Chapter 261

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Chapter 261: Subdivision of Physical Destruction Targets

Two months remain until the ‘World Summoning Beast All-Star Tournament.’ During these two months, Su Hao plans to collect as much information as possible about the competition.

For instance, the current status of past champions, the identities of the organizers’ special guests, the competition procedures, how to access the highest level view, and opportunities to interact with them.

He wants to plan for the upcoming actions to ensure he doesn’t end up empty-handed. Yashan, on the other hand, lacks interest in the Summoner Tournament. He prefers spending time playing games at an internet cafe.

Of course, gaming is just one way for him to explore this world, not something akin to ‘internet addiction.’ His focus is more on how to destroy the ‘Summoned Beast Resistance Association.’

After Su Hao assigns him homework, Yashan takes it seriously, researching how to systematically break down a target and address each aspect.

For example, Yashan has already subdivided the overarching goal of ‘destroying the Summoned Beast Resistance Association’:

1. Physical destruction of resistors.
2. Destruction of resistors’ pursuit targets.
3. Destruction of the resistors’ survival foundation.

Then, he further divides the first point, ‘physical destruction.’ Yashan breaks it down into three parts:

1. Establish a world-class anti-trafficking organization to specifically apprehend ‘resistors’ associated with the traffickers’ association.
2. Use extremely brutal methods to execute captured traffickers, publicize it online as a deterrent, and internally destabilize resistors.
3. Pose as ‘resistors,’ acting in their name to cause trouble among world-class nobles, fueling their hatred and leveraging the power of major nobles for personal gain.

Yashan continues to cascade down in a hierarchical manner, creating a detailed tree structure of tasks.

Finally, he presents the densely packed tree structure to Su Hao. Seeing it, Su Hao is astonished by Yashan’s elaborate planning.

After a thorough check and pointing out some issues, Su Hao praises Yashan, “Not bad, Jingyi! It seems your insight has improved since becoming a ‘Prophet.’ Now, calling you a genius feels almost unfair!”

Ecstatic with approval, Yashan laughs, “All thanks to Boss Jizhong’s teachings. So, is my plan feasible?”

Su Hao smiles, “Certainly! And it’s highly feasible. By doing this, you’ll definitely provoke the resistors. They won’t need to find you; the core members will come to you voluntarily.”

Yashan says, “Haha! Boss Jizhong is right!”

Su Hao advises, “However, when you encounter core members, don’t rush to kill them. Knock them out and bring them back to me. I have a way to uproot their organization from behind.”

Yashan nods eagerly, eager to go out and take action immediately.

Su Hao thinks for a moment, “Your current strength is sufficient, but the city is vast. To pinpoint traffickers accurately, let’s upgrade your ‘Steel Armor King.’ Add a ‘Suspicious Trafficker Search Program.'”

Curious, Yashan asks, “How do I add it? Is it like downloading a game?”

Su Hao says, “It’s more or less the same. First, let’s implant the ‘Life Detection’ skill of the ‘Tracker,’ then train the automatic identification ability of human traffickers. With time, the efficiency of your searches will increase.”

Yashan scratches his head, “Distinguishing human traffickers is indeed troublesome; they blend in with the crowd, making it impossible to differentiate.”

Su Hao explains, “After adding the ‘Life Detection’ skill, you just need to train that skill to distinguish the differences in reactions between children and adults, as well as the unusual reactions in the sleep and unconscious states of children. From my understanding, resistors usually incapacitate children to prevent any commotion. As long as you can do this, the difficulty of finding traffickers at night will significantly decrease.”

Yashan brightens up, “It’s indeed a good method! Boss Jizhong, please add the ‘Life Detection’ skill for me now! What do I need to do?”

Back in the familiar experimental phase, Su Hao smiles, “You don’t need to do anything; just let me administer some injections. Hmm… it might take a few stages, but there shouldn’t be any major issues.”

Yashan happily agrees, “Okay, Boss Jizhong.”

In the following time, Su Hao and Yashan are both busy with their respective tasks.

When a person has a goal, their proactive abilities are unimaginable.

Su Hao, eager to acquire more knowledge, extensively searches for information on summoning beast custody centers online. His aim is to find scattered technical segments, revealing even the top-level management of the summoning beast custody centers and their family backgrounds.

During this period, Su Hao doesn’t solely rely on summoning beast custody centers for knowledge. He continuously learns and experiments on his own. He even attempts to use nearly a thousand basic runes to construct summoning programs, a ‘Rune Summoning Array.’ If successful, summoning might not necessarily require corresponding summoning talents.

In the same timeframe, Su Hao investigates the ‘commonalities’ in spatial manipulation. Through extensive calculations and comparisons, he gains some insight. This further confirms that the key to short-distance teleportation is related to the ‘commonalities’ in constructing two spatial regions.

The current challenge is to identify which ‘commonalities’ are prerequisites and how to construct spatial ‘commonalities.’

To understand this, besides numerous experiments, it also requires a bit of luck. Otherwise, one might spend their entire life without uncovering the secrets.

Additionally, Su Hao takes time to design a ‘Life Detection’ gene sequence for Yashan, conducting various experiments.

If successful, it means that individuals with the 【Shell People】 sequence, the sequence of mutants, can also possess specific abilities of other sequences.

However, this experimentation involves significant risks. In the previous life, Su Hao conducted similar experiments, but the success rate was not high.

Yashan starts learning video shooting, editing, and cybersecurity knowledge, spending his days devouring books like “xxx From Beginner to Master.” Of course, he doesn’t shy away from titles like “Top 10 Tortures,” “A Thousand Methods of Physical Torment,” and “The Secrets of Brutal Confessions.”

For Yashan, this is a true starting-from-scratch experience. Despite having the intelligent brain of a 【Prophet】, he encounters significant difficulties due to a lack of foundation.

He constantly seeks guidance from Su Hao, prompting Su Hao to eventually pay for one-on-one photography and programming tutoring for Yashan.

As for why he enrolled in photography classes?

Yashan insists that if he’s going to do it, he wants to excel. Who says anti-trafficking videos can’t achieve the cool effects seen in short films?

The tutoring shows significant results. Yashan buys a camera, shoots various materials, edits them skillfully, and thoroughly enjoys the process.

His most significant progress lies in his cybersecurity skills. With hands-on guidance from the teacher, he hacks into a few small websites, opening up a new world for Yashan.

Meanwhile, the concept of the ‘Resistor Butcher’ is gradually taking shape in Yashan’s mind. He seems capable of using his expertise in network technology to form an organization specifically designed to counter human traffickers.

Strangers to each other, never meeting in person, they communicate solely through online aliases, sharing information and even posting bounty tasks to accomplish things they find inconvenient to do themselves.

Yashan can leverage the collective power of these individuals to gather more information about the ‘resistors.’

Recognizing that destroying the ‘resistors’ solely with his own strength is an almost impossible task, Yashan is well aware of this fact. As Boss Wei once told him, “Anger and impulsiveness can’t solve most problems, but knowledge can. With enough knowledge, you will be unstoppable.”

Yashan strongly agrees with this sentiment.

Through this period of learning, combined with the talents of a 【Prophet】, he finally experiences the joy of learning, closely following in Boss Wei’s footsteps.

Time swiftly passes as the two engage in their studies and busy routines.

School is now on summer vacation, a time of celebration for all the kids.

This also signifies that the ‘World Summoner All-Star Tournament’ is about to begin.

(End of this chapter)

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