Chapter 252

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Chapter 252: Summoned Beasts Resistance Association

Summoned beasts may look ugly, but Su Hao doesn’t mind. The problem is the big bear is too violent and unclean. Su Hao doesn’t want to spend much effort controlling it completely, especially dealing with its bathing needs.

Is an unclean summoned beast still a summoned beast? Or can we say that an ugly-looking summoned beast is still a summoned beast? So, when Su Hao summoned a black-spotted jackal, he cut it!

A beautiful long-tailed white fox with no skills, an E-rank summoned beast? Accepted! Reserved for the “Speed People” sequence, the “Shadow Demon.”

A colorful mountain phoenix with feathers? Looks great, even if it’s a C-rank summoned beast with two skills. No problem, let’s learn about the “Night Demon” in the “Night Walker” sequence.

A small white rabbit? Even if it’s an E-rank useless summon, it’s fine. The “Mad Demon” in the “Strong People” sequence suits it well. It will follow its master in the future, becoming a muscular and powerful rabbit!

A colorful poisonous snake? Cut it for snake soup!

A small egg-stealing dragon? Not bad. Let’s go for the “Devouring Demon” in the “Mimic People” sequence.

Next is a beautifully charming golden-furred long-haired monkey. Good choice, matches well with the “Thread Demon” in the “Silk People” sequence.

Then, a pig! Cut it! Su Hao won’t accept anything less than Peppa Pig’s cuteness.

Summoning another one, he found a lizard with a tail full of spikes, called the Rock Spine Tail Lizard. Looks good. How about the “Poison Person” sequences? Maybe it can advance to a fifth-level “King of Slaughter.”

At this point, eight sequences are complete, except for Su Hao’s own “Shell Person” sequence, the other seven are all gathered.

Originally, Su Hao planned to stop here, but after some thought, ten summoned beasts are considered advanced summoners, and he only has seven. Might as well recruit ten at once!

Thinking about it, Su Hao becomes an unfeeling summoning machine. The good-looking ones stay, the ones that can’t take care of themselves get cut.

Soon, his team gained a pronghorn with curved horns, reserved for the “Speed People” sequences, maybe it can promote to the “Catapult King.” Also, a red-cheeked messenger bird, reserved for the “Night People” sequences, the “Night Demon.” And a beautiful snow wolf, directly going for the “Strong People” sequences tank, with a chance to reach the “Destroyer King.”

With this, he has a total of ten. Su Hao recruits all his summoned beasts at once, completely controlling them with his mental tendrils, then sends them back.

Tonight’s mission is over.

Su Hao records the genetic information of all the summoned beasts he reserved. The next step is to upgrade them one by one, making them qualified summoned beasts.

Estimated time: five months. Basic evolution every month, temporarily ending at level four, with the opportunity for those qualified to advance to level five.

As for the question of further advancement, according to Su Hao’s observation, the aptitude of these summoned beasts is not very strong, and the failure rate is high for evolving to level six.

At present, it’s not worth it.

Moreover, level four or five exotic beasts are already sufficient. According to the evaluation in this world, they can at least be considered A-rank summoned beasts.

The world evaluates summoned beast levels mainly based on the number of skills they possess.

E-rank summoned beasts have no skills, primarily used for entertainment. However, those beautiful and rare E-rank summoned beasts are also highly popular.

D-rank has one skill; C-rank has two skills; B-rank has three to four skills; A-rank has five or more skills; S-rank has eight or more skills.

Su Hao’s evolved fourth-level exotic beasts naturally have six or more skills, qualifying as A-rank summoned beasts.

When Su Hao and Yashan returned to the city area, Su Hao suddenly paused, frowning.

Yashan noticed something unusual and asked directly, “What’s wrong, Boss Wei?”

Su Hao said, “Sister Bai is not in the small courtyard!”

Yashan’s heart skipped a beat, asking, “Could it be that she found out we’re not there and came out to look for us?”

Su Hao activated his perception ability, covering a range of over five thousand meters, then shook his head, saying, “Probably not.”

After careful examination, he added, “Not only is Sister Bai not in the yard, but Bai Xingfeng and Bai Xingzhi are also missing!”

Bai Xingfeng and Bai Xingzhi are the youngest children in the “Morning Sun Courtyard,” and Yashan took care of them for a while a few years ago.

Yashan suddenly remembered something and asked anxiously, “Could it be human traffickers kidnapping them?”

Coming at the exact time when Su Hao and Yashan were both away from the Morning Sun Courtyard, it could only mean that those two kids are not ordinary. They possess a high purity Black Qiu physique!

Su Hao rushed back first, saying, “Let’s go, back to see if we can find them! It might not necessarily be a kidnapping.”

As long as they haven’t left Yongxin City, within Su Hao’s radar range of over five thousand meters, finding Sister Bai shouldn’t be difficult.

Yashan hurriedly followed. He had some feelings for Bai Xingfeng and Bai Xingzhi, whom he had taken care of for a while. The thought that they might be kidnapped by human traffickers ignited a flame of anger in his heart.

Hopefully, it has nothing to do with human traffickers.

Previously, he didn’t feel much, but now that he realizes someone familiar might have been kidnapped, Yashan understands how despicable those human traffickers are.

A hint of impulse surged in Yashan’s heart. He wanted to take down those so-called “resisters”!

However, this requires Wei Laoda’s support.

Yashan took a deep breath, following behind Su Hao in silence.

Su Hao quickly arrived at the courtyard but didn’t go in; instead, he passed by. As he approached the courtyard, he already detected Sister Bai’s aura at the edge of the radar.

On the outskirts of Yongxin City, where few people are present.

Su Hao immediately adjusted his direction and ran straight.

Soon, the aura of Molly, a cosmetic client, entered Su Hao’s perception. Along with it, there were over a dozen powerful summoned beasts engaged in chaotic battle.

The next second, the faint reactions of Bai Xingfeng and Bai Xingzhi’s tiny auras also entered Su Hao’s perception range, along with two unfamiliar auras.

This made Su Hao’s heart sink.

Bai Xingfeng and Bai Xingzhi had indeed been kidnapped by human traffickers. They were probably discovered by Sister Bai, who tracked them all the way with Frost Iron Wolf.

The only mystery was why Molly was there too.

Su Hao said, “Found them, Yashan, let’s go!”

Yashan visibly breathed a sigh of relief at this moment, hastening his steps.

On the eastern edge of Yongxin City.

Sister Bai’s once beautiful face was twisted by anger. She rode on the summoned beast Frost Iron Wolf, leaping and chasing the human traffickers along the narrow street.

However, Frost Iron Wolf’s speed wasn’t exceptionally fast. For a moment, she couldn’t catch up, and she watched as the traffickers were about to disappear into the darkness at the city’s edge, making Sister Bai even more anxious.

Faintly seeing a slender figure sitting on a tamed reindeer not far ahead, Sister Bai felt a slight relief in her heart.

Fortunately, Molly happened to see it. Fortunately, Molly is an intermediate summoner with seven powerful summoned beasts. Otherwise, tonight, their two children might never have returned!

She could no longer bear the pain of losing family members.

But she only had Frost Iron Wolf, and she was powerless in this situation.

This made her internally agonized, tears had already filled her eyes, but she endured and didn’t let them fall, saying, “As the eldest sister of Morning Sun Courtyard, I am unable to protect everyone. I am simply not qualified!”

Sister Bai couldn’t help but think, “Jingzhong, Jingyi, where are you two? Were you also kidnapped by them?”

She couldn’t understand why there would be such an evil organization as the Resisters in the world, and why there were such dirty people!

Why don’t those dirty souls just disappear completely?

Molly, who was chasing ahead, was full of hatred. She wished she could tear the two in front of her into pieces immediately.

Molly is an intermediate summoner with seven B-rank or higher summoned beasts, all of which she had already summoned. They are the Flowing Wind Sharp-Horned Deer, Iron-Winged Swift Bird, Sliding Whisker Giant-Tooth Beast, Fire-Tail Lion, Flat-Headed Poison, Pursuit Hunting Beetle, and Long-Claw Jumping Mouse.

Each one of them is a skilled combatant, with well-rounded skills. Together, they can unleash extremely strong combat capabilities.

Her two opponents, on the other hand, are only novice summoners. One has three summoned beasts: the Color-Changing Giant Lizard, Arrow Poison Pig, and Wide-Back Crawling Beast. The other has the Earth-Armor Stealth Beast and Hook-Tailed Giant Scorpion.

Tonight marks Molly’s first real battle, making her a bit nervous, with sweat in her palms.

Although she had engaged in summoner battles before, they were mostly accompanied by family tutors, stopping at a designated point and not truly going all out. This time was different. Faced with the people she hated the most, she was determined to tear them apart.

Molly forcibly calmed herself, observing the opponent’s summoned beasts.

She needed to be particularly cautious of the Arrow Poison Pig and the Hook-Tailed Giant Scorpion. If her summoned beasts were hit by the skills of these two, they would quickly lose their combat effectiveness.

The Color-Changing Giant Lizard and Earth-Armor Stealth Beast were both summoned beasts capable of dirty tricks, not worth worrying about. The Wide-Back Crawling Beast was a vehicle; they were sitting on it, posing no threat.

Molly thought slowly, quickly formulating an attack plan!

The opponents were about to rush out of the city’s edge. If she didn’t act now, once they were out of the range of the streetlights, it would be difficult!

Molly squinted her eyes and hesitated no more!

Go! Molly’s Legion!

(End of this chapter)

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