.

The next day, the competition began.

The enormous venue of Group Thirteen was packed with people, with not a single seat vacant. Many people bought standing tickets, all equipped with cameras and telescopes, ready for the viewing tools.

Of course, huge screens were installed around the venue, broadcasting in real-time what was happening below.

Around the arena, majestic lion formations were stationed to prevent summon creatures from losing control and harming the audience.

The lively host passionately announced the opening: “Friends from all around the world!”

“Our competition is about to begin! Summoners are ready! Look forward to their performance! Who will be the ultimate winner? Let’s wait and see!”

“Let me emphasize the rules of the competition again! It’s the same as before!”

That’s right! No rules!

Powerful summoners, use all your means to defeat your opponents!”

The entire arena erupted, resembling primal roars: “Ohh~”

“Let’s welcome the protagonists of the first match today! They are Summoner 13257 and Summoner 13076! Please welcome both summoners to the stage!”

Two summoners, one male and one female, walked out below, attracting everyone’s attention as they stepped onto the elevated platform designated for summoners.

Both in their twenties, brimming with confidence, they looked at each other from a distance. The man had messy air bangs, a thin face, and sharp eyes. The woman was neatly dressed, with a fair face that seemed a bit aloof.

Next comes the segment that the audience loves the most: revealing summon creatures and beginning the fierce battle.

Summon creatures from both sides were gradually summoned.

The man had thirteen summon creatures, while the woman had fifteen, two more.

Both sides observed each other.

The man’s mind raced, “The opponent has a numerical advantage and a comprehensive configuration, including an S-rank summon creature and five A-rank ones, all challenging roles. This is bad, encountering such a formidable opponent in the first match. Execute Plan C, divide the battlefield, fight with full force, concentrate, and break through. The opponent is simultaneously controlling fifteen summon creatures; the mental pressure will be enormous. As long as I create chaos, I can disrupt their rhythm.”

The woman smirked, “I have fifteen summon creatures, the opponent has thirteen, and it’s clear that my summon creatures are more powerful. The advantage is mine; I will win this battle.”

After the host announced, “The match begins,” the summon creatures from both sides slowly approached.

Contrary to the expected chaotic scene of rushing into battle, it didn’t happen. Both sides chose to use thick-skinned, massive summon creatures as the front line and then proceeded to probe each other.

As a participant, Su Hao didn’t sit with Yashan and others in the audience but had a dedicated player seat. Being a less than ten-year-old boy among a group of adult participants looked somewhat awkward, prompting many participants to glance at him frequently. If it weren’t for the number plate ‘13661’ on Su Hao’s chest, they would have been tempted to say, “Kid, you’re in the wrong place!”

These arrogant advanced summoners, each one of them, couldn’t help but feel uneasy after seeing Su Hao: “Such a young advanced summoner? Participating in the Summoner Tournament? This talent is a bit extraordinary!”

Su Hao, however, paid no attention to these gazes, merely boredly watching the summoner duels below, thinking about when it would be his turn to finish quickly and leave.

Just when Su Hao wished the match would hurry up, the battle below officially began.

The man suddenly controlled the largest battle elephant, lifting its front limbs high and slamming them down fiercely.

Activating the skill ‘Earthquake.’


A loud noise, and Su Hao could feel the shock under his buttocks.

And the battle was about to erupt.

By successfully taking the initiative with the skill ‘Earthquake,’ the man, taking advantage of the opponent’s summon creatures being slightly unbalanced, led his summon creatures into the opponent’s group, successfully dividing the opponent’s summon creatures into four parts.

The man squinted his eyes, simultaneously controlling thirteen summon creatures, selecting pre-determined targets, and launching a fierce attack.

The woman’s face showed a bit of panic, but she quickly steadied her mind and began to control her summon creature team to counterattack.

The man extended ten fingers, coordinating with his brain’s commands. The pinkie hooked up, and a nimble cheetah, protected by the massive grizzly bear, suddenly launched a surprise attack while the opponent’s line of sight was obstructed.

‘Assault Throat Lock’!

(End of this chapter)

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