Chapter 251

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Chapter 251: Massive Summons

In the midst of chatting, time flew by, and four hours had already passed, but there was still no sign of Molly waking up.

Su Hao asked, “Sister Xiaotian, how much anesthesia did you give her earlier?”

Xiaotian looked at Molly’s extraordinarily beautiful face, expressing envy, “The same dosage as three days ago!”

Su Hao sighed, “Then we don’t need to wait; she probably needs another four hours of sleep!”

Xiaotian seemed slightly embarrassed, “You asked me to give her a bit more before; I thought Molly had a special constitution!”

Su Hao said, “Well, I’ll leave then. Let Jingyi stay with you!”

Sister Bai seemed nervous, “Jingzhong, why don’t you stay with us too!”

Su Hao understood her concern about the fierce-looking parents outside, fearing they might not only be ungrateful but also pose a threat to them.

The gene modification for the client had concluded without any issues. Su Hao staying here didn’t serve much purpose; he was thinking of going back to summon more summoning beasts and quickly cultivate a batch of fourth-level mutant beasts to serve as summoning beasts.

Suddenly remembering something, Su Hao asked, “Sister Bai, how many summoning beasts can you control now?”

Sister Bai looked somewhat embarrassed, “I can barely control three.”

A summoner’s level depends on the number of B-level summoning beasts they can control; the more they control, the higher their summoner level. Sister Bai being able to control only three indicated she was still in the early stages of being a summoner. To advance to an intermediate summoner, controlling more than five B-level summoning beasts is required.

Su Hao said directly, “Three is enough! Throw away your Frost Iron Wolf. In a while, I’ll get you three S-level summoning beasts for protection! Don’t worry; they are all powerful kings of their races. Handling three won’t be a problem.”

Sister Bai instinctively thought Su Hao was joking, but judging by his expression, it didn’t seem like a joke.

Conflicting emotions filled her heart. Was an S-level summoning beast as common as a cabbage on the street? Is it something you can easily obtain just because you want to? And kings of their races… But Jingzhong hasn’t made any big promises yet; he seems to always deliver on what he says. Yet, this talent is just too excessive…

The uneasy feeling almost made Sister Bai explode.

Why does life seem to have taken a strange turn since these two little guys, Bai Jingzhong and Bai Jingyi, entered her life?

To reassure Sister Bai, Su Hao decided to stay.

When Molly woke up, Sister Bai let the man who was presumed to be Molly’s father come in for identification, but it turned into a farce. The bald man, captivated by Molly’s beauty, boldly claimed she wasn’t his daughter…

Almost leading to a physical confrontation!

Until Molly actively acknowledged her identity and revealed her father’s details on the spot, father and daughter were finally reunited, embracing and shedding tears.

After some ‘shocking,’ ‘unbelievable,’ ‘hard to believe,’ ‘the beauty technology is so powerful,’ and ‘world’s number one beautician’ events, the gathering finally dispersed.

Su Hao had seen this kind of situation many times. What relieved Sister Bai was that the other party seemed entirely uninterested in their beauty technology. From start to finish, he only cared about his daughter’s recovery to a normal appearance.

Indeed, the big shots from the management center never paid attention to such trivial gains.

What surprised everyone was that Molly actually requested to stay in Yongxin City for some time. The reason was to spend time with her new friends, Sister Wan’er, and Sister Xiaotian.

This left Sister Bai and Xiaotian looking at each other, starting to doubt if they had been too enthusiastic these past few days!

Business is business, and friendship is friendship; they need to be kept separate!

Su Hao didn’t mind. Thinking it was an opportunity to learn more about the management center, he signaled Sister Bai and Xiaotian to act as guides and chat companions for a few days.

Then Su Hao quoted, “Beautiful ladies’ chat, two hundred thousand per day!”

What astonished Sister Bai and Xiaotian was that Molly actually agreed, and she immediately handed over two million, booking ten days.

Then Sister Bai and Xiaotian immediately became very enthusiastic, stating that it wasn’t about the money; they genuinely liked Molly as a sister.

Of course, Su Hao’s purpose in quoting was not only to take advantage but also to send a signal to the bald man: we only want money, as long as there is money, chat services are available, and the key is we’re only after money, not anything else.

Back at the ‘Morning Sun Courtyard,’ Su Hao resumed his daily studies and explorations.

By now, he had unveiled the mysterious veil of summoners. However, he desired more than just becoming a summoner.

He wanted to unravel the secrets of space!

But his current exploration faced a dilemma. After several attempts, Su Hao shifted his focus to two organizations: the Summoning Beast Management Center and the Summoning Beast Resistance Association.

Su Hao had a premonition that these two colossal entities might have what he desired.

As for why Su Hao didn’t continue exploring on his own, it’s because he never considered himself a top-notch researcher throughout history. He didn’t believe he could achieve research results spanning centuries with his own power, even as a ‘Prophet,’ an unquestionable genius. He preferred learning, accumulating enough knowledge, exploring breakthroughs, and thoroughly turning that knowledge into his own wealth.

Never underestimate the research results of predecessors; individual strength is minuscule in the face of an entire civilization.

However, before going to learn from the Management Center and the Resistance, Su Hao needed to do one thing first.

That is to gather his summoning beast lineup, fully transforming into an undisputed advanced summoner.

As for how many summoning beasts Su Hao could control, even he wasn’t sure.

He currently has around twenty to thirty summoning beasts, and as long as he engages in ‘mental cultivation’ every day, continuously strengthening his mental power, he can control even more.

Following this trend, conservatively estimated, he should be able to simultaneously control a hundred summoning beasts after reaching adulthood.

Summoning auxiliary star beasts is obviously not something that can be done at the Morning Sun Courtyard. The academy has dedicated facilities, but it’s inconvenient due to the large number of people.

So, in the middle of the night, Su Hao brought out Yashan and said, “Yashan, let’s establish an experimental base in a remote location!”

Both of them vanished underground and used transmutation to move outside the city. After searching for a moment, they found a not-so-high small rocky mountain.

Su Hao approached the small mountain and activated the ‘Ten Rooms, One Hall Technique.’ He said to Yashan, “Yashan, learn quickly. It will be your turn to do this in the future.”

Yashan patted his chest loudly, “Don’t worry, Boss Wei, I’m a genius now. I can learn it with just one look. Leave it to me next time!”

Soon, the inside of the mountain was hollowed out by Su Hao. After entering, they used flashing runes to illuminate the interior.

Then Yashan said, “Boss Wei, I find this pattern a bit complicated. Please allow me to take a few more looks!”

Su Hao chuckled, “Sure, there’s a small hill next to it; you can go there to practice.”

After sending Yashan away, Su Hao entered the spacious hall and began summoning his summoning beasts.

Su Hao closed his eyes slightly, and his mental tendrils extended, following the fluctuations in space law. Soon, he appeared in the auxiliary star space.

Su Hao didn’t pick and casually extended his mental tendrils. When he encountered a white spot, he grabbed it and pulled it back.

A fierce and ugly red-furred giant bear with red eyes roared and rushed towards Su Hao.

Su Hao extended his hand, and a long knife condensed.


The bear’s head separated from its body.

Su Hao shook off the blood on the knife and muttered, “Looks too ugly, incompatible with me. Better serve as food for other summoning beasts!”

Next one!

(End of this chapter)

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