Chapter 257

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Chapter 257: Su Hao’s Summoned Beast Team

Soon, Su Hao smoothly became a junior high school student, but he never attended classes, spending all his time in the library of the middle school section, researching more abundant information. When faced with unclear questions, he would consult his teacher, Fu Leyi.

At the same time, he designed the genetic sequences for his chosen summoned beasts, evolving them step by step into exotic beasts of level four or higher. He also selected three summoned beasts for Sister Bai, evolving them together into exotic beasts of level four or higher.

Half a year quickly passed, and Su Hao applied for graduation again, continuing to the high school section with the help of Fu Leyi, gaining approval.

Meanwhile, his summoned beast legions had all reached the pinnacle of their beast lives, capable of exploding if they evolved further.

1. Sawtooth Guinea Pig, unfortunately still with [Speed Demon]; 2. Long-tailed White Fox, level five [Shadow King]; 3. Colorful Mountain Phoenix, level five [Sky King]; 4. Little White Rabbit, level four [Mad Demon]; 5. Egg-stealing Dragon, level five [Freak King]; 6. Golden-haired Long-haired Monkey, level five [Control King]; 7. Rock-spiked Tail Lizard, level five [Slaughter King]; 8. Ring-horned Antelope, [Eject King]; 9. Red-cheeked Messenger Bird, [Sky King]; 10. Snow Wolf, [Destruction King].

In total, ten of them, and both he and Yashan were “Shell People” sequence abnormal humans. To avoid being recognized, they didn’t let their summoned beasts evolve into abnormal beasts of the “Shell People” sequence.

At the same time, he helped Sister Bai evolve three summoned beasts: Red-tailed Crane, level five [Sky King], for riding; a night-roaming cat with claws, level five [Eject King], for stealthy attacks; and a long-armed ape, level five [Destruction King], for direct confrontation.

One afternoon, after Su Hao met Sister Bai, he directly exclaimed, “Wait, Sister Bai, I’ve prepared three summoned beasts for you, I’ve found them.”

Sister Bai had almost forgotten about this matter, originally not holding much hope, thinking Su Hao was just talking and didn’t care. Unexpectedly, after half a year, Su Hao had actually found three summoned beasts for her!

This made her extremely surprised, more curious about what kind of summoned beasts Su Hao had found for her.

Sister Bai said, “Did you really get me S-level summoned beasts?”

Su Hao replied, “Normally, at least A-level! They’re all quite good!”

With that, Su Hao focused and summoned the three summoned beasts he had prepared for Sister Bai from the sub-stars.

A red-tailed crane, the size of an elephant, walked out of the void slowly, its pure white feathers emitting a beautiful glow, standing quietly on the side.

Sister Bai recognized this summoned beast, but was very puzzled: this was a C-level summoned beast, the Red-tailed Crane. Besides its fast flying speed, it had little combat power, limited endurance, and couldn’t fly with a person for an extended period. How could this be an S-level summoned beast?

Next, a tiger-sized calico cat walked out with elegant steps, sitting down on the ground.

Then, a long-armed brown-haired gorilla followed closely, its fists hanging on the ground.

Sister Bai recognized these two, they were D-level Night-roaming Cat and D-level Long-armed Ape, quite common on the streets, and not very useful.

Sister Bai hesitated, “Su Hao, are these the at least A-level summoned beasts you mentioned?”

Su Hao smiled, “Don’t judge them by their appearance. They are now kings of their respective groups, just like my Sawtooth Guinea Pig, very powerful! You control them first, and you’ll see.”

Sister Bai said, “What about my Frost Iron Wolf…”

Su Hao said, “If it hasn’t formed a group, it’s not very useful. Just remove the mental imprint and release it! If you’re not at ease, you can keep it for now and control the Red-tailed Crane and Night-roaming Cat with the other two summoning slots. Decide whether to release it after trying.”

Sister Bai nodded, approached the Red-tailed Crane, sat down in front of it, and placed her hand on its forehead, closing her eyes in concentration.

Sister Bai’s mental tentacles extended out, forming a special structure, probing into the Red-tailed Crane’s brain. Su Hao, sensing Sister Bai’s intrusion, voluntarily withdrew his mental perception.

Whether releasing summoned beasts or having them killed, for summoners, it would result in a corresponding loss of mental power, requiring a very long time to recover. Therefore, for summoners with a limited ability to control summoned beasts, the choice of summoned beasts was especially cautious.

Due to her trust in Su Hao, Sister Bai chose to control the seemingly useless C-level Red-tailed Crane.

About ten minutes later, Sister Bai left her mental imprint in the Red-tailed Crane’s brain, gaining complete control over this summoned beast.

[Sky King] Red-tailed Crane!

At the same time, she also obtained the control information Su Hao deliberately left behind, understanding the skills of this Red-tailed Crane.

For a moment, her eyes widened. The skills of [Sky King] included ‘Silent Night Walk,’ ‘Life Detection,’ ‘Silent Flight,’ ‘Phasing Through Walls and Ground,’ ‘Eagle Claw,’ ‘Material Jump,’ ‘Concealment in Darkness,’ ‘Flying Claw,’ and ‘Midair Jump.’

Adding the two trash skills that originally came with the C-level summoned beast, there were a total of 11 skills! With just eight skills, it could be considered an S-level summoned beast.


Sister Bai’s mouth remained open for a long time. This Red-tailed Crane, which seemed unremarkable, turned out to be so powerful!

However, she still had some disbelief. So, with a bit of awkwardness, she controlled the Red-tailed Crane to activate ‘Phasing Through Walls and Ground.’ The Red-tailed Crane’s entire body suddenly grew a special kind of fine fur. Then, with a swift movement, it dove into the ground, freely swimming underground.

Sister Bai was nearly speechless: Damn, this is amazing!

She then controlled the Red-tailed Crane to use the next skill, ‘Material Jump.’ The Red-tailed Crane leaped out of the ground, plunged into a cement flower bed, and, in less than a breath’s time, emerged from the other side.

Following that, Sister Bai tried various skills, becoming more astonished with each attempt. Towards the end, she no longer doubted Su Hao’s words.

Seeing this, Su Hao smiled, “How about it, Queen of the Red-tailed Crane? Feels pretty good, right?”

Sister Bai, disregarding her image, directly reached out and touched the Red-tailed Crane all over, laughing loudly, “More than good! It’s amazing! Definitely qualifies as a top-tier summoned beast.”

Su Hao said, “Do you still want your Frost Iron Wolf?”

Sister Bai said, “No need for that! Come on, Jingzhong, quickly let me control the other two summoned beasts as well!”

After she controlled the [Eject King] Night-roaming Cat and the [Destruction King] Long-armed Ape, she curiously asked, “Jingzhong, how many summoned beasts can you control? What summoned beasts do you have?”

Su Hao didn’t directly answer but waved his hand, summoning all his summoned beast legion.

Gorgeous and exceptional summoned beasts appeared, as if entering a beauty pageant in the animal world.

All Sister Bai saw were charming low-level summoned beasts, showing no signs of formidable combat power. She couldn’t help but feel envy and admiration, saying, “Are these the kings of their races, S-level summoned beasts?”

Su Hao proudly said, “Exactly! How about it, aren’t my summoned beasts impressive?”

Then, Sister Bai looked back at her newly acquired three summoned beasts and suddenly felt less satisfied. These three summoned beasts couldn’t compare to her own beauty.

Although not ugly, they were far less magnificent than Su Hao’s summoned beast legion!

Indeed, the worst thing for people is comparison. Without it, there is no hurt! (End of this chapter)

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