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Chapter 26

===026 Physical Condition===

After dealing with the blue-striped tiger alone, Su Hao wrapped the valuable items on the tiger’s body in a tiger skin package twice his size and carried it on his back. He quickly arrived at the stone where Wu Yuntian was still standing, and said, “Father, let’s go!”

Wu Yuntian withdrew his gaze from the distance, nodded without saying a word, and jumped down to lead the way. Su Hao tightened the tiger skin package on his back and hurried to catch up.

Back in the village, he greeted familiar villagers along the way. When the villagers saw Su Hao carrying a large tiger skin package, they didn’t find it strange and just jokingly said, “Wow, Xiangwu had a good harvest today!” “Impressive~”

Su Hao just kept laughing, “No, no, my father helped a lot.”

“If it wasn’t for him, I would have been tiger food.”

Su Hao’s figure disappeared around the corner.

He Qingqing, who had become more agile and sharp, still stared closely at the direction Su Hao disappeared in, biting her lip.

Fatty had now grown tall and strong, completely losing his chubby appearance from three years ago. Instead, he looked mighty and sturdy, his height was even comparable to Lu Hungtao.

He couldn’t be called Lu Hongtao (Nose Booger) anymore, as he no longer had a constant runny nose, so everyone started calling him Lu Shatao.

Fatty withdrew his gaze and said with envy on his face, “Xiangwu has been hunting with his father for three years. I envy him.”

Lu Shatao nodded, “Yeah! When can we go on a trip like that?”

Fatty sighed, “I heard Xiangwu became a warrior a long time ago. The adults say he might already be an intermediate ordinary warrior.”

Lu Shatao said frustratedly, “I still don’t understand what blood energy is… Maybe I don’t have the talent to be a warrior?”

Fatty consoled, “Lu Shatao, don’t be sad. I also became a warrior just a year ago. You still have a chance to catch up, so keep working hard!”

Lu Shatao nodded, “Hmm… Fatty, can you tell me how you found your blood energy?”

“Don’t call me Fatty anymore, see, I already started calling you Lu Shatao.” Fatty first pointed out Lu Shatao’s mistake with displeasure, then proudly shared his experience, “It’s actually quite simple. It was always there, you just have to look for it. Keep searching, and you’ll see it…”

Lu Shatao pondered, “I see…”

Fatty’s eyes lit up, “Did you understand?” Lu Shatao shook his head and said, “I don’t understand!”

Fatty said, turning his head to look at He Qingqing, praising, “Qingqing is amazing. She only took a year to find her blood energy. She’s even faster than me. She’s truly a genius. Only Qingqing has the possibility of catching up to Xiangwu, right?”

He Qingqing glared at Fatty, then turned and left.

Fatty was puzzled and quickly followed He Qingqing, asking, “Qingqing, where are you going?”

“To practice martial arts!”

Su Hao returned home, took off his equipment, took a nice shower, then entered the game space and began checking his own status.

“Age: 8 years 3 months;
Height: 146cm;
Weight: 45kg;
Physical condition: healthy;
Level: high-level ordinary warrior;
Blood energy: 5;
Combat skills: basic swordsmanship (proficient), basic footwork (proficient); sliding shadow step (skilled), horizontal slash (skilled), tricky stab (skilled), rigid fist (skilled), charge (entry-level), shield strike (entry-level), jumping cleave (entry-level);
Variable control: blood energy strengthening function (proficient), muscle strengthening function (proficient), bone strengthening function (entry-level), organ strengthening function (not yet started), five senses strengthening function (not yet started).

The above is a small program that Su Hao compiled based on his own situation over the past two years. It is mainly used to observe his basic status at any time. What he is most concerned about is the “physical condition” column, which is also the project he has put the most effort into. He doesn’t want to die from some inexplicable illness like in his previous life.

The “physical condition” may seem like a simple item, but its testing range is far from simple. It includes many standard measurements, including blood sample tests, heartbeat tests, urine tests, organ tests, etc., covering all parts of the body for continuous monitoring.

His basic goal hasn’t changed: to live as well as possible every time he has a chance, eliminating potential risks. Although he is not afraid of death, he cannot die easily. What if one day he closes his eyes and never wakes up?

The data after blood energy refers to the amount of blood energy currently in his body. Based on the blood energy intensity from three years ago, it is set as the unit. This means that his current blood energy intensity is five times that of three years ago. One can imagine how much his physical strength has been enhanced in these three years.

This kind of physical enhancement is thanks to Su Hao’s mastery of the ‘blood energy strengthening wave’ and his in-depth research on various body data.

He discovered that by controlling the “blood energy strengthening wave,” he can control the intensity of the blood energy within his body. Similarly, does there exist a special substance that can control the strength of the body’s muscles?

He found that the amount of blood energy has always been maintained at the body’s limit, allowing for rapid strengthening of the body’s strength. After long-term comparison and research, he found a special substance for strengthening the body’s muscles, which he named the “muscle strengthening wave.”

Through continuous comparison and search, he finally discovered the special substances for “bone strengthening,” “organ strengthening,” and “five senses strengthening.”

Then, based on the nature of these special substances, Su Hao changed their names to “blood energy strengthening function,” “muscle strengthening function,” and “bone strengthening function,” etc.

By controlling the variables that produce these special substances, one can control the direction of physical enhancement. Isn’t that just like a function?

The variables for these enhancement functions have always been controlled by the body’s instincts.

Now, Su Hao’s consciousness has taken control, freely controlling them with his will.

So far, Su Hao has been able to proficiently control the variables for the “blood energy strengthening function” and “muscle strengthening function,” and has initially grasped the variables for the “bone strengthening function.” Unfortunately, although he has found the variables for the “organ strengthening function” and “five senses strengthening function,” he has not yet found a way to control them.

Currently, the factors restricting Su Hao’s overall improvement in physical fitness are the organs and five senses.Once he finds a way to control these two variables, Su Hao’s strength will definitely be able to reach a higher level based on the current foundation.

The column for combat techniques was just made up on the spot, the purpose of writing it like this is to help him have a clear understanding of his combat power. It is arranged in order based on mastery.

The sequence of proficiency levels he set is: beginner, adept, skilled, mastery, ultimate skill, transcendence.

It’s clear at a glance. Every time he sees this, Su Hao reminds himself: “You are an assassin, not a warrior, don’t be reckless.”

What makes Su Hao sigh is that Pinball Space’s current level of intelligence is too low and there is a lack of a large amount of data. Except for the detection of “blood essence,” all the other data needs to be changed manually by him.

For example, distinguishing between beginner and adept, skilled and advanced, Pinball Space cannot do it and automatically assigns levels.

Exiting the virtual space, Su Hao begins to plan his daily tasks.

“Currently, the intensity of blood essence and muscle strength has reached its maximum and doesn’t need further enhancement. Next, I will spend an hour strengthening my bone structure, and then spend another hour trying to control the enhancement of my internal organs and senses.”

Once he says it, Su Hao sits down cross-legged, relaxes himself, quickly enters a state of meditation, dissipating all thoughts and focuses on one thing.

An hour later, Su Hao wakes up.

“It’s really difficult to control the variables for bone reinforcement, resulting in slow progress.” Su Hao furrows his brows, feeling somewhat helpless. When controlling the variable for bone reinforcement, he indeed feels a bit powerless, it’s not as natural and smooth as controlling blood essence. “Being able to control it is already good, the headache is the internal organs and senses, there’s no slightest movement at all.”

After adjusting for half an hour, Su Hao enters a meditative state again and tries to control the variables for enhancing the internal organs and senses.

An hour later, Su Hao opens his eyes and shakes his head. “Still not working, how exactly should it be done?”

If he can’t figure it out, he won’t force it and decides to go out for some fresh air.

Just as he steps out, he sees Wu Yuntian sitting in the courtyard drinking tea.

Taking a sip, Wu Yuntian puts down the teacup and says to Su Hao, “Xiangwu, starting from tomorrow, I’ll teach you the method to advance as an elite warrior!”

Su Hao’s eyes light up. “Why not start learning now?”

Wu Yuntian pauses for a moment and replies, “You still haven’t changed!”


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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