Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Unknown Changes

Elders beating their juniors was something that Xu Yuan had long gotten used to. It was just the way he was, always playful and mischievous, which resulted in him being frequently beaten by the old man since he was a child.

From his elementary and middle school days, he loved picking fights, and in high school, he got involved in a premature romance that led to the girl’s family paying a visit to his home. During college, he fell in love with wilderness travel and would disappear for more than a month, leaving no trace at the school. Each time his grandfather caught him doing these things, it would result in a severe beating.

Over time, Xu Yuan became accustomed to it. If he couldn’t afford to provoke, couldn’t he at least run away? The world was so vast, if he couldn’t resist, couldn’t he escape? After all, regardless of the circumstances, they were still father and son. Once the old man’s anger subsided, he would apologize, show a firm attitude, and after receiving his living expenses, he would continue to play as he pleased.

But in this current world, Xu Yuan discovered that he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.

This “kind” big brother could directly hang him up and beat him. Literally, hang him up and beat him. He couldn’t even utter a word when hanging there.

Thinking about these things, Xu Yuan suddenly heard a loud eagle’s cry in his ears.

Regaining his senses, Xu Yuan looked around at the unfamiliar room and shook his head slightly.

After being beaten into unconsciousness, this was the room he woke up in.

A light fragrance filled the ancient room, and everything inside was simple and antiquated.

Looking out through the wooden window by the bed, Xu Yuan saw an endless blue sky.

And there, a pair of gigantic eagle wings spanned over ten zhang (around 30 meters).

Two days had passed since he was beaten, and now he was sitting on this “aircraft” heading back to Jingjiang City.

Unlike the steel plane of his past life, this “aircraft” was a living being, a gigantic black eagle with a wingspan of over twenty zhang (around 60 meters). Its broad back was adorned with a luxurious pavilion.

It was Xu Changge’s aerial palace, but because Xu Yuan’s strength was too weak, he was temporarily allowed to use it.

As for Xu Changge himself, that big brother was extremely busy. After hanging him up and giving him a beating, he simply flew away with the two enormous python heads, waiting for Xu Yuan to wake up.

Xu Yuan estimated that the other party should have hurried back to the Imperial Capital to report to his old man. Xu Changge had already consumed too much time here in the Wanxing Mountains to save him. At this crucial moment, the other party had to return to the capital to assist his father.

With this thought in mind, Xu Yuan’s eyes flickered with a strange expression as he recalled the two enormous python heads.

He thought of Ji Fenghua, the green-haired big sister with a beautiful illustration.

A very large and fair big sister.

However, compared to the death of his other paper-cutout waifu, what intrigued Xu Yuan more was the strength of his big brother.

Ji Fenghua, as a mature Seven Lives Mantis that had bloomed seven blood lotuses several decades ago, was truly powerful, much stronger than the Snake Demon Clan’s Second Princess, Ji Qingyue, by several levels.

But such a character had died in Xu Changge’s hands just like that.

It wasn’t that Xu Yuan doubted Xu Changge’s strength, but because in the complex worldlines of “Blue Spring,” Ji Fenghua had once fought Xu Changge.

In the late stages of that worldline, the Western Demon Country invaded the Great Yan Empire by crossing the ten-thousand-meter-high Wanxing Mountains. Outside Jingjiang City, Xu Changge and Ji Fenghua engaged in a fierce battle.

And that time,

In an undisturbed scenario, Xu Changge lost by a hair’s breadth.

The heavily injured Ji Fenghua transformed into a colossal python and was swallowed whole, perishing on the spot.

Any discerning person could see that the power gap between Xu Changge and Ji Fenghua at that time was not significant; it could even be said that a small difference in thought could determine victory or defeat.

However, the reality now was that Xu Changge directly went to Ji Fenghua’s home and chopped off her head.

Considering the environmental factors, Xu Changge’s almost uninjured state when he returned earlier, and the presence of other monsters nearby in the ancient abyss, Xu Changge’s strength against Ji Fenghua should have been overwhelmingly dominant at this moment.

This completely deviated from the plot, and the evident discrepancy in their battle prowess compared to the original storyline made Xu Yuan feel somewhat uneasy.

In less than ten years, Ji Fenghua neither had a player’s level-up cheat nor could she become so much stronger in such a short time.

Moreover, Xu Changge was undoubtedly a genuine genius.

If Ji Fenghua could become stronger, then naturally Xu Changge could also become stronger.

Due to special events like fortuitous encounters, the power gap between them might narrow, but it couldn’t possibly reach an equal level.

In other words…

Xu Yuan’s thoughts momentarily froze as an unrealistic idea surfaced in his mind.

During the time when the plot progressed to the invasion of the Ancient Abyss into the Great Yan Empire, did his big brother’s strength not only fail to grow but actually weaken?


Xu Yuan couldn’t understand.

In “Blue Spring,” even players with a God’s-eye view didn’t know many things.

Take Ran Qingmo, who had just separated from Xu Yuan, for example.

How did Ran Qingmo know that the Prime Minister intended to destroy the Tianyuan Sword Sect? Xu Yuan had no idea about it at all. After all, at this point in the plot, only his old man and a few of his confidants knew about it.

While playing “Blue Spring,” Xu Yuan initially speculated that there was a mole among the Prime Minister’s subordinates, considering that there were only a few people who knew about this matter. However, as he cleared all the game endings one by one, none of the Prime Minister’s strong subordinates had ever been whitewashed.

Each one of them remained loyal to the BOSS until the end.

The production team created plot holes and left them unfilled, claiming it was to give players room for imagination.

Xu Yuan let out a sigh.

With insufficient information, all the speculations would be futile, and he could only investigate when the opportunity arose.

Not wanting to continue pondering on this matter, Xu Yuan turned his gaze slowly towards his bedside.

Before leaving, his big brother casually threw him a dozen or so bottles of pills.

He said they were for his recovery as a useless waste.

To help him heal quickly and prevent their father from blaming him for being too ruthless.

Unlike the three premium-grade pills he found in the cave, each of these bottles contained over a dozen pills.

The Qinglin Pill accelerated the recovery of the soul’s consciousness and enhanced the ability to sense the origin Qi within the soul for a period of time.

The Guangling Pill strengthened the resilience of the meridians and was a divine medicine for stabilizing the foundation and nurturing the primordial spirit.

The Humai Pill, when ingested, would form a thin film on the inner walls of the meridians, allowing the user to practice their techniques uninterrupted for twelve hours a day without worrying about meridian damage.

The Dihun Pill, as the name suggested, was used to temper the soul.

Hmm, for healing. His big brother said these were for his recovery. These pills could indeed heal injuries. Sigh~

These pills could be rightly called divine medicines for those who were just starting their cultivation, as they almost covered all the problems one might encounter during the practice.

More importantly, these pills had no side effects.

In the alchemy system of “Blue Spring,” most pills that helped characters in their cultivation would produce permanent debuffs after consumption.

For example, weakening of the soul (reduction in mana), meridian damage (more experience required for leveling up), and some breakthrough barrier pills even had irreversible effects on the organs (reducing maximum health).

Pills without side effects could only occur in one situation:

The value of the materials required to refine them far exceeded the value of the pills themselves.

In other words, using rare materials from the mid to late stages to refine something needed in the early stages of character development.

Staring silently at these dozen or so bottles for a long time, Xu Yuan suddenly had an inexplicable urge to go and get another poisonous beating.

Then, he immediately became speechless and lightly chuckled, shaking his head.

Although his big brother really hit people for real, he was also genuinely willing to give good things.

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