Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Doll Maker Luca 5

“Oh, right! I came to thank Luca today.”

“Thank you for what?”

I heard Luca’s voice hiding behind Crazy Bear.

“It’s about this morning’s story. The guild master came to the inn and asked me to suddenly become rank A! Rank A, you know!”

“So, what did you do?”

I looked at Luca hesitantly as she peeked her head out.

“Of course, I refused!”

Luca blinked her long eyelashes and widened her eyes.

“Huh, even though it’s rank A?”

“Yeah. I told him that it’s lower than a tissue toilet.”

Luca laughed so much that Kumakichi jumped up.

“Hahahaha. You’re the best!”

“Hey, nice one partner. You’ve shown your manliness!”

They were laughing like crazy.

And Crazy Bear looked proud too.

I also felt happy in a way.

“Is that so?”

“Because it’s rank A. Refusing it without hesitation is so cool.”

“It’s thrilling, partner.”

It’s true that I refused for a childish reason.

But is it really that good?

Luca wiped away her tears from laughing too much with a lace handkerchief that looked expensive.

“But, I didn’t want it anymore. Thanks to Luca, I was able to refuse.”

“Hehe, you should be grateful. I’ll praise you.”

For some reason, she tried to pet me, but I avoided her and was pouted at.

We chatted about trivial things and time passed by slowly.

The rabbits were calmly sewing with their needles and the sound of laughter blended into the peaceful time.

It was a luxurious time.

When there was only one cookie left, Luca asked anxiously. It was a question that everyone had avoided like a taboo.

“So, what about you? When are you going to work?”

It hit me hard.

Do I have to work?

Maybe I do.

“But, I don’t want to work yet.”

Isn’t it okay until I run out of money, is it?

Luca, upon hearing this, started to jump up and down and high-fived with a very cheerful expression for some reason.


Isn’t that terrible?

I was surprised.

Cheerful Luca asked me.

“Really! So when are you coming?”

“When am I coming?”

As I inserted my confusion into a conversation that didn’t connect at all, Luca explained greedily.

“Well because if you don’t work, you’ll run out of money. You’ll be kicked out of the inn. As a friendless person, you have no choice but to come to me.”

“How did you come to that conclusion? I have friends, you know-”

Like Rina and Rina’s mother.

Look, there are two of them!

I’ve already graduated from being a loner.

“Lie… I’ve been cheated on…”

I saw the face of disbelief as she opened her eyes wide and closed her mouth, but it was the truth. And they’re both a little girl and a married woman?

Crazy Bear spread his arms out towards Luca as if comforting her, and Luca pretended to cry and hugged Crazy Bear. Her delicate skin stuck to her soft body.

You’re being rude. I have friends, you know.

“Well, let’s include that as an option.”

“Really?” She asked with an unbelieving expression.


With a sweet gesture and voice.

“It’s a promise, Aix!” She said with a smile.

Did this child dislike being alone so much? That’s so sad. Sob.

“I understand.”

“But don’t worry, from today on, I won’t let you feel like that anymore.”

I smile.

“Feel safe, Luca, because we’re friends too.”


What was that for?

For some reason, Luca kicked me under the desk.

“Think for yourself!”

And she was angry, it was unreasonable.

That’s why she’s alone.

I don’t quite understand Luca.

“That was the fault of the partner.”

And even the bear is attacking now.

It seems like I’m the problem.


I thought about it carefully, why?

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