Chapter 259

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Chapter 259, The First Skill

The testing process is straightforward, requiring the verification of three points.

1. The summoned creature must be personally summoned by the individual, measured with specialized instruments.
2. The summoned creature must be fully controlled by the summoner, with the summoner drawing lots to determine specific activities.
3. The summoned creature must be at least B-rank, displaying a minimum of three skills per creature.

Meeting these three criteria, the summoner’s level is assessed based on the simultaneously controlled creatures.

Lushang, the guy with the flat top, is the first to undergo the test. He enters a designated area, and after confirmation from the examiner, begins the focused summoning!

The air in front distorts, and the first summoned creature appears—bull-like in form, nearly three meters tall, with a sleek body and well-defined muscular contours. Most notably, it boasts a long, striking horn on its forehead.

Onlookers immediately get excited, exclaiming, “Wow, this is an A-rank summon, the Horned Cone Bull!”

Someone quickly checks online for information: “This Horned Cone Bull, despite its three-meter height, is an A-rank summon with five skills!”

“The skills are ‘Charge,’ ‘Quick Start,’ ‘Rapid Turn,’ ‘Defense Enhancement,’ and ‘Iron Hoof.’ The most formidable is its Charge; it can pierce through steel plates ten centimeters thick! Comparable to armor-piercing sniper rounds!”

Su Hao also recognizes this A-rank summon, the Horned Cone Bull, specifically used for breaking defenses. He wonders why others can summon A-rank creatures, while he, after numerous attempts, only gets C-rank and D-rank ones.

Is he just unlucky? At least summoning a B-rank creature would be acceptable!

Su Hao is determined to go to the secondary star sooner or later, personally capturing several S-rank summons!

Lushang is satisfied with the attention his Horned Cone Bull has garnered, but the real show is yet to come!

He smirks confidently and summons his second creature, a common B-rank Frost Iron Wolf, drawing little attention. The third and fourth creatures, similarly, are only B-rank summons.

When the fifth creature appears, everyone’s attention is focused!

As long as the fifth creature is B-rank or higher, Lushang will become an intermediate summoner—a near certainty.

Soon, Lushang’s fifth summoned creature makes its entrance!

“Oh my God! What do I see? This is the Long Feathers Giant Bird, an extremely rare A-rank summon, priceless!”

“This guy’s luck is insane! To summon this, he’s really impressive! Insane luck!”

“Probably some young master from a big family? A group of people helped him summon, and he got the good stuff!”

“Indeed, summoning a rare A-rank creature on your own is like winning a ten million-dollar lottery.”

Clearly, this long-tailed giant bird is extremely rare, making the visit worthwhile for those who bought tickets today. They eagerly take out cameras to capture the moment.

These five summons are all that Lushang has, and showcasing his beloved pets, earning expressions of astonishment from the crowd, brings him great joy.

Next comes the drawing of lots, executing actions written on the lots—only the summoner and three testers can see, ensuring the creatures are controlled by the summoner himself.

Finally, the examiners determine whether the five creatures meet the B-rank requirement.

In the end, the guy with the flat top earns his new title—Intermediate Summoner.

As he receives his new badge, he excitedly shouts on the spot.

Meanwhile, a group of journalists aims their cameras at this newly minted Intermediate Summoner, and the headlines for tomorrow are already taking shape.

The next one in line is a girl with short hair. Despite her soft appearance, her five summoned creatures are exceptionally tall and fierce. Standing together, they present a harmonious blend of beauty and beasts.

However, these formidable creatures are all B-rank summons, lacking any particularly outstanding ones. Nevertheless, after evaluation, she successfully attains the title of Intermediate Summoner, earning a new badge.

Next up is Su Hao.

As Su Hao enters, he immediately captures everyone’s attention.

“Huh? Why is it a little kid?”

“Could it be an adult with a baby face!” This person surprisingly guessed right.

“Just a kid for sure, probably here for fun. Wealthy family, can’t stop them.”

“Must be a prodigy summoner, here to evaluate the novice summoners. Tsk tsk, looks like he’s only ten! Becoming a novice summoner at such a young age, geniuses are different from ordinary people!”

After reaching the designated area, the testers signal that he can start summoning.

Su Hao, without closing his eyes, causes a vast distortion in the space in front of him. One by one, colorful and diverse summoned creatures appear!

Learning from experience, Su Hao doesn’t let his creatures appear in their original forms. Instead, he transforms them all into the highest-level forms of fourth and fifth-tier exotic beasts.

Various dazzling effects emerge, and creatures unfamiliar to everyone make their debut!

“One, two… Wow, more and more!!!”

“Ten! Summoned ten creatures in one go! This is the recognition of an advanced summoner!”

“Today’s visit was worthwhile!”

“What’s going on? Is this kid undergoing the evaluation for an advanced summoner?”


“By the way, why haven’t I seen any of these creatures? Look at that five-meter-tall rabbit with muscular contours all over… and that nearly ten-meter-tall muscular wolf. What are these, they look impressive!”

“That white fox, why does it have a misty, ethereal state all over, as if it would disperse with a single blow? Has anyone seen such a summoned creature?”

Those who were more clever began searching online for information about these summoned creatures. However, to their shock, there was no information available!

At this moment, the flat-headed guy and the short-haired girl have long been forgotten, and everyone is discussing the ten strange summoned creatures that appeared.

The most shocked are the three testers.

They exchange glances, noticing the confusion and panic in each other’s eyes!

What to do? Those impressive-looking summoned creatures in front, they have never seen them before. Will it be embarrassing during the evaluation of their levels?

Immediately, the three of them start thinking of how to encourage the other two to go and evaluate.

As authorities, they absolutely cannot go up and embarrass themselves!

At this moment, the oldest tester clears his throat and says to Su Hao, “Uh, Summoner Bai Jingzhong, go ahead and draw a lot!”

The other two immediately breathe a sigh of relief. The stage of evaluating the summoned creatures’ levels hasn’t arrived yet, and there’s still room for maneuvering.

Su Hao reaches out and draws a piece of paper, looking at it. There is a line of small words written on it.

“Control all summoned creatures to jump forward ten steps simultaneously, then roll in a circle and gather together (note: simultaneous execution).”

Su Hao thought, “This is simple!”

After handing the paper to the tester, he immediately manipulated the ten summoned creatures to perform the actions in perfect unison, without any hesitation.

This segment quickly concluded, and the next one was the level evaluation of the summoned creatures.

At this point, the testers had a plan and smiled, “So, next, let your summoned creatures showcase their skills! As long as each one reaches at least B-rank, you will be considered an advanced summoner!”

Regardless of the species, they were only responsible for testing the level. It was simple; just let the summoner showcase the creatures themselves.

Another tester excitedly added, “If successful, you might become the current youngest advanced summoner!”

A nine-year-old advanced summoner succeeding in their test meant something significant for them.

They were about to gain recognition!

Then, they heard a voice from a nearby little boy, “First of all, the first one is my A-rank summoned creature, the King of Giant Guinea Pigs!”

As Su Hao finished speaking, everyone turned their gaze to the upright, two-meter-tall rodent-headed creature.

After transforming into the 【Speed Demon】, the appearance of the King of Giant Guinea Pigs had changed significantly. Its fur clung tightly to its body, giving a sleek sensation similar to a seal. The originally round giant guinea pig now had a robust and elongated physique. Its leg muscles were prominently outlined, moving up and down like a coiled spring, seemingly ready to shoot out at any moment!

Long, sharp claws extended from its upper limbs, gleaming with a dazzling light in the sunlight.

“King of Giant Guinea Pigs? What kind of summoned creature is this?”

A question popped into everyone’s minds.

Su Hao continued, “The first skill, ‘High-Frequency Vibration.'”

The double claws of the King of Giant Guinea Pigs immediately started vibrating at a high frequency.


A somewhat heart-throbbing sound echoed. Although low, it instinctively conveyed a sense of danger.

Su Hao controlled the King of Giant Guinea Pigs to extend its claws and touch the metal disc placed for testing on the side.


At the moment the high-frequency claws of the King of Giant Guinea Pigs touched the metal disc, it suddenly emitted a muffled sound and flew backward.


The metal disc that fell to the ground continued to vibrate, producing a sound that made people’s bones go soft.


Seeing this, everyone collectively gasped.

The three testers exchanged glances and nodded, “First skill!”

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