Chapter 255

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Chapter 255: A Good Place

Sister Bai sat blankly in place, her eyes wandering as if she had lost her soul, pondering who knows what, perhaps nothing at all.

After a long while, Molly slowly walked behind Sister Bai and gently embraced her without saying a word. She only hoped to bring a bit of warmth to Sister Bai with her own body.

Perhaps this is what collapse and despair feel like! Molly had experienced the collapse and despair over her disfigured face for countless nights, so she could sense Sister Bai’s current sense of powerlessness.

She could only let the colors of this world gradually fade away, and herself, unable to do anything.

“Tap! Tap!”

At that moment, footsteps could be heard in the distance, so clear in this quiet night.

“Who?” Molly raised her head alertly, and her summoned creature immediately stood ready.

Sister Bai’s eyes, in a reflex-like manner, also turned towards the darkness in the distance.

Two individuals around five feet tall slowly emerged from the night, and the streetlights began to stretch their shadows, transitioning from blurry to clear.

Molly’s eyes gradually widened, and Sister Bai’s pupils also focused.

Sister Bai thought she was seeing things, rubbing her eyes forcefully.

What did she see?

Jingzhong and Jingyi, these two guys, were actually walking towards her while holding Xingfeng and Xingzhi!

She thought she was dreaming! Or perhaps her mind was unclear, and she was having hallucinations.

But dreams are good, hallucinations are good too!

She slowly got up, her legs numb from sitting cross-legged for too long, but she didn’t care, stumbling forward, walking faster and faster, and eventually running.

At this moment, her mind was actually blank, and she didn’t even know why she was doing this.

When she took Xingfeng and Xingzhi from Yashan’s arms, she still had a surreal feeling.

Soon, the real touch allowed her to gradually regain her soul, followed by immense joy.

The mixture of sorrow and joy almost made Sister Bai faint, and at some point, tears filled her eyes.

After Molly and the others sent Molly back to the hotel, they returned to the Morning Sun Courtyard.

Only Xiaotian anxiously waited; the others were still in their dreams, unaware of what had happened.

Xingfeng and Xingzhi, the two little guys, were just drugged and would wake up after a nap.

But tonight, Sister Bai insisted on holding the recovered little ones to sleep. She probably wouldn’t let them out of her sight for a while.

After lunch the next day, Sister Bai found Su Hao.

Sister Bai took Su Hao and Yashan to a secluded corner and said, “Jingzhong, I didn’t have a chance to ask last night, what happened to those two scumbags?”

Su Hao pointed to Yashan, “You have to ask Jingyi; he handled it.”

Sister Bai looked over, and Yashan smiled, “Buried underground!”

Sister Bai couldn’t imagine how they managed it. She speculated, “Jingzhong, did your Sawtooth Guinea Pig King do it?”

Su Hao said, “No, but it’s almost the same. It’s hard to explain. Anyway, I’m a genius and very powerful!”

Yashan also echoed, “That’s right, Jingzhong is invincible!”

Su Hao said, “Don’t worry, Sister Bai. In about four or five months, I’ll be able to help you get three S-rank summoned creatures, very powerful ones. By then, you will be formidable too.”

Sister Bai thought, “He talks big, as if he knows the big boss of S-rank summoned creatures.”

Sister Bai finally left with lingering doubts, but after confirming Su Hao’s strength, she felt much relieved, as if she had gained a support in her heart and no longer had to rely on herself for everything.

Su Hao turned to Yashan and asked, “Yashan, how’s the homework I assigned you?”

Yashan awkwardly scratched his head and said, “It’s only been a day; I haven’t figured it out yet!”

Su Hao mysteriously smiled and said, “No problem. Today, Jingzhong will take you to do something!”

Yashan suddenly became curious, “A mysterious thing?”

Su Hao said, “Internet cafe!”

Yashan’s eyes lit up! There were legends about ‘internet cafes’ in elementary school, but Yashan had never been to one, not knowing what magical things awaited.

Yashan curiously asked, “I heard you have to be an adult to go play there!”

Su Hao disdainfully said, “That’s because you haven’t got enough money yet! Once you have enough money, even if you have a baby face, you’re considered an adult.”

Yashan looked very eager, “What fun can only be had by adults?”

His heart scratched like a cat, wishing to transform into Steel Armor King and fly straight to the internet cafe!

He immediately ran back, grabbed a bag of money, and urged, “Let’s go, Jingzhong!”

Su Hao was speechless; did this guy plan to carry a sack of money to the internet cafe?

But it didn’t matter; couldn’t the money fly? If Yashan was happy, let him be!

Who said you couldn’t carry a sack of money to the internet cafe?

The two approximately nine-year-old kids arrived at a remote internet cafe, and upon entering, a wave of hot air mixed with the smell of smoke hit them.

Su Hao immediately pulled Yashan out and said, “Forget it, let’s go to the cyber cafe!”

Not long after, Su Hao pulled Yashan out of the cyber cafe and said, “Forget it, the cyber cafe manager refused us even with a sack of money. Let’s go back to the internet cafe we were at before!”

So Su Hao returned to the relatively unfavorable environment of the internet cafe!

After successfully paying, the two chose a secluded spot. Yashan whispered, “Jingzhong, even if you have enough money, it might not work!”

Su Hao said, “Jingyi, you’re shallow! If you really have a lot of money, just buy the entire internet cafe! But your bag clearly isn’t enough!”

Yashan suddenly realized, “Makes sense!”

Imitating Su Hao, Yashan pressed the power button and put the headphones on like he knew what he was doing.

Watching the dazzling startup video on the monitor, Yashan was full of anticipation. After a pleasant piece of music, the desktop appeared, featuring a handsome and sexy girl wielding a big gun, madly firing!

Wild and sexy!

Then Yashan became confused, turning to Su Hao, he asked, “Jingzhong, what’s next?”

Su Hao first taught him the basic operations, then opened a shooting game for him. After demonstrating twice, he handed the mouse to Yashan to figure it out on his own.

Question: How to quickly grasp the basic computer operations?

Answer: Games!

Indeed, not long after, Yashan got the hang of it! “Bang bang bang,” he played with great joy, shouting loudly when he got excited.


Su Hao slapped Yashan’s head with his palm, waking him up. Dazed, Yashan asked, “What’s wrong, Jingzhong?”

Su Hao said, “Play your game. Why are you yelling?”

From then on, Yashan’s mouth was shut, but the movement of his body became more intense.

The reason Su Hao came to the internet cafe wasn’t to play games but to browse the current dynamic information in the world.

The library’s resources are indeed abundant, but the inclusion of new books each year is limited, and the information is relatively outdated.

Su Hao’s search today had a very clear purpose:

1. The current world’s public opinion trends and recent major events.
2. The major ruling organizations in the world and their relationships with each other.
3. Global development trends and the main focuses of cutting-edge technological research.
4. Reports related to child disappearances and the measures taken.
5. Information about the Summoned Beasts Resistance Association.
6. Whether electronic information technology is similar to or different from the technologies of the previous worlds, and if he can find corresponding vulnerabilities to invade special networks and obtain private information.
7. …

After consolidating and analyzing such information, Su Hao could roughly infer some of the deeper rules and patterns of this world. Many things often differ from what is apparent on the surface.

Yes, Su Hao also shared the same intention as Yashan, which is to take down the ‘Summoned Beasts Resistance Association.’ Even if he can’t eliminate it entirely, he at least wants to bring down the high-ranking members of this association.

Firstly, this association repeatedly targeted him, buzzing around like a persistent fly. He found it annoying and wanted to swat all the flies at once.

Secondly, he covets their technology. A large association capable of resisting the siege and pursuit by Summoner Associations must have its unique strengths. For Su Hao, this knowledge becomes meaningful only after he acquires it.

(End of this chapter)

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