Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Unable to Beat, What to Do? Join In!

Next, as usual, Lin Beifan went to the transmission hall whenever he had free time.

With Senior Brother Li Xun’s imminent return, the discussions about Lai Xiaoqiang gradually faded, replaced by attention on Lin Beifan.

After all, no matter how eccentric Lai Xiaoqiang was, he only tainted everyone’s perception at most.

But Lin Beifan directly stole everyone’s dream lover.

This was the resentment of taking someone else’s wife; which man could remain calm?

So, many people started making jokes about Lin Beifan.

“With Senior Brother’s return, Lin Beifan is done for!”

“When Senior Brother returns, he’ll definitely settle the score with him!”

“Taking things that don’t belong to him, falling in love with the wrong person, I can imagine his fate!”

“Let’s see if Senior Sister Bai can protect him!”

“She might manage for a while, but not forever!”

Bai Yiyi also heard about this, comforting Lin Beifan, “Brother, don’t worry, I won’t let Senior Brother cause trouble!”

Lin Beifan asked, “What do you plan to do?”

Bai Yiyi said, “I’ll explain to him first. If he continues to make things difficult for you, then I’ll confront him. Even if I can’t beat him, I’ll show my stance. Dare to harm my brother; punishment will reach even if it’s far away!”

“You’re truly my good sister!” Lin Beifan affectionately patted Bai Yiyi’s head.

“You’re my brother; if I don’t dote on you, who will?” Bai Yiyi leaned on Lin Beifan’s shoulder, showing affection.

“With a sister like you, it’s my fortune from a previous life!” Lin Beifan laughed heartily.

“Brother, that’s something I should say!” Bai Yiyi retorted.

After playfully arguing for a while, Bai Yiyi turned serious, “Brother, as the Outer Sect Senior Disciple, Li Xun probably won’t cause trouble openly. But I’m afraid he might resort to tricks behind the scenes. So, if there’s nothing urgent, please don’t conflict with him. Stay low-key, minimize outings, and don’t give him a chance.”

Lin Beifan nodded and smiled, “I understand, sister!”

After speaking, Bai Yiyi went back to practice.

Lin Beifan’s expression turned serious.

He was never one to passively defend; he preferred taking the initiative.

Either resolve the trouble or deal with the troublemaker.

“However, Senior Brother Li Xun’s strength, even if my sister and I team up, may not be a match!”

Lin Beifan furrowed his brow, contemplating solutions.

Unable to beat him, what to do?

Join in!

Turning him into an ally would eliminate the need for a fight. Everyone would be a harmonious family.

Lin Beifan’s eyes gradually lit up.

At this moment, a man in a blue robe, with a cold expression, was flying towards the Tai Xuan Sword Sect.

He was Li Xun, the Outer Sect Senior Brother of the Tai Xuan Sword Sect, possessing the peak strength of Divine Elixir.

Originally, he was on an external expedition and wasn’t planning to return until the new year.

However, news arrived that his beloved junior sister, Bai Yiyi, had been taken away by a miscellaneous disciple. After living together for a few months, he couldn’t restrain himself and hurried back.

He wanted to see who this person was, who took away his junior sister, and what abilities he possessed.

Why did his junior sister choose that smelly kid over him?

By now, he had broken through the clouds and stopped at the foot of the mountain in the market.

“After days of rushing, weary from the journey, it’s better to rest here for a night. After refreshing my spirit, I’ll go up the mountain to settle accounts with Lin Beifan.”

He muttered to himself and rented a room at an inn at the foot of the mountain to rest properly. Unbeknownst to him, he drifted into a dream.

In the dream, he wasn’t called Li Xun but Li Xunhuan, hailing from a scholarly family.

This scholarly family was extraordinary—seven scholars in a single generation, father and son both achieving the title of top scholar. Li Xunhuan, from a young age, excelled in the Four Books and Five Classics, mastered poetry, lyrics, paintings, and calligraphy, and at a tender age, gained scholarly achievements, becoming the emperor’s appointed top scholar.

Therefore, he was often referred to as Li Top Scholar.

Apart from his literary prowess, he was also a renowned martial artist in the Jianghu.

His Little Li Flying Dagger, never missing its target, ranked third in the martial arts world. No one had ever survived under his blade.

In addition, he had a fairy-like cousin named Lin Shiyin, and they had been betrothed since childhood.

With scholarly achievements, martial skills, and a beautiful woman, he could be considered a winner in life.

Unfortunately, he suffered from the incurable disease of pulmonary tuberculosis, a terminal illness without a cure, eventually leading to an untimely death.

So, when his good friend Long Xiaoyun expressed his love for Lin Shiyin and wished to marry her, he hesitated.

He didn’t want to let down his friend, let alone the beautiful woman.

In the end, he fulfilled Long Xiaoyun’s wishes, handed over his cousin to him, along with his family fortune as a wedding gift, and left alone.

Afterward, he planned to travel far and wide, seeking a livelihood.

Encountering numerous hardships and facing many betrayals, he managed to overcome everything.

All of it was because he had a good brother who never abandoned him.

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