Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Do you think this was enough to stop me? Hmph, you are too young!

After Lin Beifan left, Sun Tiandao asked in confusion, “Principal Liu, Lin Beifan is a well-known person by the Empress’s side, highly favored and on the fast track to success. We cannot afford to offend him. Why did you just…”

“Sun, my friend, I had no choice!” Liu Huaye, the the principal, laughed bitterly. “Rumors have been spreading that the new top scholar Lin Beifan is a huge corrupt official who has embezzled a fortune after two searches. If he were to get involved in financial matters, he would repeat his mistakes and both of us would suffer. I had to prevent it from happening.”

Sun Tiandao apologized, “Principal, you are a far-sighted man. I was careless.”

“No worries! In the future, you must not allow Lin Beifan to involve himself in financial matters. Do you understand?” Liu Huaye advised sternly.

Sun Tiandao nodded firmly. Although they were speaking quietly, Lin Beifan, a martial artist, could hear everything outside.

“Do you think this was enough to stop me? Hmph, you are too young!” Lin Beifan adjusted his official cap and strolled forward.

Today was his first day at work and his first visit to the Imperial Academy. He planned to familiarize himself with the working environment first before starting specific tasks.

Along the way, Lin Beifan saw many young students.

Some were running and laughing beside him.

Some were playing chess in groups of three or two.

Some were sitting by the pond, nibbling on steamed buns, and reading books without rest.

…Filled with youthful vigor.

Lin Beifan felt as if he had returned to his university days in his previous life. However, the students here are working harder than the university students from his previous life, more like high school students working hard in their youth.

“Youth is wonderful!” Lin Beifan sighed.

Although he was younger than most people here, he had more experience, and his mentality was inevitably older.

Seeing the young students, emotions swept over him.

At this moment, everyone noticed the young man in an official uniform, and curiously looked over.

Many people did not recognize Lin Beifan, but they recognized the official uniform he was wearing.

The short-sleeved blue robe with floral patterns and a plain silver belt…

This was a uniform that only officials of the sixth or seventh rank could wear.

It showed that he was at least at the seventh rank.

The students present were envious.

They came to the Imperial Academy to study to become officials.

But at the same age as them, while they were still reading and striving for success, the other had already become a seventh-rank official. How could they not be envious?

At this time, a student suddenly ran up to Lin Beifan and exclaimed excitedly, “You… You are Lin Beifan, the top scorer of this year’s exam and the official in charge of the Imperial Academy, right?”

Lin Beifan nodded solemnly, “Yes, I am he. Who are you, and what do you want?”

The other person became even more excited and stumbled over his words, “It’s really you, Lin Beifan! I’ve admired you so much! Finally, I get to meet you!”

The scene exploded.

“He’s this year’s top scorer?”

“The freak who’s been in the top three for three years?”

“He looks even younger than me!”

Everyone excitedly gathered around. Although literary people may look down on each other, scholars admire those who read better than them, especially someone like Lin Beifan who has achieved the highest academic achievement in the imperial exams.

He is like a god to them. They only worship gods without feeling any jealousy.

“Greetings, Mr. Lin!” The students bowed and saluted in unison.

“Greetings, students, be at ease.” Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Thanks to the grace of the Empress, I will serve as the director of the Imperial Academy, responsible for monitoring the moral conduct, discipline, and academic performance of the students from now on.”

“Greetings, Director Lin!” The students bowed again.

“No need for formalities,” Lin Beifan smiled again and said, “We will study together from now on! I hope you can study diligently, make progress, and repay the grace of the Emperor!”

“Director Lin is right. We will remember it in our hearts!” The students bowed once more. Lin Beifan suddenly liked it here.

The students here worshiped him at every turn, especially their admiring eyes, which made him very happy. His little vanity was greatly satisfied.

“Director Lin, can I ask you a question?” A student raised his hand hesitantly and excitedly.

Lin Beifan was in a good mood and said, “Sure, ask away!”

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Director Lin!” The student was very excited, “I heard that you achieved academic success in a very difficult environment and became the top scorer. Can you share your study methods with us?”

Everyone tilted their heads in anticipation, hoping that Lin Beifan, the god of learning, would share his study methods. Lin Beifan smiled, “Of course, I’m happy to share!”

Everyone became even more excited. “Great, Director Lin is willing to share his study methods!”

“If I learn them, I could have a chance at the imperial exams!”

“Be quiet and listen to what Director Lin has to say!” …

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