Chapter 260

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Chapter 260 Plan

Su Hao said, “The second skill, ‘Rip.'”

Then the big guinea pig walked with light steps to a large iron pier, claws extended, lightly gliding over the iron pier.

“Crack, crack, crack.”

The sharp, grating sound sent shivers down the spine. On the iron pier, several deep scratches appeared.

Specially made for testing, the advanced alloy was extremely hard, yet under the claws of this rat-headed beast, it was no different from tofu!

“This summoned creature doesn’t look impressive, didn’t expect it to be so powerful!”

Following that, Su Hao continued to demonstrate the third skill: ‘Super High Speed.’


The summoned creature disappeared in front of everyone and reappeared at the other end of the testing ground.

Including the three testers and the flat-headed man Lushang and the short-haired girl, everyone involuntarily widened their eyes, looking incredulous!

“What the heck! Where did that rat-headed beast go? Teleportation?”

“It’s too fast; we can’t see!”

“Darn it, first time seeing such a mysterious ability. Is this really a skill that summoned creatures have?”

Testers couldn’t help but stand up, looking at each other with shock in their eyes. The older tester said, “Quick, check the surveillance, see what happened.”

Someone immediately brought up the surveillance, slowed it down by a hundred times, finally revealing the movement trajectory of the big guinea pig.

One after another, they exclaimed, “Unbelievable!”

“Didn’t expect the summoned creature’s speed to reach this level, completely beyond the naked eye. If a summoner accidentally exposes their position in a summoner battle, the next second, their head might be cut off by this rat-headed beast.”

“It’s too powerful! No time to react.”

“Hurry, record more information; it’s definitely a newly appeared summoned creature. Once uploaded, it will definitely break the click count. I might become an internet sensation!”

Su Hao just smiled and said, “The fourth skill, ‘Invisibility.'”

The big guinea pig instantly disappeared from everyone’s sight, leaving no trace. Subsequently, various experimental equipment in the testing area suffered attacks, deep claw marks constantly appearing, but the big guinea pig’s presence was never seen.

Then everyone knew, to some extent, this rat-headed beast was invincible!

In other words, the summoner’s owner of this rat-headed beast was invincible.

When they looked at this nine-year-old summoner again, their eyes changed. Even the thought of jealousy couldn’t arise because the gap was too significant.

This child, unlike them, was destined to stand at the top of the world.

Of course, the premise was not to meet an untimely end.

The news of genius teenage summoners dying midway, they didn’t know how many times they had seen it online, almost numb to it every year.

If there is no news of a genius falling each year, some might feel uneasy. For them, the genius’s death doesn’t alter the planet’s normal rotation.

After the big guinea pig demonstrated its four skills, it had already reached the standard for a B-grade. Su Hao didn’t continue but looked at the testers.

The tester straightforwardly announced, “King of the Big Guinea Pigs, B-grade or above, meets the standard!”

Next, Su Hao successively showcased his other summoned creatures, and the audience gradually became numb. They discovered that not only was the King of the Big Guinea Pigs invincible in speed, but the muscular rabbit was also nearly invincible. The long-haired monkey had sharp, transparent threads densely covering the entire arena, causing harm upon touch.

And who had seen a beautiful big bird capable of going anywhere, soaring through the sky and ground? The fox, elusive and ethereal, seemed immune to physical attacks!

What’s the name of this summoner again? Bai Jingzhong!

Until Su Hao, carrying the badge of an advanced summoner, left the testing ground under the envious gazes of Lushang and others, the entire testing ground remained silent, digesting the massive amount of information just presented.


After a moment, the entire testing ground erupted! Intense discussions about what had just happened, heated arguments turning faces red.

Some shrewd ones had already quietly left. As long as they were fast, operated well, they could earn quite a bit of money by exchanging information. Maybe they could even become famous!

“Nine-year-old genius summoner, a shining star, now hanging high in the sky.”

“Genius advanced summoner, ten S-grade summoned creatures, unprecedented.”

Su Hao walked out of the summoner building, playing with the advanced summoner badge in his hand, a hint of a smile on his lips.

He had a reason to certify as an advanced summoner. In two months, the “World Summoner All-Star Championship” would take place in Shengshi City. Only advanced summoners had the qualifications to sign up for this globally broadcasted competition.

It was also the Summoner’s Sky Ladder. As long as he could win in the “All-Star Championship,” enter the top sixteen, he would be the hottest topic worldwide for a year.

In other words, he would become thoroughly famous.

And what Su Hao wanted was exactly that — fame. He aimed to secure the first place in this world-class competition!

Only in this way could he enter the view of the world’s elite. Once he had contact with them, he would have many ways to obtain their information, gradually uncovering their hidden bases, and eventually acquire their core technologies.

Although Su Hao was more adept at using violence to subdue everyone and get what he wanted, if he did that, there was a significant chance he wouldn’t obtain what he desired and might even be killed by the opponent. People, by nature, were unwilling to leave information for their enemies, even if they deleted and destroyed all records.

Most importantly, Su Hao had no idea where the opponent’s secret base was located.

To acquire technology, recklessness won’t work; one needs to contemplate. Su Hao once attempted to entrust and adopt a summoned beast in a caretaking facility, repeatedly summoning it to try and uncover its secrets but failed. He only knew that a chip had been implanted into the summoned beast’s spine by the caretakers, with no other apparent changes. The information from that chip had been recorded in Su Hao’s elastic space and extensively researched, revealing nothing more than its ability to emit a force field. It’s akin to having a high-tech battery but not necessarily understanding its operational principles or being able to reproduce it. Su Hao speculated that there must be other machines working in conjunction at the location of the summoned beast caretaking facility.

As for whether becoming the first in the competition would be too ostentatious, Su Hao didn’t care at all. As long as he didn’t touch the world’s core interests and go against them, others would only try to bring him in. If persuasion failed, then assassination, and Su Hao was least afraid of assassination. With strength, one could be audacious.

“Do things in a high-profile manner, but be low-key as a person. That’s quite secure.”

Returning to the Morning Sun Courtyard at night, Su Hao directly told Sister Bai about participating in the Summoner All-Star Championship. Sister Bai appeared extremely surprised. It wasn’t because she doubted Su Hao’s strength. For Sister Bai, participating in a competition was normal, and winning or losing was acceptable. She was surprised because she knew Su Hao wasn’t someone who liked to show off. Compared to other kids of the same age, he was relatively low-key, avoiding trouble whenever possible.

Why did he suddenly want to participate in a world-class competition this year? Did he undergo a transformation?

Facing Sister Bai’s doubts, Su Hao didn’t explain much, only saying that he was interested and wanted to broaden his horizons. Times change, and so do people. Previously, his goal was to learn summoner knowledge, requiring a quiet learning environment. Now, with the pathway to acquiring more knowledge temporarily cut off, he needed to take the initiative and re-establish connections.

As for the means used in the end, it depended on whether the other party would cooperate with his performance.

Sister Bai said, “However, to participate in the Summoner All-Star Championship, you need to at least have the title of an advanced summoner…”

Su Hao took out the advanced summoner badge and placed it in front of Sister Bai.

Sister Bai was speechless.

After a long time, as if she had made up her mind, she said, “Then I’ll take you there!”

Su Hao asked, “Aren’t you staying to look after the courtyard?”

Sister Bai waved her generous hand and said, “There are twenty-five of us in the Morning Sun Courtyard. We’ll all go to Shengshi City together! I’ve got the money for that!”

Su Hao extended his thumb to Sister Bai, saying, “Sister Bai is mighty!”

(End of this chapter)

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