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Chapter 250

Chapter 250: If you’re a friend, then give me two injections

After explaining, Su Hao recorded the genetic information of the woman and left alone.

Yashan dropped out of school for a few days to stay and protect Sister Bai and others, just in case.

As for the woman’s emotional response after waking up, it had nothing to do with Su Hao.

For the sake of money, Su Hao had already wasted a lot of time. For him now, the top priority was to explore space.

Other worlds might not have the unique environment of this world, allowing him to freely explore the mysteries of space.

Su Hao has already figured out the starting point to crack the space – the “Summoned Beast Management Office”!

The most violent organization in this world.

The “Summoned Beast Management Office” has two functions: first, to take care of summoned beasts on behalf of their owners, and second, to reduce the difficulty of summoning beasts.

Many wealthy summoners choose to have their summoned beasts taken care of by the management office.

Apart from the fast summoning speed and low difficulty, there is another important reason: when returning summoned beasts to the secondary star, they might be hunted by other predatory beasts, causing losses.

Su Hao’s curiosity lies in how the management office makes summoned beasts easier to summon.

Su Hao repeatedly summoned the big guinea pig, tried many times, but still couldn’t find the key point.

When the big guinea pig was on the secondary star, Su Hao easily pulled it to his side, but when both were in Yongxin City, Su Hao couldn’t summon the big guinea pig using summoning art.

In other words, he couldn’t achieve short-distance teleportation for the big guinea pig.

Su Hao was puzzled.

If everyone couldn’t do it, Su Hao would think it was a rule limitation and impossible to achieve.

The key is that the “Summoned Beast Management Office” did it. They successfully allowed summoned beasts to achieve short-distance teleportation in this world.

As long as Su Hao handed over the big guinea pig to the “Summoned Beast Management Office,” he could summon it to his side anytime, anywhere, and send it back anytime.

Why is that?

Unable to figure out the principle, Su Hao decided not to mess around on his own anymore and instead focused on the “Summoned Beast Management Office.”

Since there’s something readily available, why not go and learn!

He didn’t know how much the tuition would be, but as long as the other party dared to quote a price, Su Hao dared to learn!

However, knowledge is priceless, and Su Hao couldn’t be sure if the other party would open the doors of knowledge for him to peek into.

But if the other party refused his learning request…

Hmm! Su Hao’s thirst for knowledge was on the rise, even he himself was afraid!

Contemplating the “learning” issue, Su Hao’s brain uncontrollably started to form a small plan.

“Hehehe!” Su Hao, envisioning the positives, let out a creepy laugh.

In three days, the woman and Sister Bai’s assistant, Xiaotian, became inseparable friends. They chatted about life ideals, went shopping for clothes together, and discussed gossip about the most popular summoners.

Most importantly, the woman voluntarily transferred the remaining ten million to their account!

Sister Bai and Xiaotian’s friendship plan was perfect.

But in the end, as they discussed, it was the two of them who got drawn into the girl’s story, moved to tears, openly stating how pitiful Molly’s situation was.

Three days later, in the hotel room, Molly was once again knocked out on the bed by Xiaotian.

Xiaotian took the initiative to increase the dosage.

Actually, this time, there was no need for such a large dose. Su Hao commented, “Indeed, true sisters and good friends!”

With the gauze on her face removed, revealing a slightly improved complexion, Su Hao confirmed that genetic modification could proceed.

Su Hao injected Molly with the prepared “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance” needle and patiently waited for the genetic modification to complete.

During the idle chat, Su Hao heard Sister Bai say, “Molly said her dad is the personnel manager in the ‘Summoned Beast Management Office,’ and their family is wealthy!”

Sensitive to the two keywords, Su Hao asked suddenly, pointing at Molly, “Sister Bai, is her dad the personnel manager at the management office? Why don’t you try to join through her connections?”

Sister Bai regretfully said, “I heard the treatment at the management office is excellent, but unfortunately, someone like me can’t get in. Only those from prestigious families have that qualification.”

Su Hao was puzzled, “Prestigious families? Why haven’t I heard of them?”

Sister Bai explained, “It’s said to be one of the ten ancient families passed down over a thousand years, with tremendous power. I, as a commoner, am not clear about it; I only heard it from rumors!”

Su Hao understood. Despite the technological advancements in this world, external pressures over the long term prevented any revolutionary internal conflicts among humans. As a result, the world’s class structure hadn’t fundamentally changed. Whoever dominated the world a thousand years ago continued to do so today, with their descendants leading the way.

However, this had nothing to do with Su Hao. He asked, “Well, Sister Bai, do you know where the Summoned Beast Management Office is? Is there a chance to visit?”

Sister Bai shook her head, saying, “I don’t know that. I’ve never heard of the location of the management office. I can ask Molly for you.”

Hearing Sister Bai’s response, Su Hao had a rough idea.

The location of the management office should be secretive, known to few. Even if Molly is the daughter of the personnel manager, she might not know where it is.

Su Hao thought to himself, “It seems that anything related to key technology is tightly sealed!”

Truly important technologies are never widely disseminated. What gets popularized is usually irrelevant stuff.

Su Hao had anticipated this and didn’t harbor too much hope. To obtain the technology he wanted, he had to figure out a way himself!

At this point, Sister Bai began to tell Molly’s story, her face filled with pity. “But, Su Hao, don’t expect too much from this. Molly, this poor girl, may not know about these things. Because of her face, she has always been very self-conscious, even afraid to make friends. From childhood to adulthood, her only companion has been her summoned beast.”

Here, Sister Bai spoke harshly, “It’s all those damned remnants of rebels!”

Su Hao, hearing the name ‘rebels’ again, couldn’t help but ask, “What does this have to do with rebels?”

Sister Bai, with endless anger in her tone, said, “Of course, it’s related. Under the banner of the ‘Summoned Beast Resistance Association,’ these rebels engage in dirty deeds all over the world. Since these rebels appeared, every year they trap and capture children worldwide, and these children vanish without a trace. Over the years, they don’t know how many innocent children they have killed…

And Molly is one of the victims. When she was very young, she was abducted by the rebels. Fortunately, her dad reacted quickly and chased them down, but she was scratched by a summoned beast during the intense battle, permanently disfiguring her. Since she was a child, Molly has aspired to become a powerful summoner and wipe out the rebels. But…”

Sister Bai’s eyes turned slightly red as she continued, “And, in our Dawn Courtyard, nine family members were taken by them! They’re just like beasts. If I see them, I will definitely…”

At this point, Sister Bai couldn’t go on. She blamed herself for not being able to protect her children.

Su Hao thought of his own experience more than two years ago. If he didn’t have strong power, the outcome might have been much worse.

Now hearing about these so-called rebels again, Su Hao’s curiosity was piqued. “Sister Bai, why do they capture so many children?”

Sister Bai, calming her emotions, said, “I don’t know. Perhaps only the higher-ups of the rebels have the qualifications to know!”

Su Hao asked, “Why doesn’t the Summoner Association completely eliminate these rebels?”

Sister Bai helplessly said, “If it could be done, it would have been done long ago! Over the years, they’ve only caught a few small fish, and the higher-ups of the rebels are nowhere to be found.”

Su Hao’s curiosity was aroused.

This world-class antagonist, the ‘Summoned Beast Resistance Association,’ seemed to possess many advanced technologies.

Should he make a move against them?

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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