Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: Victory

Apart from the swift-horned deer Molly rode, the other six summoned beasts suddenly accelerated, charging forward. The opponent’s wide-backed crawling beast, carrying human traffickers, walked far ahead, while the remaining summoned beasts followed, forming a defensive line.

In battles between summoners, it’s mostly the struggle of summoned beasts, with summoners hidden in the shadows, controlling without easily revealing themselves. Once exposed, they become likely targets, as eliminating the enemy summoner often means the end of the battle.

The swift-winged bird, Ironwing, flapped its large, sharp wings, increasing speed as it arrived above creatures intercepting summoned beasts like the chameleon-like giant lizard. Its cold eyes stared at the enemies below, beak slightly open.


The Slidewhisker, the burly-legged Firetail Lion, approached with powerful strides, surrounding the enemies from left and right. Faster than them all was a cat-sized Longclaw Hopper, leaping ahead like a leader, occasionally looking back.

Molly’s flat-headed snake, Venom, was not fast, desperately chasing the hunting beetle behind, panting as if giving its all. Molly, riding the Swift-horned Deer, calmly directed the summoned beast legion’s battle from behind.

“Oh, damn! Big brother! That beauty’s summoned beasts are catching up, run!”

On the back of the wide-backed crawling beast, a small-eyed man nervously shouted, holding a sleeping boy in one hand and grabbing a muscular man with a flower tattoo on his arm with the other.

The flower-tattooed man broke free, exclaiming impatiently, “Why shout? If you can run fast, would I still be here?”

More panicked, the small-eyed man, looking at the boy in his arms, anxiously said, “What do we do now? The beauty’s expression looks like she wants to eat us, I’m scared to death!”

The flower-tattooed man scoffed, “Knowing you’ll be swallowed and still calling ‘beauty, beauty’ so sweetly, I’m about to be sick! Stay away from me!”

The small-eyed man reached out again towards the flower-tattooed man, trembling, “I’m really scared, big brother, I’m not joking, I’m terrified! I feel secure holding onto your arm.”

The flower-tattooed man roared, “Get lost, I’m even more scared than you! But doing this, didn’t you realize the risks long ago?”

Suddenly, the small-eyed man thought of something, hopeful, “What if we return these two brats? If we give them back, maybe they won’t chase us anymore!”

The flower-tattooed man glared at the small-eyed man fiercely, cursing, “Is your head full of shit? With hostages, there’s a chance to survive. If we go back, we’re as good as dead!”

At that moment, the small-eyed man suddenly burst into tears and snot, pointing behind, “Big brother! They’re… they’re coming!”

The flower-tattooed man turned around, and the six enemy summoned beasts rapidly closed in, surrounding them from all sides in the blink of an eye.

He patted the small-eyed man’s head, “Stop yelling, get ready for a counterattack!”

Since the battle was inevitable, both the flower-tattooed man and the small-eyed man quickly calmed down.

Although the small-eyed man was trembling all over, at least he entered a fighting state.

They both knew that when you’re in this life, there are certain things you have to face.

The flower-tattooed man’s gaze turned cold. Facing overwhelming odds, they had to take the initiative, find opportunities.

His wide-backed crawling beast suddenly turned, disappearing into the nearby darkness.

The flower-tattooed man whispered, “Shou Wu, concentrate your efforts on disabling that Slidewhisker. It poses the least threat. Then, run quickly.”

The small-eyed man, Shou Wu, nodded.

Their four summoned beasts moved into action.

‘Stealth’! The chameleon-like giant lizard’s form faded, slowly disappearing.

‘Subterranean’! The burrowing Earthshell Beast vanished into the ground.

‘Poison Sting’! Long steel spikes on the back of the Poisonous Arrow Pig shot towards one side, targeting the Slidewhisker.

Molly, prepared for this, immediately controlled the Slidewhisker to move away.


A large mouth suddenly emerged from the ground, biting the hind leg of the Slidewhisker.

“Oh no!” Molly thought, realizing it was too late to escape.

“Plop, plop, plop!”

Numerous steel spikes pierced the Slidewhisker’s body. The affected area immediately went numb and gradually spread.

“Since running is not an option, let’s change the target!” Molly quickly regained her composure.

‘Bite’! The Slidewhisker abandoned the escape and suddenly turned, biting the Earthshell Beast. Its long fangs instantly pierced the Earthshell Beast’s body.

The small-eyed man, Shou Wu, winced; he knew his summoned beast was disabled. “Let’s make the most of it!”

Controlling the Earthshell Beast, he bit onto the Slidewhisker’s hind leg and then activated another skill.


The Earthshell Beast spun violently, rolling backward with the weakened Slidewhisker. The two large summoned beasts pressed the flat-headed snake pursuing from behind!

Molly bit her lower lip tightly. The advantage was now turned against her unexpectedly!

She shifted her gaze to the Poisonous Arrow Pig. “Take down that pig first!”

The Firetail Lion circled behind the Poisonous Arrow Pig.

‘Flame Acid’!

A large amount of acid rained down like a storm on the Poisonous Arrow Pig.


The Firetail Lion flicked its tail, shooting a small spark onto the Poisonous Arrow Pig.


Within a five-meter radius around the pig, everything was engulfed in blue flames.

Screaming in agony, the Poisonous Arrow Pig’s poison spikes were charred. It madly shot out poison arrows, but they lacked their usual potency, falling harmlessly to the ground.

Although they lost two summoned beasts, they had created an opening and needed to escape quickly.

At this point, the opponents could no longer surround them.

However, just as the flower-tattooed man breathed a sigh of relief, the Longclaw Hopper suddenly leaped to an open space, its long claws slashing.


Out of seemingly empty air, a large burst of blood sprayed. It was the chameleon-like giant lizard. Now, slowly revealing its form, it had a large gash on its neck, blood gushing relentlessly.

Clearly, it was in dire straits!

The flower-tattooed man’s face turned extremely grim.

Simultaneously, the Ironwing Swift Bird swooped down abruptly towards the last Hooktail Scorpion!

The Hooktail Scorpion immediately raised its barbed tail to strike at the Ironwing Swift Bird. A slight touch could make this seemingly ferocious bird collapse.

The Swift Bird swayed, flying high again. It was a feint.

The real attack was behind the scorpion.

The hunting beetle suddenly opened its hard-shell wings, buzzing and accelerating to thrust down. Its six insect-like claws firmly pressed the scorpion underneath, then it opened its mouthpiece and bit onto the barb.

The flower-tattooed man and Shou Wu’s summoned beasts, except for the wide-backed crawling beast used for transportation, were all defeated.

The small-eyed man, Shou Wu, exclaimed, “It’s over! Big brother, let’s run!”

The flower-tattooed man couldn’t be bothered to talk to a fool.

Molly vs. the flower-tattooed man and Shou Wu, six summoned beasts against four, battle damage two to four, victory!

Molly wore a pleased expression. Winning was all that mattered! If her summoned beasts were lost, she could just have her dad summon a few more.

In the recent battle, she had already discovered the traffickers’ hiding place. They couldn’t escape!

About to command her Molly Flower Legion to rush over and tear the traffickers apart, she didn’t expect the two traffickers to be riding on the back of the wide-backed crawling beast, voluntarily coming forward.

“Surrender? Hehehe! I’ll definitely tear them all apart and feed them to my little darlings!” Molly thought to herself, revealing a smile. How could she possibly let these scum go?

(End of this chapter)

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