Chapter 256

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Chapter 256: The Meaning of Summoner

For the next extended period, Su Hao shuttled between the orphanage and the internet cafe, constantly familiarizing himself with the technological advancements of this world.

In comparison, there were some differences from the information technology he had learned in the previous worlds. The disparity wasn’t in physical rules but manifested in thinking and approaches. The mindset of computer enlightenment scientists in the two worlds differed, leading to distinct underlying logics in their eventual development.

Without discussing their respective merits and prospects, the comparison brought Su Hao a different perspective, greatly enhancing his knowledge in information technology. Believing that continuous learning would undoubtedly optimize and upgrade Little Light once again.

However, Su Hao’s most significant gain wasn’t limited to this. He clarified the complex relationships among these world-class organizations. After excluding various neutral organizations, four entities remained, engaging in constant intrigue with hidden motives.

One was the apparent “Summoner Association,” surpassing the management organization “World United Federation,” composed of summoners who successfully graduated from summoner academies. It seemed the largest but was also the most complex, with all sorts of mysterious elements.

Essentially controlling the world’s general direction, it was a symbiotic entity of various large and small interest groups, a platform for dividing the cake that everyone spontaneously endorsed.

Another was the “Summoned Beast Custodial Bureau,” jointly operated by the top ten families, slightly inferior in influence to the “Summoner Association,” holding many top-secret high-dimensional space technologies, a highly lucrative profession.

The third was the “World United Federation,” equivalent to the concept of the “Earth Federation,” overseeing the world’s technology and a vast array of high-tech weapons, with its military exclusively belonging to the “World United Federation.”

The last one was the “Summoned Beast Resistance Association,” a secretive organization, antagonistic but possessing a magical teleportation technology. Despite being pursued by major organizations for years, it continued to thrive. This organization was commonly referred to as the “Resisters” and mostly operated on the other two continents.

The “Summoner Association” and the “Summoned Beast Resistance Association” both coveted the advanced technology of the “Summoned Beast Custodial Bureau,” leading to various covert operations. In turn, the “Summoned Beast Custodial Bureau” sought the technology of the “Summoned Beast Resistance Association” and the authority of the “Summoner Association.”

While the “World United Federation” ostensibly followed the “Summoner Association,” behind the scenes, it constantly sought to pull it down from power and gain complete control of the world.

The interwoven complexities are challenging to articulate. The four major interest organizations vie for their respective goals and interests, engaging in overt and covert struggles, occasionally erupting into severe conflicts.

When conflicts among the four major groups reach a stalemate, the issues are usually resolved at the annual “World Summoner All-Star Competition,” determining victory and distributing benefits.


Su Hao’s fist collided. Although the information obtained from the network wasn’t extensive, tracing the threads of various events allowed Su Hao to grasp these crucial pieces of information.

“It seems that obtaining the technology I want from them won’t be too difficult, but it won’t be too easy either! Because everyone is on guard against each other, surely they are vigilant, fearing that their technology will be stolen by their opponents!”

Thinking of this, Su Hao smiled easily. “However, who am I? Being vigilant might not necessarily work against me! Hahaha!”

Nevertheless, Su Hao wasn’t in a hurry. When he completely formed his summoned beast legion, at that time, it would be interesting to see how he could show his skills!

After downloading a heap of data, Su Hao patted the ‘internet-addicted youth’ Yashan beside him. “Jingyi, let’s go!”

Yashan immediately became anxious, hastily saying, “Boss Jingzhong, I’m preparing to push the opposite crystal. Can you wait for a moment?”

Su Hao looked at his performance, 0-10-0, and a screen full of trash talk flooded in—what a waste of time!

But Yashan was good at this, even if he was being criticized, he enjoyed it, controlling a big tank, charging recklessly!

Seeing him having fun, Su Hao decided to wait for a while.

Sure enough, the screen was filled with red “Defeat!”

Yashan looked regretful, “Almost won, Boss Jingzhong, look at my teammates… let’s not talk about it!”

Su Hao sneered, “Yeah, your teammates probably don’t even know you’re just a third-grader.”

Yashan, puzzled, left the internet cafe with Su Hao in sorrow over the game’s failure.


“It’s a Vice Star Beast, help—”

“A Vice Star Beast suddenly appeared, find a summoner!”

Not far away, screams of terror echoed down the street, quickly becoming chaotic. Numerous ordinary people abandoned their belongings and fled.

“What’s going on?” Yashan was still immersed in the sadness of the game’s failure, suddenly waking up.

No need for Su Hao to answer; the next moment, they knew what had happened.

A huge black-armored beast, resembling a dung beetle, suddenly broke through the glass of a coffee shop and appeared on the street.


The black-armored beast opened its huge mandibles, emitting a sharp roar.

People found the sudden appearance of the Vice Star Beast unsettling, fleeing in panic.

But Su Hao, observing the black-armored beast, realized that it was also quite panicked!

It was originally happily staying with the Vice Star, courting another female black-armored beast. Just as it was about to succeed, it was inexplicably teleported to this strange world of steel and concrete.

It was in a state of panic. What should it do?

Su Hao raised an eyebrow, and his mental tentacles reached out, summoning the confused King Great Rats out.

Transforming into Swift Magic, the King Great Rat grew taller, standing upright.


The King Great Rat instantly disappeared from its original position, and its long claws swept past the black-armored beast.

“Plop, plop, plop!”

The three claws on one side of the black-armored beast were instantly cut off and fell to the ground.

Losing balance, the black-armored beast fell to the side. But it didn’t end there; the King Great Rat flashed from the other side.

The remaining three claws of the black-armored beast also fell to the ground one after another.


The entire body of the black-armored beast fell to the ground, making a muffled sound. Its nervous six limbs slid, wanting to leave quickly. However, its body remained motionless in place: “???”


The King Great Rat waved its claws, and the small head of the black-armored beast rolled to the ground.

Brown liquid sprayed out!

Su Hao sent the King Great Rat back and said, “Let’s go, Jingyi!”

Occurrences of Vice Star Beasts suddenly teleporting had become somewhat common in Yongxin City; people had grown accustomed to it, each having their own means of escape.

Such incidents were relatively rare in Yongxin City; the spatial stability in Zhongzhou was relatively high.

In the Northern Wildlands and Southern Wastelands, however, there were almost daily teleportations of numerous Vice Star Beasts! This signified danger.

For ordinary people, Zhongzhou was a very habitable continent with a high safety factor, free from worries about Vice Star Beasts appearing at any time.

Hence, the majority of cities in this world were concentrated in Zhongzhou.

The other two continents were mostly the adventurous territories of summoners, where they could choose their favored summoned beasts.

Through this incident, Su Hao gained a deeper understanding of the world’s structure. The reason summoners became the mainstream in the world indeed had its reasons.

When powerful Vice Star Beasts suddenly appeared, surrounding summoners could deal with the danger at any time, minimizing losses.

If left to the law enforcement teams, after dealing with the situation, the entire block might be deemed unsafe, not to mention the issue of casualties.

But summoners were different; they could summon powerful beasts at any time. With proper coordination and a few skills, they could take down a formidable yet unintelligent summoned beast.

“Summoners! This world is indeed quite interesting!”

After Su Hao and Yashan left, the summoners who arrived at the scene, looking at the already cooled body of the black-armored beast, were full of surprise.

“Who took down this B-rank summoned beast? Look at this skillful technique; it’s definitely a veteran!”

“I came all the way here to show off; who took it down for me?”

“Hey! We’re here to collect the corpse.”

(End of this chapter)

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