Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: Recognition

The next day, Su Hao arrived at the Summoner Tower in Yongxin City with the purpose of confirming his summoner level.

Currently, Su Hao’s avenues for acquiring more knowledge about space were cut off. Most of the books stored in the Summoner Academy library were about becoming an outstanding summoner.

For Su Hao, these were of little use because, according to his current understanding of summoners, he could probably describe it more succinctly than those books.

To continue gaining higher-level knowledge and application of space, he needed to focus on the upper-tier organizations in this world. Such as the ‘Summoner Association,’ the ‘Summoned Beast Management Office,’ the ‘Summoned Beast Resistance Association,’ and so on.

And now, he had a preliminary plan. This was also the reason he came to the Summoner Tower, to confirm his summoner level.

At first, when the registrar saw a young man coming to confirm his summoner level with a small monster, he thought it was a joke. However, Su Hao didn’t waste any time. He summoned all his magnificent summoned beasts, lined them up, and immediately stunned the registrar.

Seeing Su Hao’s summoned beasts, all of which were below C-rank, the registrar’s face fell again. But Su Hao displayed ten summoning slots for beasts, which, considering his age, made him one of the top geniuses, perhaps even beyond description.

The registrar looked envious and patiently said, “Young man! Only summoned beasts of B-rank and above count for the level range. Your summoned beasts are all D-rank, E-rank, and only one is C-rank. Confirming the summoner level is meaningless; understand? You need to go back and ask your mentor to summon some higher-ranked beasts for you. Then come back!”

Su Hao remained indifferent and said, “Are you responsible for assessing the summon beasts’ level?”

The registrar replied, “No, I’m responsible for registration.”

Su Hao acknowledged and said, “Then register me; I’m in a hurry!”

The registrar warned, “Registering won’t help you. It’s better to change early. Testing once costs ten thousand, you know!”

Su Hao said, “Whether my summoned beasts meet the criteria or not seems unrelated to you, right? As for the final outcome, you don’t need to worry; just do your job.”

The registrar was momentarily speechless. Facing a genius, was he tired of living? Since the other party didn’t listen to advice and liked hitting walls, let him be. It didn’t really concern him.

He collected his emotions, organized Su Hao’s information according to the procedure, submitted it, and then said to Su Hao, “Wait in the recognition hall on the first floor of the south building. Someone will call your name shortly, and you just follow their instructions!”

After Su Hao paid the fees and completed the procedures, he dismissed his summoned beasts and walked through the front hall towards the backyard.

In his heart, he thought, “Indeed, judging by appearances happens everywhere. Now, it’s even judging summoned beasts by appearances! Each one is so self-righteous, always using their shallow understanding to judge things.”

“Unfortunately, my luck doesn’t seem to be great. After summoning for so long, I can’t even summon a B-rank summoned beast, truly unfortunate!”

“When confirming the summon beasts later, I should let them transform into their highest forms to avoid unnecessary comments and explanations from others!”

The misfortune that befell Su Hao had nothing to do with his luck. Because the probability was set, the chance of summoning B-rank or above was less than 2%.

In other words, in over 98% of Su Hao’s summons, he would get E-rank, D-rank, or C-rank summoned beasts. If he summoned ten thousand times, all E-rank, D-rank, and C-rank summoned beasts wouldn’t be surprising.

Su Hao considered the 2% probability as the difficulty of summoning. It didn’t mean that he would definitely get two B-rank or above summoned beasts after summoning a hundred.

After silently calculating, Su Hao realized that, under the condition of a fixed base number of auxiliary star beasts, every time he summoned a C-rank or below, the probability of other summoners summoning B-rank or above would increase slightly.

How tragic!

Fortunately, Su Hao had no additional requirements for summoned beasts other than appearance. Otherwise, with his temperament, he might have summoned all the C-rank or below beasts and then openly summoned B-rank or above summoned beasts.

After waiting for a moment, the electronic broadcast announced, “Mr. Lu Shang, Miss Luo Xiaoye, Mr. Bai Jingzhong, please follow the staff to the testing ground for summoner level assessment.”

Following that, a uniformed girl walked out and repeated, “Mr. Lu Shang, Miss Luo Xiaoye, Mr. Bai Jingzhong, please follow me!”

A man in a plain suit stood up, gesturing and smiling, walking to the side of the uniformed girl.

A short-haired girl stood up from another location, appearing somewhat timid. She silently walked to the side of the uniformed girl without getting too close.

When Su Hao’s name was called, he stood up and walked towards the girl. Surprisingly, the girl, who seemed to have her brain down to her chest, ignored Su Hao approaching, looked around, and shouted, “Mr. Bai Jingzhong, please come with me!”

Entering the room, Su Hao calmly said, “No need to shout, I am Bai Jingzhong!”

Only at this moment did the girl lower her head to look at the small-statured Su Hao, raising her eyebrows in surprise. “You’re Mr. Bai Jingzhong?”

Su Hao replied, “That’s right.”

The girl quickly took out the form, and with one glance at the age section, which stated ‘nine years old,’ embarrassment covered her face. A professional like her making such a basic mistake was truly uncalled for!

She had never thought that a nine-year-old who should be studying in elementary school would come out for summoner recognition. Was he recognizing a trainee summoner?

However, the uniformed girl assumed that he was probably a summoner nurtured by some family from a young age.

Realizing her lapse, the uniformed girl quickly apologized, “Mr. Bai Jingzhong, I’m really sorry. I didn’t expect you… you’re so young. Haha… I was impolite!”

Meanwhile, the plain-suited man Lu Shang and the short-haired girl looked at Su Hao with curiosity, thinking: Such a small kid is already a summoner? Impressive!

Su Hao said, “It’s okay.”

The uniformed girl quickly regained composure and led the way, saying, “Follow me!”

Su Hao took the lead, followed by Lu Shang and the short-haired girl, slowly crossing the hall and heading outside.

It was a very spacious area with many tiered seats around, and scattered people sitting, resembling the structure of a football field.

As Su Hao and the others entered the testing ground, they immediately attracted the attention of everyone present.

They knew that the next step would be the summoner level assessment for these three summoners.

Many people were unaware that attending the summoner level test required purchasing tickets, and the cost was not low.

Nevertheless, there were plenty of bored and well-off ordinary people who enjoyed watching others showcase various summoned beasts more than the summoners themselves.

Most of these onlookers were not summoners but admired them greatly. If they couldn’t summon themselves, why not enjoy watching others summon?

Of course, some summoners came here to collect real-time data on summoned beasts, but their numbers were not significant.

The rest were mostly journalists, eagerly anticipating the testing ground to reveal some bizarre or rare summoned beasts, waiting to create a buzz the next day.

With so many journalists, the same event became a competition to see who could write the most eye-catching and attractive article!

If Su Hao knew that so many journalists were eagerly waiting to take pictures of him, one could imagine headlines the next day, such as:

“Shocking!!! Is this real? I can’t believe my camera!”

“Nine years old? Unimaginable! A tremendously powerful summoner at just nine years old!”

(End of this chapter)

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