Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: Target Segmentation

However, it was different from what she had imagined.

A tattooed man brandished a sharp knife in his hand, lifting the unconscious girl and shouting from a distance, “Summoner over there, listen to me! See the knife in my hand? Dare to come closer, and I’ll make a hole in this girl’s neck!”

Molly’s summoned beasts all stopped, and she was stunned!

At this moment, Sister Bai rode a Frost Iron Wolf to Molly’s side. Upon hearing the man’s words, she immediately roared, “Don’t harm her!”

Upon hearing this, the tattooed man smirked, pointing at the Iron Winged Swift Bird, Fire-Tailed Lion, and Long-Clawed Leaping Mouse, saying, “Have these summoned beasts retreat immediately, or face the consequences!”

Molly bit her lip, silent, and her summoned beasts did not retreat as the man demanded.

Sister Bai tightly held onto the wolf’s fur, her mind blank, “What should we do?”

Seeing the summoned beasts not retreating, the tattooed man cruelly smiled, stabbing the arm of the unconscious girl, instantly staining her clothes red with blood. He shouted, “Back off!”

Sister Bai couldn’t hold back her tears, crying out, “I retreat! We retreat! Don’t hurt her!”

Then, she turned and tearfully looked at Molly, pleading, “Lily, let’s retreat, please!”

Molly hesitated, “But once we retreat…”

Molly didn’t continue, and Sister Bai understood in her heart!

But she couldn’t bear to watch her child and family being harmed in front of her.

Seeing Molly still motionless, the tattooed man raised his knife again, about to stab again.

Sister Bai immediately cried out in pain, “No! We retreat!”

Then, pleadingly looking at Molly, she said, “Please…”

Just this sentence threw Molly, an inexperienced young girl, into confusion.

She could only command the summoned beasts to retreat first, constantly asking herself, “What should I do?”

However, despite her strength, she was helpless in this situation.

The tattooed man laughed triumphantly, urging the broad-backed crawling beast to slowly move away, disappearing into the darkness.

The two looked helplessly at the traffickers who vanished in the distance.

Sister Bai couldn’t hold back any longer, sitting down and crying in pain.

Molly’s eyes were filled with hatred and deep helplessness, “Can anyone tell me what should I do?”

She suddenly realized that sometimes, immense power is of no use!

Su Hao and Yashan had already transformed into Steel Armor Kings, swiftly chasing the two traffickers, closing in fast.

Su Hao said, “Yashan, the summoner is yours. I’ll deal with the two traffickers. Pay attention to protecting Xing Feng and Xing Zhi’s safety.”

Yashan nodded, “Rest assured Boss Wei, leave it to me!”

Cooperating in battle with Boss Wei again made him a bit excited.

Su Hao attached ‘Light Absorption’ and ‘Sky Break’ runes to himself and Yashan, turning into a pitch-black shadow, blending into the darkness, reducing their presence.

Su Hao stopped talking, condensed a long and a short blade, tested the feel quickly, and soon regained the feeling of those years!

By now, his knife skills had become almost instinctive, as if playing with them, cutting wherever he wanted without any hesitation.

The two shadows surged forward at an extremely fast pace, silent.

However, after approaching about ten meters, the broad-backed crawling beast beneath the tattooed man suddenly sensed something, causing an uneasy tremor.

The tattooed man noticed the anomaly, “Huh?”

For Su Hao, ten meters was almost nothing.

The pitch-black figures swiftly slid between the tattooed man and the thin fifth. A long and a short steel-armored blade flashed.


The tattooed man and his companion were puzzled, feeling their vision suddenly rising high, followed by a dizzying rotation.


A muffled sound came from their heads.

Their last thoughts were, “Did we fall to the ground? What’s happening?”

Then darkness struck, eyelids getting heavier, ultimately sinking into endless darkness.

After landing, Su Hao turned around.

He found that Yashan had beheaded the broad-backed crawling beast.

The two corpses on the crawling beast’s back and the two unconscious children lost their balance and flew forward.

Steel armor spread under Su Hao’s feet, and then two giant hands reached out, catching the two children.

“Done!” Su Hao sheathed his blades and approached the two children slowly.

He immediately noticed the knife wound on Bai Xingzhi’s arm, still bleeding. He quickly used a healing rune to stop the bleeding and aid in recovery.

Yashan came over, checked Bai Xingzhi, and, relieved to find no other issues, put her down.

He then went to Bai Xingfeng’s side and examined him.

Su Hao exited the Steel Armor King state, saying, “Let’s go!”

Yashan’s full-body steel armor receded, holding one child on each side. Steel armor spread under his feet, and several bodies slowly sank into the ground.

Yashan had done a lot of corpse disposal over the past two years, becoming very skilled at it.

After a moment, following behind Su Hao, they walked slowly towards the city center.

As they walked, Yashan commented, “Boss Wei, this is the first time I’ve realized how despicable these traffickers are! Thinking about the street children in Temple Forest City before, no one cared about them. Unexpectedly, here, they’ve become commodities.”

Su Hao said, “The main thing is demand. Even in Temple Forest City, children are occasionally abducted, but there are too many street children, so they may not be able to abduct them all. Haven’t you noticed?”

Yashan exclaimed, “What’s the use of kidnapping children?”

Su Hao replied, “I haven’t kidnapped children, so how would I know? But generally, they are likely used as adopted sons, trained for military or assassin purposes, or used for experiments, and so on. However, based on the information I’ve gathered, it seems that the abductors who target young children are probably doing it for experiments.”

Yashan, looking at the two three or four-year-old children he was holding, spoke with a somewhat deep voice, “Boss Wei, I’m angry!”

Su Hao, however, remained indifferent, “So what?”

Yashan wouldn’t hide his thoughts in front of Su Hao, straightforwardly saying, “I want to put an end to this ‘Summoned Beast Resistance Association’!”

Su Hao nodded, “That can certainly be done. I strongly support it, but putting an end to it won’t be easy. The official ‘Summoner Association’ has long wanted to eliminate these resistors, but for a long time, it hasn’t been effective. The resistors are still rampant.”

Yashan’s ‘smart’ brain quickly grasped the difficulties, looking somewhat troubled, “Then what should I do?”

Su Hao said, “Yashan, your intelligence has greatly improved now, you know? In the future, you need to learn to think for yourself. When faced with a problem, instead of hastily asking what to do, list and break down the problems you encounter, then systematically seek solutions. Asking a broad question suddenly, who can give you an answer?”

Yashan began to doubt whether his ‘Prophet’ brain was fake in front of Su Hao and asked helplessly, “Boss Wei, how do I break down the problem?”

Patience is crucial when cultivating someone.

Su Hao patiently explained, “I’ll take the example of ‘putting an end to the Summoned Beast Resistance Association.’ This is the ultimate goal. Let’s go through the problems that arise. First, where are the resistors located? Second, why has the Summoner Association been unable to eliminate the resistors for many years? Third, what is their organizational structure? Fourth, how can you distinguish resistors? Fifth, what is the ultimate goal of the resistors? Sixth, do the resistors have any special techniques or abilities that could turn the tables on you…”

Then Su Hao summarized, “Without understanding these, you won’t find them! Even if you find them, you might not be able to defeat them! Even if you defeat them, you might not be able to eliminate them completely! Moreover, without knowing the opponent’s purpose, after eliminating the ‘resistors,’ a ‘terminator’ might emerge. They’ll keep coming at you!”

Yashan stuttered, “This… I just wanted to kill these people, and it turns out to be so troublesome!”

In Yashan’s view, you just do whatever you want, anyone who disapproves, beat them down, and then continue doing what you want!

Similar to what he did in the previous world, so simple and straightforward, yet so effective!

But now he found that things weren’t as simple as he imagined.

So Yashan asked the question in his heart, “Boss Wei, why is it like this?”

Su Hao chuckled, “We are naturally imperfect beings. Instead of pursuing perfection, that’s the reason we cultivate suffering!”

Then he patted Yashan’s shoulder, saying, “Think about it during this period. What is your achievable goal, break down the possible problems you might encounter, and then try to find solutions one by one. Consider this the homework I’m giving you!”

Yashan’s eyes widened suddenly, sparkling with brilliance, “Hom… homework? Homework left by Boss Wei?”

“Must score 100!”

(End of this chapter)

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